Tuesday, December 30, 2008


i'm sad when i read the stars online..

Israel hit the Gaza Strip with more air strikes on Tuesday and said its military action could last weeks, while rockets fired by Islamist Hamas struck deep inside the Jewish state.
Medical officials put Palestinian casualties since Saturday at 383 dead and more than 800 wounded. A United Nations agency said at least 62 of the dead were civilians. In all, four Israelis have been killed since the operation began.

"We are living in horror, we and our children. The situation is not just bad, it is tragic," said Gaza resident Abu Fares, standing outside his home, near the rubble of a building that was bombed and destroyed overnight.
The United Nations and the European Union's executive arm have called for an immediate truce. But Israeli Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit said "there is no room for a ceasefire" with Hamas until the threat of rocket fire had been removed.

The Israeli military "has made preparations for long weeks of action," added Matan Vilnai, a deputy defence minister, in broadcast remarks

save the innocent, stop the war! whole world are against it! let them live in peace..

1 lgk case psl blog hina Nabi Muhammad SAW. sakit hati baca. bfr this pnh issue kt newsppr hina our beloved Prophet .. we as Muslim should do something to save our religious..cpt2 tangkat org2 jahat tu! hidup xtenteram btol! i love Islam~

Monday, December 29, 2008


2 weeks i'm stucked in surabaya. while most of my classmate went back to homeland. even he went back to msia fr US. i'm not. i'm stronger then yesterday :)

i have nothing much to do. plan to go to jogja. visit loot+izni since both r my soulmates since TKC. but unfortunately all tren tickets soldout coz of xmas n new year.

arituh. nad ajak g swimming at atlas sports center. so we went there on 25dec. bad luck. it was closed coz of xmas n bapak beca charged us 15k! so damn expensive. so d next day, we went again..acap was so nice picked me up at home. arina, acap, nad n me hv such a great swimming lesson..eheh.. played d extremly lajunyeh slide n si ugly ducking si acap! quek..quek..
odw back home..acap, nad n me naik 1 motor! 3 ppl in 1 capcai motor! haha.. but suddenly we were in wrong way.. flood! acap's motor stucked in d middle of flood..paras betis! air masuk exos! so acap tolakla his motor! sory gell acap!.. nad said "ptt kiter pkai je swimming suit..trus terjun swimming dlm banjir plak.haha..xpyh mandi lgk td!" haha.. den 1 of my slipper tercopot ..mcm cinderella la plak. nad takut pacat, me takut katak, acap cool gamble je dorong his motor!

arituh amar ajak g TP. so we went out for shopping since zara n MNG up to 70% sales. even i was so damn broke! leh lgk tu shopping! we nak beli slipper roxy..tp kidsnyeh..size plg besa is 5! xmuat so beli tumble la..bestla kt TP1 got tempat for massage! best2! ahaha.. so amar nk tdo my hs that nite! taxi pun antala infront of my hs! bukak2 pintu! oh goshhhhh!! flood in my lovely house! kami berjalan2 ngn suka hati! ahahah.. amar "patut kiter beli je bikini roxy..pkai trus..den masuk ur house trus terjun!" haahha.. finally, that nite i carried amar wif my pinky ferrari (bike) to her house! dlm ujan2.. i pkai plastic bag cover my head! sume org tengok sbb weird kot!hahaha.. tq amar tmpngkn umah..kak yana n kak aminah too (sye mangsa banjir)

salam maal hijrah to all muslim over d world! smlm bwt sembahyang berjemaah, baca doa awal n akhir tahun, baca yasin n ceramah. nice..new year, new evolution, new spirits~

nihla kehidupan ku di shinny city of surabaya. if panas, too hot. if musim hujan, too floody.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

bali trip ~

kintamani- kabus tebal at mount + danau yg cun

8 of us in nusa dua, bali

nothing can describe it.. only wif one word >> HEAVEN <<
munchers = stupa in tanah lot, bali

pic sume dh upload kt facebook ..check it out

bali trip wif loot, izni, fracess, chikune, jae, azmi, alan n me. 8 of us

solo-jogja-surabaya-bali (thanks to alan bali and abg nas helped us lots in bali)..
roadtrip yg sgt advanture.. fren loot usha wisata+map bali bkk internet..sesat2 tnye org2 bali.. mkn sardin kt restaurant mewah kt kintamani n ns goreng (izni jae chef berjaya)

kt bali g uluwatu, dreamland, sanur (g ke?), kuta, denpasar, kintamani, tanah lot, nusa dua..shopping best gell..view sgt2 cun.. jom g lagek !!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

living cabin~

stranded in Surabaya..

blackout.. -pen off- no study- no activities- walking like a zombie in d dark-

banjir - in my own house- stuck- (wif aimi, anis munirah, mirul )- cancel discussion pharmaco at my house- cant go out coz banjir kt luar gak- my hs dah jadi sawah- dinner wif McD delivery- pray on bed-

mosquito -HITS n baygon 24hrs- cant sleep tide-dont lets d bugs bite u- dengue-

'winter' -cold- cool- comforter - ini Surabaya or Bandung? -sweater- mane sunshine?-

-flu- cough- sore throat- diarrhea- high body temperature- homesick sbb if kat umah family can tc of me n bermanja2-

p/s: hidup susah di Indonesia doesnt mean that i'm weak.. itz weather changes n we as human.. jst accept it fr God.. ppl said susah dahulu senang kemudian.. xper2.. cabaran hidup as student ... nnt dah keje sure nih sume nice memories..but not nice to face it again kottt..hahahaha

Thursday, December 11, 2008

si putih~

rabbit yg dh lalok kne anestesi

last pharmacology practicum on thursday 11dec08

bestnyeh this time nye lab..gune hewan coba kelinci (rabbit)...

comell..we named her si putih.. (si putih is a gurl)

dlm experiment .. we gv her ether.. as general anesthetic..
kindy dgr heart beat si putih gune stetoscope, zu bg ether kt si putih, amer n d others hold tgn n kaki si putih, icha catat timing n results while me tgk ocular sign, reflect cahaya n pupil, n muscle tone si putih ...
klakar time nk bg respond to pain kt si putih.. i jepit telinga ngn Clem (no respond).. so jepit kt kaki si putih.. dier berontak2..menjerit kami! ahahah.. (si putih cakar tgn fren..) ouchh sakitt..yoga pn kne..smpai bleeding tgn yoga

interesting team work..

stage 1- analgesia, consciousness, respiration normal
stage 2- pupil dilatation, tachycardia
stage 3 plane 3- respiration regular,pupil dilation,tachycardia,unconsciousness (dh bley bwt operation kt si putih)
stage 4- respiration slower, pupil midriasis, low BP, depression of medula oblongata >>fatal

biler dh sampai stage 3 plane 3.. we stop gave her ether.. (nnt mati si putih)..baringkan si putih dkt aircond..usap2 dier..(doctor said kne belai animals yg kiter gune tu..bg kasih syg)hehehehe..

p/s: amer ckp sate kelinci sdp! nyum2..si putih


mlm raya i clled mak's hs.. (i clld my opah=mak since she tc of my siblings when my parents out to office..since we were small) *syg mak*

berborak2 wif maksu, abah n mama.. as usual.. meminta maaf if anything i've done wrong ke ape2 slh la..maaf zhr btn..

abah: adik intan raya mcmne? ok x? kwn tkc tu kt indon lagi la (ad)
me: raya sok g mkn2 ...students msia bwt jamuan..ad join skalik..baik ad bg intan rt canai n rt prata instant bwk dr msia..
abah: oh.. bgs2..eh adik intan bf ape khabar?
me: huh? bf? hahahahaa (laughing)
abah: yela bf mane? nnt intro kt abah occay..
mama: adik intan.. bf mane? (mama sanggup bgn fr tmpt tido nk berckp wif me)
me: mane de bf ma,, mama cari kn la..
mama: ok nk mama carikn? nk doctor gak??
me: hahahaha...

along such a "good brother".. mengintro kn him to my family..

xder ape2 pn laa mama abah..but 1 thing that i'm really2 glad to hear fr my mom.. that she's doing very well...just like bfr..dh sembuh..alhamdulilah..mama dh suke menyakat2 kami.. mcm dulu..oh i really miss u ma.. thanks Allah coz hear my prayers.

p/s: b strong ma, coz we always support u fr behind.. we love u so much, no 1 can replace ur place as our beloved mother..u r such a beautiful wife, sporting mother and loving woman..

lepak2 wif ad~

di petang raya..

br anta ad n dida g stsn gubeng..they r odw to jogja..jmpe loot kt sne plak. sdy xdpt ikut:(

gonna miss them so much..lepak2 wif them..mkn yg sdp2..bergosip non-stop smpai fren bgn lmbt xg class!!

hahahha... ad bdk medic yg sempoi+kecoh+gila2 otak...muke xmalu..sume dier laa...hahahahaha...what so eva pun ad.. fren loves u so much.. u r such a great frenz...frenship 4eva~

hug u till u cant breath.. muax!! sisterhood 4va~ (bdk2 tkc 9903 mmg spirit)

thanks for d rt canai+rt prata!! such an understanding frenz... sbb kt snih xder maple..

they shopping horror gell.. grab everything!! perday spent 1juta+ ahahhaha...tercabut kaki aku ikut ko shopping...abes 1 surabaya nyeh mall dieorang dh tawaf...

next time dtg ngn dida lgk ok!! g bromo plak.. hehhee...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

sayu takbir raya~

homesick nyeh..

when i heard takbir raya..

