Sunday, September 28, 2008

sahur time wif munchers~

loot+phya+fren>>syg kamu


maple subang

my geng



sahur time!!!

i jst reached msia at 1030pm, 26th sept.. naek bus alone till kl sentral. my bro n syta fetched me..den trus lepak at subang wif phya+loot+izni+afie+chip+veyron+feena... sume kisah2 silam zmn tkc kuar! bergosip2..since afie-sas and chip-gadut.. it!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


model handbeg

wif ezy n me

dinner buka puasa wif dato duta Malaysia di Indonesia..delicious dining

hey.. we r gedix!!! love those pics..

amar said she wanna blaja posing gedik2..ambek les after raya! ahhaha....

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

notty gurl~

fren d dracula girl

devils wif syed n kish, jakarta

i think i'm such a good gurl. i mean in my past life.

when i was i in standard 1. i dont like this gurl. so i asked this boy to kiss her. suddenly he did. and i duhno how. i pushed that gurl n she was bleeding at her forehead. her dad came to my class d next day! but nothing happen. maybe she didnt realized that i pushed her kot.

when i was in kindergarten and primary school.. i lied to my art and music teachers that i draw all of my task by myself. *d drawing homework*... actually mama yg bwt kn!.. so sir n teachers sgt bangga wif me.. and gave me lots of STARS

when i was a kid. i like to play wif toad. keluarkn from longkang wif straw n let they die

when i was in high school, i dont like rules. escape breakfast+dinner+prep+class, fly. lied to save my life was d basic thing. panjat rooftop n water tank. posh said dl i suke jerit2. hahha.. my senior said she hated me time high school (but we r good now). i miss my geng-charlie's angel (beyh,izni and me) *teringat gado ngn beyh n izni. so funny. syg korang!

time assembly - spot check hp. my name was called by discipline teacher, Mr.Lim. mcm2 la drama i lied. sorry cekgu! time form1 , 13yrs old, my name was annouced during dinner time coz of late comer! seniors said izni n me created history coz non of juniors esp F1 was announced for late comers! kene byr fine kt prefect!

i dont like kids. i'll ignored them or cubit or jelirkn lidah. (slowly improving la). when i was 16, i went to mall wif my sister. i duhno y my lil cousin, 5yrs old-syafina wanna followed us. itz normal for kid when they tibe2 meragam n we really dont like it. hahah. (kejam). so she berpusing2, crying nonstop on d floor but we jst ignored her and jst moved out from jusco left her at behind. she cried louder walking alone at behind (kami xhold her hand pn). tibe2, her dad came infront of us..trus kami berpura2 holding her hand and said she wants her mom! (oh so mean)

in childhood suke bergado wif adik n abg. gado manja2.haha

i like to lie. in cool way. but itz not my habit. jst for fun. i lied to syed that his passport was lost.last time at premed, bandung. betapa jahat nya..whole class berkelompot kenekn i balik. syed sye rindu kamu. we hv special names. syed=frodo, fren=only he knws.

when i dont like someone. i'll avoid to close wif that person. but i'm not kind of dendam or bitchy2 slut. (ahaha ayat mirul). i'm kind of forgive n forget. life must goes on. i hv lots of friends who really love me. *terharu*

i like to bergosip n kepoh2 (that what cikin,amar,nad,ida said) but once a person told me that is a secret. i will shup