10zulhijrah..slmt hari raya aidiladha..

homesick.. miss family. 4 of them (mom,dad,along,adik chik) went back to grik..mom's side..

ym wif my cousin, syafiq at langgar, alor star.. tok bwt rendang, ketupat (ktpt jagung sgt2 best), rendang, ns impit, laksam.. oh betapa meriah nya!

homesick.. 4yrs i've nvr been in msia to celebrate raya haji wif my family. i always pray for them... pink of health n diampunkn suma dosa2.. n also arwah2 keluarga yg telah meniggal dunia.. umat islam yg masih hidup atau pn telah meninggal dunia.

sayu nyeh dgr takbir raya~ mama, abah forgive me in any sins i've done bfr. i tried to be ur perfect daughter... n also my family.. n any1 who i've done mistakes bfr forgive me..maaf zhr btn~

Friday, November 28, 2008


meow (not d real scoby) scoby kuceng kg je


checked email. maksu sent me email..mule2 baca eh y nih? maksu nanges?mate bengkak2? br lepas clash ke ape?

rupenyeh maksu sdy,,her scoby (a lil kitten) died.. sebab..sebab..
dicekik sampai mati oleh anak2 buah snd (3boys aged around 9-6)
tgh2 baca tu.. i laughed horror gelll...eh bkn i'm x empathy or sympathy wif maksu.. n also arwah scoby.. sbb klakar tau2 cousin2 i cekik kucing tu smpai mati..oh...sungguh nakal budak2 tu...comfirm maksu belasah dieroang cukup2 nih..nih bwt gaya2 smackdown ke nih??

nani: "hahah..comfirm cousin2 fren tu jd legend of family"
me: "eh x la..uncle n along pn nakal gk dl"

al kisah nya pakcu. dl pakcu (adik maksu) suke main mercun esp time raya2.. pakcu mmg taiko kampung..bdk nakal kt kg Grik dl.lwn meriam buluh..lwn ngn kampung2 lain tu sempoi je..skalik dier nk dh buhsan kot ngn bunyi2 meletop nih..he tried new things.. pakcu masukkn mercun dlm mulut katak !!! so mercun meletop !!! katak??? innalilah.. terrorist nih!! hhaahhahaah... sgt nakal kn??

al kisah nya along.. time dier darjah 5 kot..around 10-11yrs old la. we mmg bele byk sgt rabbits..mcm2 jenis n color..so sll laa lepas2kn rabbits tu main2 kt rumput..keja2 dieroang..happy sgtla time childhood dl..so ader 1 baby rabbit nih..br laa lahir..besa tapak tgn je..so along geram.nk tgk dier leh tahan sejuk x."kiter try test rabbit nih tahan sejuk x.sebab bulu dier lebat"he tried experimental on d lil rabbit.. letakkan dlm kulkas(fridge)... that time i was small n i tgk je aper along bwt...menggeletar rabbit tu(hypothermia) ..esoknye? mati..tanamla bby rabbit tu kt blkng rumah..nanges2 (sbb mama n makteh kater nnt kt akhirat bby rabbit tu jadi raksasa..ltk along dlm peti ice plak)

along pnh bele anak itik clr yellow..bg 1tempatkn ngn angsa yg besaaa n dewasa..abes anak itik tu kne sudu ngn angsa..sian bebek..

time sye kecik2..suke main2 kt longkang..aderla nampak ikan2 berenang2 (ingatkan ikan..biler dh besa br tau berudu)..so gunekn straw..angkat 'ikan2' tu kluar n biarkn dieorang mati..mcm syok (nih expression dl)

dl blk sek agama ptg2-aged around 9-11..jmpe kura2 tpi jalan..berebut2 ngn boys.lari2 boys kejar..bwk blk kura2 blk umah..den time kecik2 pikir "kura2 kene idop dlm air" ...so bwk kluar baldi mama basuh baju..isi air n letak kura2 tu.. mcm happy kura2 tu berenang2..skalik dier berakkkkkk!! kura2 tu berak sgt2 banyak dlm baldi..n time tu my sys n me xreti nk bwt ape..buangla kura2 tu kt longkang rumah..n biarkn je baldi tu (sebab xreti nk basuh)n takut mama abah marah.. biler abah blk fr office "eh adik intan, adik chik..tgk nih ader kura2 dlm longkang" .. kami plak pura2 impress.. "yeah..ader kura2" ..padahal....hahahahahha

p/s: jgn la cruel pd animals.. love them..

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


nah loot..present for u..love yah.muax!!

burfdy amenk~

amenk+fren >>blues nice huh?

after a few clled, he didnt answer me.


me: happy birfday amer! muax syg amenk!
amenk: thanks paris :) nah cipika cipiki. muax! ari nih jer, sok2 tapika tapiki blk..hahah..
me: hahah..dasar! gedix la amer nh!

happy burfdy amer! he is 1 of my best frenz .. suke sgt menyakat n buli fren ..tp if fren merajuk.dier cepat2 pandai pujuk blk!! sll pgl fren gedix.

best dpt kwn mcm amenk,mirul~ mirul suke tules fren iskes (only us knws what d meaning)..mirul mmg sempoi..sorry arituh fren campak ur beg dlm lab PA.haha..... so mane apan n aiman? yela..seronok gk kwn ngn korang!

epy blted burfdy to yana gak! best mkn2 aritu!!tq dyh tnjkkn tempat mkn best! anyway, sian yna mlm tu kne bantai trok...3x mandi still busuuuukkk okkk!!!muax

Lelaki dipenjara seumur hidup rogol dua anak perempuan~

Lelaki dipenjara seumur hidup rogol dua anak perempuan
26/11/2008 5:51pm

LONDON 26 Nov. – Seorang lelaki berusia 56 tahun dipenjara seumur hidup selepas didapati bersalah merogol dua anak perempuannya secara berulang-ulang selama hampir 30 tahun sehingga menyebabkan mangsa melahirkan sembilan orang anak.

Tertuduh telah menyebabkan anak perempuan sulungnya hamil sebanyak tujuh kali dan melahirkan empat orang anak dengan dua daripada mereka meninggal dunia sebaik-baik sahaja dilahirkan.

Sementara anak perempuan bongsu pula dirogol sehingga hamil 12 kali dan melahirkan lima orang anak.

“Hampir 40 tahun saya menghakimi kes jenayah... ini adalah kes terburuk yang pernah saya kendalikan,” kata Hakim Alan Goldsack dalam keputusan beliau di Mahkamah Diraja Sheffield, utara England.

Pendakwaraya, Nicholas Campbell menjelaskan bahawa kedua-dua mangsa dirogol sejak berusia remaja dan sekiranya melawan mereka akan ditumbuk, ditendang atau dipanggang dengan api gas. - AP

p/s: oh..father..father..jgn la rogol ur daughters.. they r innocent.. y dont u jst stret go to DOlly.. i think u might hv fun there..

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


my same age cousin. nurul n me ( pheewiiiiitttt )

my twins. intan syarafina+intan farhana zainudin

kak yong, me n adik chik (kebaya rocckksss era 70-an)

adik cik, nurul n me ..menggedix di pagi lebaran 07

p/s: even those r pics on lebaran 07.. i just love it!! suke !!


it is raining..

my whole life stuck in d middle. cant go out.. wanna sleep?xbestla ..i can see its pouring n i can hear when d rain is dropping..in front of hs compound n street..hmmpp.. (dh jd mcm sawah bendang dh nih)

i'm afraid of blackout..esp when i stay alone at home at night..

aedes? dengue? yes it is,, i can see they r flying free searching for human's sweet blood.. *happy mosquito*.. (baygon plzz)

NK said "bkn ko duk kt town ke?mcm ne leh banjir?"
me: " jakarta pn leh banjir..nih surabaya"

hahah.... my home sweet home ~kedong pengkol 3/8 .. air naik paras tapak kaki.. i am victim of mangsa2 kebanjiran.. so help me..charity donation to me plz.. what can i do? only seat on bed n pray on bed..thanks ibu (maid) tlg mop n nyuci rumah..

p/s : pasrah wif kehendak Tuhan. what we can do is only pray that everything gonna be alrite...to penduduk di Indonesia. jaga hygienic n psg ubat nyamuk.. bahaya dengue..demam berdarah..to Republic Indonesia.. kne baiki drain bg dalam sket..n jgn buang smpah merata2 can caused banjir kilat.

-musim kemarau pn susah, musim hujan pn susah. moral of d value..jgn mengeluh~

Saturday, November 22, 2008

cuci bears~

they r swimming in bath tub


kicir-kicir dufan..simba,little simba n pinky froggy>>those i curik fr my brother.


i hate going out on weekend..prefer to stay at home even alone or even i've nothing much to do at home. maybe i'm bored wif surabaya life.. mall..mall..mall.. so if go back to malaysia, back to subang.. again mall..mall..mall ..just d different ppl i go hangout..waa..i love msia bcs of melepak kt maple..till pagi melepak pn best!! (miss family)

yesterday nite, i watched movie at galaxy. awake! smart huh being a cardiologist. that movie shows us that dont trust any beautiful gurl like jessica alba rather then ur beloved mom. because ur own blood that gv birth to u,, knows perfectly about her children. loving n caring mother that gv own heart/cor to d only son.(jgn jd doctor malpraktek)

today, i wake up early around 830am. itz early for me since itz weekend rite? maid came around 7am to give my bhn2 mentah-brg2 i titip fr pasar. thanks ibu.

so i decided to cook by myself today. since my hs area hard to get lunch esp on weekend. i'm not a chef. but i can cook sket2.. today i cooked ayam msk kicap+syr kangkung+tempe.zu n icha (my indo frenz) tasted my meals. i jst smiled when they puji2 me. mama always said to me..
mama: "adik intan dh makan?"
me: "dah mama. masak sendiri tadi.bwt ayam masak.. (mcm2 la)"
mama: "jgn la memasak.takut terpotong jari ngn pisau tajam tu.hati2.nnt takut tong gas meletup"
mama nvr forces me to help her in kitchen since i was small. 1 thing that she told us, afraid that we (my lil sister n me)might be hurt (terpotong jari ke)..haha..lgpn mama xnk menyusahkn kami.mama, we love u coz u do care about us too much. i'm a big gurl now, ma.. i can handle it and i can help u to serve d family. u can rest nw fr doing any household ma..
abah: "bagusla anak perempuan kne rajin kt dapur.nnt senang nk kawin"
ye laa abah! nnt intan masakkn for abah time blk msia nnt ok! muahx

while i'm waiting for my groupmate came to my hs for pharmaco discussion. i cleaned my room. itz so awkward to hold n sweeping using a broom. since my maid always do that stuff. but i hv to handle it in case i dont hv maid in future (hehehe)..i decided to "take bath" most of my soft toys. they r so dirty n stinky. yucks
adik chik: "wei beli, bear pinky tu kamu xpnh cuci ke? busukla muke dier"
me: "x. takut pinky rosak..since last time f5"
pinky is a russ bear given by my sister when i graduated fr tkc. seems she nvr been take bath for almost 5yrs.hahah
dl mak balkish pernah basuh kn meera-1 of my bear when i was in msia. bcs she said mira was soooo busuk.after she dh bersihkn meera..i liked wanna cry. "bau sabun cuci..dh xwangi mcm dl" haha..anyway thanks untie.
my maid pernah basuh kn rangga-my liitle lamb..rangga so cute n grey color (bsc of busuk)..actually ori color is white. ibu basuhkn my rangga without my notice bcs she said rangga was so ugly. for almost 1week i dont like rangga's smells.. hahaha..makasih ya bu..

Thursday, November 20, 2008


tutorialmate kt RS. Haji

tadi kunjungan RS.Haji (hospital)

for d last time nyeh kunjungan RS..n nih first time PBL bwt exchange ngn hsptl luar (bcs Unair ader own teaching hospital..depan campus medical je seberang jln..-RS. dr. Soetomoe). usually since 1st yr.. after students abes skills lab, mmg ader dlm jadual for kujungan RS under PBL nyeh prog.. tadi we were divided into 2groups.. each 6-7 of us.

td gerak naek kete amri.. ngn nouz n zu.berborak2 merepek2 ngn amri.tq amri (indo frenz)

dr.eddy taught us kt labor room.. best..interesting..but ader part2 menggatal sket (mls nk mention) ..sabar jela..discussion ngn dr. specialist OnG..

msk poliklinik kandungan..dr aja2 nk check patients..

p/s: npe specialist OnG rmai men? apan ckp nk jadi gk sbb nk jd mcm dr.eddy..hampeh apan!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


smlm tutor.

nouz,zu,dayah,anis,apan n me (bdk2 yg br blk jogja).. ned,icha,diaz,yoga n amri..

opps... kne sound ngn dr. suandito (dosen garang) sbb we didnt prepare for 1st meeting tutorial..case psl 19yrs old man..unconscious sbb accident..ears n nose bleeding..so all about basic life support nyeh la..emergency case ( but he advised us nicely..get ready to become a real doctor in future..)

apan "jogja..jogja"

bcs of 5 of us went to jogja.n demam jogja blom surut.hahaha (alasan plg bagus skalik)

since this is d last module for PBL..dr wants us to be well prepared bfr we step further to RS-hospital..since 5th sem is d last basic preclinical theory years..hope lulus yudisium! msk clerkship sem 6-7.. amin!

Monday, November 17, 2008

futsal jogja~

we won!!

loot,kuden,fren (loot n fren berebut nk kuden)hahahha,,

my bestest buddies!!! geng minah scoot

dinner geng2 preU, bandung 0506


jogja..jogja..jogja !!

waa..karnival sukan kt jogja mmg best gell hell !! seriously we njoyed it !

1st day, 14nov.surabaya squad bertolak fr our place to jogja around 6am by bus. supposely at 5am.so we reached at jogja late..d match jst started.but badminton team n bowling hd done their best! congratz to team surabaya! smpai2 saphire mall ..met loot,muna,alia n rmai lgkla.jmpe ex-tkcians (product cemerlang tkc)>>ayat spe nih? hahah..den trus g tgk badminton match! (naek scoot ngn loot!) ..time tu single match.apan was playing wif team bandung.yek dh abes maen..so xsmpt tgk dier maenla.
that nite, mls nk tdo kt kaliurang..nk tdo kt jakal je ngn loot my bestfren. so hangout wif aida,muna n loot. mkn pizza (xingat nme kedai pe) n met if n hasnul there..den aida nk mkn chochomelt (xingat cafe pe)..she spent me! syg aida! mlm tu around 11pm gerak g umah has n maya.bwt banner.i slept around 12am..so tired.terharu has n maya tdo kt lantai sbb loot,muna n me conquered beds. muax

2nd day, 15nov. futsal games! serious cuak! so team surabaya gurls lwn ngn bandung 0-1, jogja 1-0, jakarta 1-0, malang 2-0. lepas for semifinals wif bali! we won!1-0. finals jmpe bandung again! 0-1 ! congratz to team bandung. u guys played d real games.congratz to bandung team boys too. best dpt jmpe loot,NK,aida,has,maya,muna,if,anep,yek,kuden,qilah,payel,aisyah n rmai lg la bdk2 jogja! thanks to jogja, malang, jakarta,bali yg supported team surabaya!
mlm dinner best sbb ader gathering bdk2 Pre-U bandung 0506! jmpe rmaila geng2 bandung dl.time tgk slides kuden n geng bwt..sume excited! gempaq.. price giving ceremony was great! penat jerit surabaya! surabaya! surabaya! ala xkesah dh bab ayu n sopan ni

results team surabaya~
badminton : 3rd place
bowling : 2nd place
futsal gurls : 2nd place
futsal boys : 3rd place (share wif palembang)

thanks to my frenz fr all around indonesia. best dpt jmpe korang! penat nk type nme sorang2..so mention states je la ok? jogja,malang,bali,jakarta,solo,makassar,palembang,jambi,bandung (ade tertgl x?)
shah n muna "fren famous kt jogja.knal rmai org"
my junior tkc at palembang "oh kak intan.knal.famous kt palembang"
alia "npe ko rmai kwn kt jojga? malang pn"
my junior at surabaya "rmai nyeh kwn kak intan"
my frenz at surabaya "baru nmpk muke fren!" sbb berkepit ngn bdk2 lain je..hhahhaha
my frenz at bali "ye intan! ingat lgk.jmpe kat makassar.bdk2 bali duk jerit2 nme intan time intan tgh maen"
>>> sbb tu name sye FREN.. sbb sye FRENly n rmai FRENz

3rd day,16nov. gerak g malioboro after breakfast kt kaliurang.best shopping.xsmpt g candi (sedih).journey back to surabaya was 10hrs including break kat RnR (ader ke RnR?).. i vomited twice bcs of motion sickness. arrkkkk..ubat plak expired..tahan jela. kuden said "dtg la lgk jogja". i replied "bdk2 jogja dh muak tgk muke fren lepak kt sne je" ahahahha.. tq sume.tq tuan rumah yg sporting.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


i hv a new pet.. nice huh? a small ugly ducking.. or anak ayam? but what eva it is.. he's so damn cute..little rubio.. yes.. that is his name.. cool huh?

azmi, bdk koleq who studies in utp rite nw.. created the little chic name..rubio..rubio..rubio... i love u !



tu laa words apan, mirul asyik duk sebut2 ..hahahahaa..since after abes xm prac PA...

yeye..nk g jogja..leh jmpe alia,lala (malang), loot,zaim,yek,has,NK,siti,brondong,if,anep,bla bla bla (sume kt jogja), ketam n kwn2 time jmpe kt makassar (palembang), kwn2 kt bandung time premed (alaa..nani xg..sedih!)..jmpe rmai kwn..

pegi naek bus rmai2..yeye..bestnyehhhhh

oh start games ngn bowling, badminton..

match futsal on saturday morning.. pray that we can play our best..amin..for whole games..

zaim sgt gedik ok..keep on msg nk ole2 fr surabaya..gedix gell !

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

bdk medic yg sempoi~

tadi br je Ym ngn doremon (a person who studies in Japan).. when he asked my condition " how r u? " .. i tnye ..y ? kangen ke kt i? den i said yg i dh gile kot..keje byk tp bwt2 xder keje..

doremon: i tgk bdk2 medic yg study kt indon..mcm rilex je..

doralin: ye ke rilex? kwn2 u kt jakarta tu? ilex?

doremon: a'ah . dl g jakarta..dieroang mcm sempoi xder keje pn..

doralin: oh nyerk? mmg bdk2 medic kt indon sempoi n cool.. doctors kt snih pn suke je bergaya2 n cun..pkai high hill.. pkai jeans pn leh g campus + lab (choppp..nih happen pkai jeans only at Unair je kot..uni laen x)

doremon: eleh..ckp jela u nk puji urself..hhaha

doralin: hahahahaha..

doremon: xperla..maybe sume course aper cara buzy tersendiri kot.. (sye tau la awk bz ngn project mega tu)

doralin: maybe sistem msia or UK medic strict sng kick bdk ..tp sempoi2 medic indon..ader je bdk kne drop out n turun year? so how??

hmppp.. issue bdk2 medic indon sempoi ke..gurlish ke..pandai ke..stylo ke..aper2 la.. pandai maen futsal ke (nih memuji spe nih?) .. actually xder kaitan.. we hv to be proud wif ourself..if u good in theory n prac kt clinical nnt..cmpk la kt mne2..everything gonna b easy for u..but i think clinical kt indon bagus! serious.. lagi2 UNAIR.. sbb i've compare basic clinical till DM-doktor muda- nyeh system wif other uni..unair lg banyak exposure to hsptl life n we can handle d patients without any complaint fr patients..yela..if kt msia or london..mane leh sesuka hati..nk kne saman keee cik fren??

p/s : plz dont asked me who is doremon n doralin.. tu character dlm citer cartoon jepun la..tp pandai ckp bhs melayu.. hiks :)


hari2 sye busy..

jumaat lepas awal pagi dh kne bangun.. pdhl aimi nyenyak tdo.. kne g kunjungan RS (hospital)..

dr. ayue in charged for our group (B8).. tapi boys lmbt plak dh dtg..biler clled..suara br bgn tdo.. tulaa apan, amer.. hahaha.. (dr. ayue is so nice n beautiful)

smpai kt hospital.. ader dr specialist urology in charged our group..msk bhgian bedah Urology.. sume about catheter.. time tu tgk la patients yg nk ganti catheter ikut urethra n ader yg trokar sistosomi. ader bdk kecik nih dlm 5-6thn, nanges2.. sian sye tgk..tp doctor PPDS - students nk ambek prog specialist-... santai je..cool..dh la hensem..lepak2 plak tu..baek je.. time kunjungan RS mmg byk laa exposure to hsptl life.. n i love it coz we can ask d specialist any questions.. even they will allow us to help them.. assistant doctor ( Oh.. sye tlg dr gak)

monday lepas ader PPGD - basic life supports .. my group last shift 5-7pm.. so around 730pm br blk fr hsptl.. smpai umah around 830pm after dinner rmai2..so tired..

today ader xm lab pathology.. ader sye jwp salah (syg btol!) cz 1st quest tgk kt microscope.. i was like gelabah n gabra..i xperasan tu swiss cheese pattern for hyperplasia endometrium.. i jwp metaplasia endometrium.. sygggg btol !

after exm.trus g lab ngn nouz..ambek vaccine Hep B for 1st injection.saket tgn :(

so tired..blk ptg tu futsal..kt kenjeran..for karnival sukan se-indonesia at jogja this fri 5am team surabaya bertolak..14-16nov

sok ader lab pharmaco (ader pretest essay lgk).. till 3pm.. ptg 5-7+pm PPGD kt hsptl.. mlm trus gather at my house my group pharmaco nk discuss for discussion pharmaco.. oh..help me!

penelitian for proposal (kind oh thesis) blom start ape2 lgk! tlg2..tlg2..tlg2.. thanks to both doctor pemimbing (sp. pathology n sp. surgery in GIT)

sye kepenatan.. i need rest n cool down ..i need entertainment which is bed rest n sleep whole day n hangout alone (meaning lepak kt rumah without any works)

such a busy life~

Monday, November 10, 2008


NUSA KAMBANGAN, Indonesia 10 Nov. - Amrozi Nurhasyim yang dikenali sebagai 'pengebom tersenyum' kelihatan pucat dan gementar apabila berdepan dengan saat kematiannya pada tengah malam semalam.

Abangnya, Mukhlas nampak lebih berani, malah berkali-kali melaungkan takbir dan memuji Allah sehinggalah dia menghembuskan nafas terakhir.

Apabila tiba masanya iaitu sekitar pukul 11 malam (12 tengah malam semalam waktu Malaysia), ketiga-tiga pengebom Bali dibawa dengan kaki dan tangan berantai dari bilik penjara mereka ke tapak pelaksanaan hukuman tembak sampai mati.

Sumber penjara Batu di sini yang terlibat dengan pelaksanaan hukuman mati ke atas Amrozi, Mukhlas @ Ali Ghufron dan Imam Samudera mendedahkan bagaimana ketiga-tiga pengebom Bali itu menjalani hukuman mati kelmarin, enam tahun selepas serangan bom di Bali pada 2002.

Satu sumber berkata, antara mereka bertiga, Amrozi nampak paling gementar dan apabila maut makin hampir dia kelihatan pucat dan takut.

Ketiga-tiga pengebom itu diikat dalam keadaan berdiri pada tiang kayu dan kepala mereka diselubung dengan kain hitam sebelum isyarat diberikan pada 12.15 tengah malam (1.15 pagi semalam waktu Malaysia) untuk tembakan serentak oleh pasukan penembak tepat.

Menurut sumber itu, ketiga-tiga mereka pada mulanya meminta pihak berkuasa untuk tidak menutup muka mereka sewaktu hukuman tembak berkenaan dijalankan tetapi permintaan tersebut ditolak.

Ketiga-tiga mereka mati apabila peluru yang dilepaskan oleh pasukan penembak menembusi jantung dan jenazah mereka dihantar pulang ke kampung halaman, semalam.

Mereka didapati bersalah menyebabkan kematian seramai 202 kebanyakannya pelancong asing dalam serangan bom di pulau peranginan Bali pada Oktober 2002.

Seramai 88 mangsa yang terbunuh itu merupakan rakyat Australia dan hukuman ke atas pengebom Bali disambut baik oleh rakyat negara itu.

-utusan online, 11nov08-

in my opinion, y must ppl bomb d public esp in tourist place? crowded of innocent ppl died.. when a wife cried over her dead husband..when a mother cried over her innocent children... unknown ppl.. innocent ppl.. n they came into a place wif valid or legal ways.. paid the tax and valid passport.. i've read 1 book said that when kafir came to Muslim place wif peaceful without any harms.. n the kafir paid d tax (in valid or legal ways) it means that they r welcome wif warm hugs..(meaning no war n they r protected)..

bali? y cant dolly?

only Allah knows d meaning of jihad....syurga r waiting for us.

may their roh di ampun kn dosa2..di tempat kn bersma org2 beriman, al-fatihah


circle of frenzhip

naddy + frenny

lang + tom

sunday kuar lepak2 ngn syikin.. mcm dh long time i xkuar wif u huney bunny!

i love her! i clled her lang (panjang is langsuyoir) n she clled me tom (zombi) .. those name r created time 1st sem kot time odw dlm tren nk g bandung!

lepak2 + borak2 + bergosip2 = our hobbies

i love syikin! coz she always understand me.. thanks lang..

i love nadhirah too.. muaxxxxx... sbb sye knal dier n arina bfr datang surabaya.. they r loot's frenz.. tq tlg2 fren slme nih.. mentor yg baek! aja2 studies.. n suke nanges2 kt nad.. (fren mmg cpt nanges nad.. sorry nad).. she's really nice.. d greatest frenz i eva had..

sye suke hidup sye..

even i'm sad now.. even i'm crying now.. bcs when some1 hurts my feeling.. when some1 tried to spread lies n created story about me..

hahah..teringat nanges sbb barang terlock dlm room kak nuzul kt malang..tu pn nanges.tq nad,ezy,min n others yg tried pujuk me..(ish memalukn)

sye sgt2 syg my geng2 tkc..munchers9903.. we r sisterhood.. we r connected to anywhere (esp loot,izni,phya,beyh,nana n others)

they r always there for me..
they r always cheer me up..
they r always make me smile..

thanks friends.. thanks to my close frenz.. munchers tkc in msia n overc.. thanks to geng2 jogja, malang, bandung .. thanks to my geng who always there for me.. thanks to aimi who always let me borrow her shoulder to cry..thanks to diky sbb sll dgr2 cite fren..hehhe

thanks to dier sbb cheer me up ngn bagi chocolate.. baek btol nyeh dier..

sye syg kawan2 syer.. sbb rmai yg sayang kt sye..i appreciate frenship..bcz true frenz r hard to find..mama always said.. kwn biar beramai.musuh jgn seorg.

frenz r jst like pearls in deep of ocean.. hard to find.. but always shining our days when we try to close n touch them..so i love u all~ u guys r my pearls ~

Saturday, November 8, 2008


bowling match.. fren kalah trok!!

team unair vs team surabaya (ye ke?) hahha.. msians vs indonesians? ok?

smlm lwn futsal..wif indonesians team unair.. gempaaqqq gell dieorang maen.. mmg power skills.. but d match was really fun bcz we had d new challenger..i mean d best team fr d past games..thanks to thila, aimi, k.niza, nad, ezy, kish, n others pompom gurlz n pompom boys.. (ye sye dgr org duk jerit2 pgl nme sye time sye tgh main) so terharu korang cheer d best for us! muaxxxxx.... den team boys maen..bestla..power

today ader selection bowling! whole body skt after maen futsal..tp apan paksa join..ngn termamai2 meredah ujan.. i was lost in action! i was waiting d others at indomaret karmen but no1 was there..am i late? tgk jam..alah 10mins je lmbt..(for me plg awal tu) so like sume dh pegi ke?? aishhhh...xmungkin awal g ..hahaha.. i clled apan.. OMG.. gather kt cmpus A rupenyeh.. ahahahha.. so lmbt sketla g..maen2 bowling.. i was 2nd LAST from ranking gurls.. oh snggh memalukn !! sume longkang je msk... wif eggsss!!! ahhaha.. tq to kish tlg ambek my turn (skt tangan..alasan)..tq jannah gv moral supports n d others too.. tq thila n nad mengiringi ku nk bwk bola..

p/s: even i'm happy wif my weekend.. but my midterm xm..uishhh.. i'm like crying while i'm doing pharmaco paper.. seriously..i think i should be more concentrate wif my studies.. less gossips, less lepak2.. ok !!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

jiran baby~

ader bdk kecik ..my jiran sblh kanan umah.. his age around 2-3yrs (xleh berckp lg)

i dont knw his name.. so let jst cll him. boy.

boy nih suke tdo awal (yela since baby lgk kn)

tp SUKE BGN AWAL !! (npe xtdo lame2 mcm mbak2 nih??)

n SUKE BERGENDANG/KETOK/PUKUL anything dgn sgt2 kuat! mcm drummer band Nidji tu.. tung tang tung tangggggggggg.. waaaaaaaaaaa.... mbak mau tidur laa syg ku..kok berisik skalik !! (i wanna sleep my dear, y so noisy)

boy akan menyanyi2 n ketuk dgn sekuat tenaga boy.(rasa nye cita2 dier nih nk jd drummer nih) den kdg2 akan mengangis dgn sekuat tenaga dier!

fren n aimi akan terbgn tdo!! dgn perasaan yg muka merah menyala.. nak marah kang..he's still a baby.. (tq laa boy..mengejutkn mbak2 yg tidur till siang2) xkan laa fren nk g cekik dier plak (xpasal2 msk penjara kang)

tp pernah terpikir rasa nk bagi je boy ubat tidur..biar dier tdo lame2 *evil* hahahhhaha (mmg xleh jd specialist kanak2 nih)

boy..oh boy.. mbak kn udah beri kamu permen.. bisa g kamu jgn berisik di pagi hari.mbak mau boboq lho ( i already gv u sweets, can u plz dont make noise in d morning coz i still wanna sleep)

ayoh boboq yaa boy..boboq.. jgn berisik2..jadi anak yg baik yaa..kayak mbak nih lho!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

unknown number~

i dont know..a few times i get unknown num..

itz really annoying.. keep on messaging n calling till late nite..

i dont know where those ghost get my num..when i asked..they gv lots of reason..

i tried to talk in good bhs indonesia..for them not realize that i'm outsider..

if they knw that i'm msian..lg laa ...suke sgt kacau..

i jst said.. "bisa g kamu jgn ganggu aku lagi.. aku g suka berteman.." then i off

i dont like strangers.. for me.. they r bad.. bcs i'm a gurl.. i always remember what my parents told me..

i keep on getting msg fr another person.. when that ghost knw my name. i was shocked..(only certain clled me intan)

i'm tried to change my cellphone no.. rmai membebel suke sgt tkr ..ssh nk contact..

pnh dl.. a ghost topup for me Rp50,000 for me to msg him (i was.. what d hack! hell no!)

i hate guys talk about sex !!! serious damn i hate u guys.. xder moral agama ke??

i hate unknown no.. when i pickup private no (yes bcs i tout that fr msia)... but itz not !

i hate it..hate it..hate it..

i hv lots of frenz! i dont need new frenz like u guys...( i only like my indonesian frenz at my campus..other then that..NO! )

Monday, November 3, 2008

campus life~

miss nyeh.. sem 2 time anatomy practicum wif real cadaver.. panjang rambut aiman!!

dr. intan farhana zainudin

kegilaan amri, 1 of my best indonesian frenz.. yg suke belajar ckp bhse melayu yg mencarut n xsenonoh! ahhahaha

bestnye life as students!! bwt ape2 salah..doctor aja lagek..tegur membina.. xder maki2.. aja smpai kiter paham... if dh kerja??? maen ngn nyawa patients.. xleh maen2 dh... kne mature fren!!!

time prac anat ..ingat lagek..potong p**** cadaver.. tujuan mulia.. sbb nk tgk arteri n vein inside.. den dr dtg to our table.. said to me.. "kok ...tragis sekali?" (sebab tula sarah sll kutuk i si dr. tragis)... oppps... i tout i was wrong cut it.. tp actually tu mmg dlm pembelajaran.. mule2 nk simpan bwk blk umah.. tp xjadi.. mcm brain, hepar.. jst simpan skull n tulang2 je kt umah...

suke prac histo, PA sbb tgk slides micros..mcm excited if dpt jwp.. PA leh tgk real gross fr patients..

suke skills lab !!!!! sgt2 suke!! (i'm such a good student sbb suke g skolah..hahah)

suke g kunjungan Rumah Sakit (hsptl) .. i'll ask d doctor in charge lots of ques

xsuke lab biochem n faal (physiology) .. dl time faal bedah jantung kura2 ... n 2ekor katak..katak terlepas fr tangan zu bunbin ! i menjerit mcm org gile sbb geli .. ahaha.. tp mcm overall faal lgk better then biochem (maen ngn amilase)

suke discussion pharmaco sbb btol2 paham (tp suke berborak2 gk).. i presented for my hypertension case lastweek.. rmai puji best! (best sbb i bwt cara sendiri... dyh kater mcm gedix je i xplain kt andhika ) yela.. andhika bangun nk direct question to INTAN.. paham2 jela.whole class duk bergosip.. :) ...n maen2 ngn tikus yg comel pn best! bg dier tidooo..

sume suke nih ... cemerlang btol !! mama mesti sejuk hati mengandung kn me.. such a good daughter !

p/s : i mmg suke jd medical student :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008


some1 jst threw me away like that..

some1 jst ignored me like i didnt exist in this world anymore..

some1 jst delete me in everything..for 3yrs~

even we knew each other since school.. even we r bestfren since small.. even we share lots of memories..it just like no more memories to u..

when suddenly u came back to me..

u keep on telling me whatz this n whatz that.. about ur life

when u said u really sorry about d past..

when u said u hv done mess wif me ..

i tried to pretend nothing happen.. smiling in fake

finally i just replied..

nothing to regret..

nothing to say sorry about..

nothing to be memorize back..

bcs what u hv done to me.. i've nvr think about it again.. me no more cry like a child..u n me hv to face our adventure in front of us.. u n me hv different of life..we can create new life without turning back...

for all u hd done to me.. i nvr angry wif u. i nvr hate u.. who am i? even Nabi pn memaafkn umatnya..


fracess, chikune, jae, azmi dh booked ticket kl-solo..

uishh cepat btol tindakan bdk2 UTP yg mmg nk finals den trus berjoli ke indonesia..

loot n me plak duk pusing2 nk pikirkn activities n schedule sepanjang dieorang kt indon.. dieroang nnt travel 4states.. solo-jogja-surabaya-bali.. mantap..only in 1week!

plan nk g bali .. insyaAllah jadi..n hope everything smooth..

nih gathering munchers ke?? hhaha gathering bdk2 tkc since fracess, chikune,loot n me ... eh gathering bdk koleq gk kot..gegaye azmi, jae.. ahahhaha... xkesahlah! asal plan jadi..insyaAllah..

oh bali dear~ here we come (bersemangat gell) hahahaha..

chikune+fracess nk hug korang!! lme xjmpe!! loot xpayahla ...sbb sll je jmpe! hahaha... loot suh turun jogja dl..shopping bersama2.. hahah gedix~

Friday, October 31, 2008

miss mama~

i miss mama. hjh. norihan bt jaafar.

she's everything in my life..

time kecik2.. mama sll backing me if ader bwt slh ape2... mama lukiskn for my homework music.. (she loves to draw 3 of us -along,adik chik n me.. wif angsa-sbb dl bele angsa n kuceng).. so, sir akan puji that i've done well in my hmwork..get lots of stars!mama lukiskn for me time i was 8yrs old..ader competition cerita kisah2 nabi..tp intan lupe nk angkat lukisan tu..so kalah n i cried..

i love helping mama in kitchen or sediakan food for my family (nk harapkn cicak..arrkk..tp nw cicak maken rajen)..time kecik2..bln ramadhan.. tlg mama bwt kue cara... nice..bwt kue raya.. den akan show off kt dad.. dad memuji2 me said "nih la anak abah yg bagus, anak perempuan rajen kt dapur".. now i love bwtkn hot cereals drink for mama

dl time sek ren. mama is my hero! mama akan dtg ke sek.. met my principle n teachers.. updated wif our studies, academic n co-curiculum. that's y we r active since young. plg best if mama nk jemput kami blk umah.. mama akan hon kete kuat ..then we will run cpt2 msk kete sbb malu mama hon kuat2.. (mama kater sng sket) tp if abah.. abah tgg je baek2 dlm kete.. hikss

since we're young, our burfday mesti akan dicelebrate every yr. mama suke bwt open hs.. since along n mine 29march, adik chik 14march.

mama suke if we active n berani in public. so kecik2 sll msk drawing, coloring contest. (intan sll won), pertandingan cerita2 nabi.. tp plg best.when i was 9yrs old..msk fancy-dress i get 1st place (msk dlm nwsppr the stars)..dress tu mama yg jahitkn! then when i msk decorate cake comp.. i get 5th place (membanggakn since xpnh bwt pn bfr this) .. my parents sll ckp i was creative n good in art..

mama suke menjahit. time kecik2.. almost every bj kurung sekolah.. mama jahitkn for adik chik n me. baju raya every yr..dress... bj tido..she's good in evertyhing! mama suke bwt crosstish (cmne nk eje?).. byk kt umah..

intan suke temankn mama g pasar..beli2 brg. mama suke melayan intan.. i still rmmbr, when i want 1handbeg bentuk lamb kt Avon(cute sgt).. mama said xpayahla..byk dh softtoys kt rumah.. skalik 1week after that..mama bwt suprised..taadaaaa..handbeg lamb for intan! time tu sgt sweet.. mama akan fullfill kn everything i want..thanks ma abah

mama suke ambil gambar.. if pegi mane2..mostly mama nyeh pic je bykkkkk.... :)

mama said "adik intan pkaila tudung jgn bukak2 k? dh besar now.. bkn budak2 lgk.. kn nmpk manis n ayu.." insyaAllah ma.. syg mama!

mom, everything u hv done to grows us from baby till nw..we really appreciate it.. nothing we can pay u ..only loves n prays that u will bcm strong to face ur next day. we always pray for ur healthy.

ma, we nvr let u cry bcs of our failure.. u will c us achieve success wif flying colors, become some1 important in our life 1day..insyaAllah

thanks mama..mama anta n ambek me kt hospital kk time i bwt attachment for 2weeks dl. i knw u cried 1st time n last day of my work.. i knw u proud of me.. seeing me 1step further to bcm a doctor.. i knw that is ur dream since i was a kid..insyaAllah ma.. wif ur prayers..

i always miss u.. i always love u. u r my hero in my heart. be strong ma.. we'll take care of u n abah.. we nvr stop praying for ma and abah..muahs!!


midterm is coming..arrrkkkkkk!!!

this monday! help2...

4papers. pathofisio, patho anat,pharmaco + IKM

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


yesterday, 28oct

i'm having fever+bad flu+sore throat+cough wif thick green mucous (sometimes bleeding) for 5days. so, ysterdy i went to campus A clinic ..zu accompanied me.

the doctor diagnosed i was infected by virus/bacteria at lower respiratory tract or TB = tuberculosis.. ohh goshhh.. if itz rite... i'll be isolated from society.. i cant continue my class..frenz must be stay away fr me.. (thatz cross in my mind 1st) .. aimi (hsmate) sure wanna moveout. hahaha.. but deep in my heart, i prayed that i'll be fine. indonesia is d 2nd highest rate of TB in d world. thatz y BCG vaccine is important. suddenly, i almost wanna cry. i didnt tell my frenz.. only certains knw about it at 1st bfr it will be comfirm.

so, doctor asked me to further checkup at lab. photothorax and Zeihl Neilsen staining (to identify the mycobacterium tuberculosa).. thanks God, the result was -ve and photothorax was normal.

den, i called my dad n mom.. :)

TB can occur in lungs n other parts of body wif low immunity..the bacteria can be anywhere esp in crowded people... by inhale-respiration..tx wif 6months of antibiotic..but the bacteria can recurrent attack bcs it has own protection from phagositosis and can hide fr Ab... thatz y vaccine is important for us to prevent it..

in pathology, in microscopic of tuberculosis are soft tubercle-necrotic, Langerhans Darthia cells..

alhamdulilah.. i'm ok ! thanks to my close frenz who really care about me..worried about me meaning that u guys really love me ! muaxxx

Friday, October 24, 2008

lazy day~

today, 25 oct

rasa mcm nk demam, nausea sbb mkn soto kt fkg.i duhno..

smlm kuar ngn chox,rama n bdk bali my classmate.. g usha buku pharmacology UI kt blauran..unfortunately stock dh abes. so trus lpk g galaxy.. ptt dh janji wif some1 nk tgk movie laskar pelangi.. dier yg ajak.tp sye lak bwt hal.. sorry2 sgt2.. mlm tu pn xjd dinner together.. adoiii..

smlm clled loot around 12something ..bergosip*bergosip*bergosip ( routine topic ) ... she said that she cnt wait to see me on carnival sukan at jogja this nov.. (yippii naek scoot wif loot)

i'm too lazy to learn n read books..since my midterm nxtweek..what hppen to me?? (frenny slaps herself)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

pregnant woman~

future young, intelligent and beautiful doctors~ giler PEDE..

yesterday, 20.10.2008

skills lab kt grabik 3rd floor.. that time we thought at 4th floor.. so dgn kepenatan we climbed d stairs still 4th floor ( nih gegaye lift rosak sje suh students exercises) .... tercungap2 .... sklaik wrong!!! at 3rd floor plak..turun blk.... (surabaya dhla panas mcm kne panggang dlm oven) ...lucky today ujan even kjap..tp lebat..alhamdulilah..

klakar when i wanna know which is back of fetus or placenta.. so i g tumbuk2 kt patung yg tgh pregnant kn baby tu.. ahahaha... den dayah, nouz n d others said fren doctor ganas xleh jd specialist OnG! ahahaha.... *time tu nk rasa yg mane,,,bkn btol2 lgk..lgpn br 1st time! ... (teringat time msk labor room jaga ngn dr.muazah time attachment kt hsptl kk dl )

dr.emi yg aja time tu.. ader mas batch 2002 aja gak..den baru specialist or PPDS obgyen dtg aja! he's so kind n bestt sgt! about leopold 1,2,3,4 and auscultation to hear heart rate of fetus.. *leopold is a palpation technique using our palm n fingers to feel d position of fetus

leopold 1- to measure the fundal height. raba using 1 finger of left hand bwh processus xyphoideus n jari2 tgn kanan as penyangga kt atas simphysis.. measure by cm or inch

leopold 2- to knw where to auscultate . the position of fetus either transverse lie, bridge presentation or olique. fetus either dorso superior or dorso inferior ke.. leh rasa backbone yg keras n unsymmetrical n his extremitas

leopold 3- use right hand on upper of symphysis to feel d head yg hard, homogen and round

leopold 4- nk tau if kpale fetus dh msk lom..leh check if nk dkt labor dh. if our fingers convergent or divergent..

itz relly interesting to learn about obstetric n gynae ... time blk raya arituh xsempat nk check makteh time pregnantkn 4th child.. sbb xblaja lgk time tu.. makteh dh dpt new baby gurl!! i hv new cousin!

p/s: being a specialist in OnG is my dream in future. insyaAllah. amin.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


bestnyeh match futsal.. lg2 best sbb surabaya won! hahaha... next ader karnival sukan kt jogja! nk pegiiii... hikss.. best sbb konvoi rmai2 g malang .... best dpt jmpe my frenz there.. thanks kak nuzul, bill, zana n d others for tumpang kn us... sukenyeh dpt jmpe alia! (my bestfren).. jmpe lala,dayah, kushalini, zarep n lots more esp kwn2 time premed dl... yippiiiee... around 3pm.. after abes soccer.. trus gerak g coban rondo.. (waterfall) .. trus terjun mandi ! gilerr sejuk hell.. i think less then 10C .. bekuuuuu!! but freshhhh... (surabaya is too damn hot mcm kne panggang dlm oven).. blk g mkn rmai2 kt area coban rondo! sukeeee...(hahah..jadian ngn amer).. funny

p/s : maen2 gak... study kne gempaq.. midterm is around d corner... early nov! diky help me... aahhahha

Saturday, October 18, 2008

crab crossing road~


9pm gathered at gazteng campus A.. nk prepare g malang. convoi 5 kete avanza+APV n boys naek motorcycle.. bestnyeh convoi rmai2..(3hrs journey)

my car - nad, arina, amar, thila, nou,zu n me.. n dolah as driver (tq dolah)

nk update psl futsal..tp nk pics dl fr mirul, amer.. ehhee.. (i cried that morning sbb my stuff terlock dlm k.nuzul's room) mcm xde mood at 1st.. but i think i played well ( ader yg puji) ahha.. bdk2 malang ader ckp i sepak bola kuat.. ( i terdengar ok..they talked to each other).. pura2 xdgrla. haha

nk cite psl crab.. time dh smpai kt bank niaga, malang ..while waiting for d bdk2 malang nk claim us.. tbe2 time nk turun kete..ade 1 big crab.. (menjerit2 tgk..sbb tkt kne sepit) ahahha.. name it as Mr.Crabby.. so mr.crabby nk cross jln..sbb takut dgr d gurls menjerit2 kot..shock! ahahha.. so kami takut dier terlenyek ngn kete tgh laju.. fun+fatehah dgn gagah perkasa.. sepak je that mr.crabby.. ahahhahahaa.... mejerit2 kami tgk!! (gegaye ezy nk sepit gune car key tp xlepas sbb takut) hahha...i suh masukkn mr.crabby dlm air2 lecak for dier nk hidup mkn lumpur (mcm ketam2 kt dlm longkang cmpus A ..esp kt bhgian lab anatomy tu)

itz really funny moment ... mr. crabby brings us luck to malang. when we won futsal gurls 1-0, handball gurls 10-4, soccer boys 8-0! tq .. nnt sye updated blog psl futsal !

Friday, October 17, 2008


time english class, pre-medic kt bandung dl..teringat time public speaking about my topic ~ crush

crush ..meaning jst minat or admire wif someone.. even he/she doesnt knw about it.. (kire mcm everytime he/she lalu dpn kite...or bertembung ke...eyes to eyes ke. we'll rasa excited yg teramat sgt) .. rasa mcm jantung berdebar2 (bkn arithmia ok.. tachycardi plak kang)

when u feel on crush wif some1, it will increase our adrenaline, so itz good for our health bcz ader kajian said it will bcm awet muda for us.. besides, we'll bcm fresh, spirit, smile all d way back home (heheh..mcm org gile plak)..

compare to couple, crush doesnt need any pengorbanan jiwa n raga (meaning no tear drops of blood) .. hiks... more important in crush there's no CLASH/BrEAk OFF/BuRn or what eva la...so mcm happy2 je kn.. no complicated, no worries, studies gempaq je ,,,lgpn no maksiat (xdela merepek2..)

conclusion..bykkn la laa crush on people.. hahaha.. (sbb sye suke this boy tp suke jela..ahahhaahah..)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

mkn rmai2~

alamak sorry lambat post psl blog nih!

arituh burfdy min! so celebrate kt American's grills kt TP. bestttttt.. sbb meriah rmai org! syg kamu minnnnnn!! muahzz.. sye suke adam (pronounce it in english way,,jgn bhs indon nyeh) sbb he's kind..hehehe

p/s: spe2 nk pics meh la ambek kt umah..


today, 15th oct ...

burfdy izni! happy burfdy syg!! .... lambat nyeh izni 22thn!

last practice futsal..(penatnyeh my gastrocnomeus) match on 18th.. oh!! lwn ngn bdk2 uni brawijaya, malang (3hrs journey fr surabaya)

1 team boys (maen soccer), 2 futsal teamsl -gurlz n 2 handball teams-gurlz..

gerak ngn 4 kete.. hope menang! muahz

Monday, October 13, 2008

a woman without a breast~

my frenz, J (he is a boy) .. when he suddenly asked me about what is breast cancer, lumps n others.. i jst wonder y.. (adakah dier ader symptoms? hehhe)

so i jst answered him what i knew fr d notes (mcm student gempaq plak) ..finally he said that he knw this woman, age 26 n hving those symptoms. from our conversation, that woman, S is hving a few fibroadenoma ( mixed tumor that usually at reproductive years) on her breast. when i figured out that S really wants to lose her weight till she drinks jamu (i dont knw d composition of d jamu but she said she hd leucorrhea after consumed it). i advised her to stop n meet any OnG specialist.

J : i really concern about S

Me: i know u like her.

J: i want to have a wife wif no breast ... rather then a dead wife wif a breast.

Me : wow.. future loyal husband. hahahha

J: breast is not important. it cant accompany me till death. only wife can do that.

to J, i know that u're love is too high as a mountain..i jst wish that u'll get a healthy wife in future. yet 22 is too young huh?

to S, dont afraid of any obstacle in front of u. Allah knws what best in our life.tc

p/s: dont consumed any jamu that u're not really sure d side effects ( sbb kt pathologi anatomy ader patient kne breast ca sbb ambek jamu nk dptkn baby.) 1 of my closed ppl kne benign mature cystic teratoma sbb ambek jamu kurus. dh operate n she's fine now. be healthy. maen futsal lgk bagus!!! syglah nyawa anda~

Sunday, October 12, 2008

new bicycle~


happy!!! saturday, 11oct..

i jst get my new bike bicycle !

thanks diky for accompanied me to area pasar turi.. (sian dier tanyer2 bpk beca mane toko sepeda)

thanks along for d money! u r d best brother! syggggg along!

Rp 435,000


Wednesday, October 8, 2008


after blk raya.. trus turun practice futsal at parking fkg. rmaila turun maen..interesting.
frenly match wif msian students at unibraw, malang on 18th oct. ader hand ball too but i'm on really into it. prefer futsal. hoping for winning!!!! cheer for tempe penyekkkkk!! (haha ..buruk btol name team).. since my cat named kaka was lost.. so my jersey no is 22, intan... so past nyeh 10, frenny.

p/s : sok ader pretest pharmaco ader hati lgk tu nk update blog! insaffff

hari raya08

sedara mara kt Grik


raya thn nih xmeriah sgt! but i still really njoy it! went back to subang lpk ngn munchers. tdo umah izni.

blk kk..nothing much.sume last min preparation. beli kue raya last min. went out wif alaud. tp best g bazar!

blk kg, grik, mama's side.. mmg njoy dpt jmpe rmai relatives since whole fmly blk kg! pegi solat raya, ziarah kubur arwah tok che, blk2 penat tdo...zzz...bgn2 sume slng menyalahkn coz xpergi beraya! ahahah.. mlm pedal mkn laksa ..(kak yong 4pinggan skali gus!)..mmg puas! sukenyeh baby mia (she likes to sing..my eyes cantik..my nose cantik!) hahhhaha.. suke baby mia! i called her anak burung..byk berckp! cit cit cit..

mkn ketupat,lemang, sup tulang yg dh abes bfr raya lgk!, rendang n kueh mueh mmg byk xtermakan! xkisah dh bab diet2 nih! pedeeiii gii.. lantok lee. ptg 2nd raya cousins sume g mandi sg! grik ader sg yg virgin lgk! pakcu rajen bwk bdk2 g playground n mandi sg! (teringat dl pakcu aja kami memancing!bkn gune joran..gne buluh je.umpan tepung, intan dpt sekor ikan yg kecik tp melompat nk rakkkkk...happy gegaye 1st time! ikan kecik sgt xleh nk bakar pun..lepas laa blk) baby fish,,baby neemo

blk alor star jmpe tok. best dpt jmpe asu, ateh n others.. jmpe blk cousin2 yg dl2 kecik..now sume dh besar2 !! ish2..mcm anak gajah dah.. dl meleleh2 air luir..lemuihhh...berlumut2 dagu tu.. hahahaha... asu baek ksk byk sgt kerepek! yahoo..tq tok ksk yasin n doa (tp tertgl kt dlm kete plak.) adehh.... 4th raya syamsul dtg umah..beraya!

plg best dpt jmpe cicak n longkang@pungguk!!!! tu mmg plggggggggggggggggggggg sporting n syok!! rindu mama and abah!

duet rya dpt dlm rm130+ je! sketttt..... tp alhamdulilah!

journey AS-kk-subang-lcct memenatkn! whole day!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

sahur time wif munchers~

loot+phya+fren>>syg kamu


maple subang

my geng



sahur time!!!

i jst reached msia at 1030pm, 26th sept.. naek bus alone till kl sentral. my bro n syta fetched me..den trus lepak at subang wif phya+loot+izni+afie+chip+veyron+feena... sume kisah2 silam zmn tkc kuar! bergosip2..since afie-sas and chip-gadut.. llaalalalalala...love it!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


model handbeg

wif ezy n me

dinner buka puasa wif dato duta Malaysia di Indonesia..delicious dining

hey.. we r gedix!!! love those pics..

amar said she wanna blaja posing gedik2..ambek les after raya! ahhaha....

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

notty gurl~

fren d dracula girl

devils wif syed n kish, jakarta

i think i'm such a good gurl. i mean in my past life.

when i was i in standard 1. i dont like this gurl. so i asked this boy to kiss her. suddenly he did. and i duhno how. i pushed that gurl n she was bleeding at her forehead. her dad came to my class d next day! but nothing happen. maybe she didnt realized that i pushed her kot.

when i was in kindergarten and primary school.. i lied to my art and music teachers that i draw all of my task by myself. *d drawing homework*... actually mama yg bwt kn!.. so sir n teachers sgt bangga wif me.. and gave me lots of STARS

when i was a kid. i like to play wif toad. keluarkn from longkang wif straw n let they die

when i was in high school, i dont like rules. escape breakfast+dinner+prep+class, fly. lied to save my life was d basic thing. panjat rooftop n water tank. posh said dl i suke jerit2. hahha.. my senior said she hated me time high school (but we r good now). i miss my geng-charlie's angel (beyh,izni and me) *teringat gado ngn beyh n izni. so funny. syg korang!

time assembly - spot check hp. my name was called by discipline teacher, Mr.Lim. mcm2 la drama i lied. sorry cekgu! time form1 , 13yrs old, my name was annouced during dinner time coz of late comer! seniors said izni n me created history coz non of juniors esp F1 was announced for late comers! kene byr fine kt prefect!

i dont like kids. i'll ignored them or cubit or jelirkn lidah. (slowly improving la). when i was 16, i went to mall wif my sister. i duhno y my lil cousin, 5yrs old-syafina wanna followed us. itz normal for kid when they tibe2 meragam n we really dont like it. hahah. (kejam). so she berpusing2, crying nonstop on d floor but we jst ignored her and jst moved out from jusco left her at behind. she cried louder walking alone at behind (kami xhold her hand pn). tibe2, her dad came infront of us..trus kami berpura2 holding her hand and said she wants her mom! (oh so mean)

in childhood suke bergado wif adik n abg. gado manja2.haha

i like to lie. in cool way. but itz not my habit. jst for fun. i lied to syed that his passport was lost.last time at premed, bandung. betapa jahat nya..whole class berkelompot kenekn i balik. syed sye rindu kamu. we hv special names. syed=frodo, fren=only he knws.

when i dont like someone. i'll avoid to close wif that person. but i'm not kind of dendam or bitchy2 slut. (ahaha ayat mirul). i'm kind of forgive n forget. life must goes on. i hv lots of friends who really love me. *terharu*

i like to bergosip n kepoh2 (that what cikin,amar,nad,ida said) but once a person told me that is a secret. i will shup my mouth. good frenz can keep d secret n hold it tightly.

when they called me ******. i jst laughed. ahah

counting days~

today, tuesday, 23rd sept

tues.wed.thurs.great FRIDAY

*obviously cant wait to meet my beloved parents (important VVIP) ..berbuka wif mama and abah, along and adik chik.. terawikh, bake cookies wif cicak.
*cant wait to smell d bazar ramadhan (ida - taufufa, alaud spend me too)
*cant wait to see my new house renovation. proudly renovated by along. (ala2 casa impian wif complete ikea furniture )
*cant wait to hug my little twin sister n big along
*cant wait bergosip (nih plg syok) wif izni lopez, phya, aneem and loot.. wif ina,leila
*cant wait to meet my frenz yg tergedik2 nk meet me since i'm too hot after kuar utusan.hahaha

*blk kampung! hohoho blk kg..hati gumbira! blk alor star or grik? xleh maen mercun dh nyerk?? jmpe nenek2 n sedara mara tercintan.. dpt duet raya! pkai bj baru! sukkkkeeeee sgt2...

sye xnak belajar. sye nk bermain2 je.sbb doctor PA sgt kind-hearted coz midsem xam postpond!!! from 7 and 8oct to NOVEMBER! muahsss dosen ku syg! *diky said "ayo intan,harus PA nya A ya" amin.. syg diky gak! ehhehe.. scandel

Friday, September 19, 2008

berbuka bareng2~

beramai2 di penang vill

bersama nad yg ku sayangi..

puasa this year..mcm meriah.. hangout wif frenz n berbuka rmai2.. thanks yg suke belanja sye~sye hug kalian mcm teady bear kt room sye~

izzi at TP wif syikin lang (damn kenyang sgt..buy 1 free 1..so each of us ate 2meals)

penang village wif my batch06 (terselit nad 05 n aki 07) haha... rmai dtg..best..meriah!!

rice bowl at delta wif nad, abg ishak, amar,dolah,zu,nou, mirul.. tq nou spent us ... muax

ampel g wif nou n aimi ..shopping sakan for my family (bj koko 4 along, kebaya for sedara mara)+frenz yg tergedik2 nk claim souvenirs ..mkn nasi kebuli ayam n gule kambeng.. *awak,, sorry xleh ikut us.. nnt org bising awk join sye..tp sye dh tapaukn rite :) *

smlm 3 event .. bkk puasa bareng whole batch fk 06 (but i'm not going coz chox - bali frenz ..sicked..meaning no transport) den kak nuzul (frenz br brawi,malang) clled me ajak bkk pose wif her fmly ..and amar msg me ajak g bkk kt solaria, delta... last2 i end up wif jmpe kak nuzul..since she's nice to me..n lame xjmpe.... her family spent me kt penang vill, TP
(mkn ns lemak+teh tarik yg mahal)

dr chairol, dosen histo
gave me ole2 keropok manis2... for goreng.. nice dosen... n ajak me berbuka at his house... hip hip hooreeyyy...*tos sket*

arituh berbuka kt rumah boys.. mirul ame apan dolah mael aiman ... terharu aiman syg popeye yg i ksk present for his brfday.. (i nk curik bwk blk pinjam 1week..dier xkasik! so sorok kotak rokok marlboro dier..die dpt trace..cet)

wa... i'm so lucky.. rmai yg bermurah hati di bln ramadhan ni..yeah...pahalaaaaaa byk tu...berat bahu kanan nih...muahxxx... jom g ronggeng2 lgk...i think i'm good enoff coz time 1st yr..bln pose g karoks mlm2...nw dh insaf!! trawikh plak... hihihihihih

Wednesday, September 17, 2008



last sunday, mirul's mom clled him.. said that my pic that i sent to salam perantauan released in utusan newspaper 14/9..! i'm so happy of it ... (since every yr i sent,,non keluar nwsppr...only online utusan).. http://www.utusan.com.my/utusan/special.asp?pr=salam_perantauan2008&pub=salam_perantauan2008&y=2008&dt=0905&sec=Album&pg=intanfarhanauniarilanggasurabaya.html

i was jumping*jumping*jumping jst like a little frog.. i was wonder y non of my family text to me.. they dont knw about it yet?

clled along.. ngn suara mamai2 dier.."ye along dh tau"

"tgk utusan today, pic family keluar utusan nwzppr!" text to all my relatives

replied by adik chik " tau dh.. along kecoh 1KK msg dier ckp die kuar paper..famous hell.xlarat~"

replied by kak yong "a'ah mama already keep that piece in album. along said he's famous like top artist"

replied by makteh "makteh xsmpt nk tgk,along ader ckp. sok nk pinjam paper kwn"

replied by maksu"kecoh sedara mama bgtau kt mama kuar utusan whole family"

mom n dad clled me ...org petropam ckp -"uncle msk utusan nyerk?"- sedara mama "che an msk utusan whole fmly"

woowwww.... itz only salam perantauan.. yet hello i'm going back to malaysia pun..wont celebrate at here.. 1st yr dl yes..cried nonstop! but it shows that how happy my family when they knw their pic in utusan slm perantauan. i'm excited when they really happy even itz only jst a piece of cake.. jst like pooodaahhh ... nothing much! gampang2 amat! ...

no matter what, i jst cnt wait to go back home this 26th,, cant wait to smell the bazar ramadhan,, cant wait to hug my family n kiss them,, cant wait to berjoli2 shppng wif stylo sista+izni+phya+loot n others,, yeah cant wait to meet him.. pakai bj kebaya melaram2 wif sporting cousins n unties...dpt duet berlimpah2..

Monday, September 15, 2008

i lost my PinKKy bicycle~

my pink bicycle lost in campus today, 15sept
i just cycled to campus as usual every in d morning,, den parked it at dpn IKM.. yet LOCK it!

so after tramed wanna go back home.. nothing, vanished, disappeared.. it wasnt there!!.. where's my piNNky bike..waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... i cried, speechless,,, dohno what else to do.. when kak niza, thila, nou, zu, aiman, aimi tried to comfort me.. cried in campus n galaxy mall.. but even i cried till whole surabaya flood.. nothing much i can do.. i only can pray to Allah, hoping the thief get d lesson.. i'll halal it if u wanna my bike to feed ur children or in good ways.. (tp bln ramadhan pn nk mencuri gk ke).. or i wont pray u will tabrak wif lorry or others..i believe it just not my rezeki.. i'm sure Allah still loves me n lots more waiting me in front..insyaAllah.

so sweet when i told to my sister and brother...they really understand my situation.. they shocked too.. coz that bicycle was a gift from dad+along during my family vacation to surabaya. (i really appreciate what eva ppl gv it to me) ... yeah even itz not a car,,only a bike! i really love it.. coz itz PINK

thanks along. he's d greatest bro i've ever had... i told him tonite.. he trus bank in rm150 (online maybank2u) for me to buy a new bike..i'm sure no other brother so kindhearted jst like what u did.. " dah intan, kamu jangan nangis" .. so terharu! love u n adik chik!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Pendatang Indonesia penjenayah paling ramai ~

Pendatang Indonesia penjenayah paling ramai

Copyright from Utusan Online, 11sept08

KUALA LUMPUR 11 Sept. - Pendatang Indonesia merupakan rakyat asing yang paling banyak terlibat dalam kes jenayah di negara ini pada tahun lalu dan kebelakangan ini.

Pengarah Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah (JSJ) Bukit Aman, Datuk Mohd. Bakri Mohd. Zinin berkata, statistik polis mendapati pada tahun 2007, 1,984 pendatang Indonesia terlibat dalam keseluruhan kes jenayah yang dilaporkan di negara ini.

Menurutnya, daripada jumlah itu, 61 orang warga Indonesia terlibat dalam kes pecah rumah pada 2006 dan ia meningkat kepada 134 orang bagi tahun 2007.

"Polis memandang serius penglibatan warga asing termasuk rakyat Indonesia dalam kes-kes jenayah di negara ini.

"Kita tidak akan berkompromi dengan mana-mana warga asing yang terbabit dalam kes jenayah tanpa mengira negara asal mereka," katanya.

Menurut Mohd. Bakri, warga Filipina pula kedua paling ramai terlibat dalam kes jenayah pecah rumah iaitu 30 orang pada 2006 dan meningkat mendadak kepada kepada 121 orang pada 2007.

"Perlu diingat, penjenayah warga asing sekarang tidak sama seperti penjenayah dahulu, mereka juga semakin berani dan agresif melakukan sesuatu aktiviti jenayah.

"Malah dalam sesetengah kes, mereka bukan saja bersenjatakan parang atau pisau tetapi turut memiliki senjata api... mereka semakin berbahaya," jelasnya.

Mengikut statistik Bukit Aman, kadar jenayah pecah rumah meningkat 4,727 kes kepada 33,599 kes pada 2007 berbanding 28,872 kes pada 2006.

Selangor mencatatkan jumlah kes pecah rumah paling tinggi pada tahun 2006 dan 2007 iaitu daripada 6,769 kes meningkat kepada 8,798 kes.

Pada 2006, Johor pada kedudukan kedua dengan 3,461 kes dan jumlahnya menurun kepada 3,205 pada tahun lalu manakala Kuala Lumpur mencatat 3,335 kes pada 2006 dan naik kepada 3,846 kes pada 2007.

Sementara itu, Mohd. Bakri menegaskan, pihak polis sedang menggiatkan usaha untuk membanteras jenayah pecah rumah terutama yang melibatkan warga asing di negara ini.

"Kita akan terus menerus membanteras kegiatan pecah rumah yang melibatkan warga asing.

"Kita juga akan bekerjasama dengan Interpol untuk mengesan penjenayah terbabit yang melarikan diri ke luar negara," ujarnya.

P/S: moral of d value, dtgla dgn illegal and in good aim.. work in Halal way.. then balik Indon hidup mewah..jgn stay lame2 n bermastautin n beranak pinak jd kerakyatan Malaysia ...or if u guys wanna d other sides...plz go back to ur own country..work in Indon la nyerk... Merdeka Malaysia! (semangat btol).. hati2 sume blk raya nih.. lock ur house n psg alarm.. scary huh~


today 12 sept..

class pagi terPONTENG coz wake up late.. hehe..

so msk time 2nd class.. bestla today blaja,,tramed-ketrampilan medic.. or osce..

psl urinary catheterization, infuse and ambek darah veins and psl injection intramuscular.

tp time tnjk video nk psng urinary catheter... i mean nk psg kn kt patient nyeh penis.. n time video tu pnjk part nk mskkn anastesi 2% lidocain+jelly.. those boys menjerit2 (konon2 saket,,,terasa snd kot) ... ahaha... tp tgk ngeri la.. after that nk mskkn tube catheter tu kt penis (urethra)... again d boys menjerit2.. ( i cant imagine it) hahahaha.... ngilu kot...

sem5 byk tramed.. lastweek learnt about history taking kt pregnancy woman.. kecoh je yoga, amri, apan and diaz.. " intan bumil" damn u guys... ahahah.... but i jst njoy it... (lab PA, pharmaco wif them again) adoiiiiii..... (hanya kami2 mengerti permasalahan ini)

p/s: rajen2 laa blaja..dont b lazy gurl..

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

daddy~syg abah

lovely parents

1 happy family

happy birthday abah,

selamat ulang tahun ayah ku tersayang..

i know that he wont read my blog (unless along or cicak nk showkn to him)

Zainudin Hj Othman, he was born in Langgaq, Alor Star, Kedah on 11 Sept 1955 (11 sept tuhhh..)

graduated fr UKM degree in sc politic.. married wif hjh Norihan bt Jaafar when he worked as ADO-ast district officer at Grik ( mama was d beautiful gurl in her village that time.. yeah till now u r still beautiful mama.. ) since my mom hv Siamese royal blood while dad's side Chinese+Java (sebab tu anak2 ensem,cantik n rajen2.. hiks)

so rite now my dad already 53 yrs old... working at Penjara Tapah as director in that department ..bfr my dad retired.. InsyaAllah .. i'm already a doctor,,adik chik already a lawyer, along as successful businessman or offshore huh? abah gonna proud of me..hving me as ur little princess.. i wont make u cry because of my failure.. but bcz of my successful achievement..since mama and abah hd taught me lots about life.. hd take care n grows along, adik chik and me till we bcm good children... we love u dad ...mama..

dedicated this~

u always there for us..
when i need a father's love
u always lead us to the right pathway of life,
u r d leader of d family,
u read azan at our ears as once we open eyes to know this world,
u teach us how to stand up wif our own feet,
u protect us and give us a warm shelter,
u wont let a bug bites us when we're sleeping..

nothing much we as ur children can pay back those kindness,
money doesnt means anything,
nothing can describe how we love u..
even as high as mountain..
as flow as Nil river..

we as ur children,
along, adik intan and adik chik..
always pray for ur healthy,
pray that u always happy in your life just like d first time u dated wif mama,
thanks for being a good listener for us,
thanks for d money that u hd gv us luxurious,
thanks for always gv ur shoulder when we're crying,
thanks for being d coolest, greatest, and understanding father for us
thanks for ur support and ur workhard to tc of mama!

no1 can replace u as our father!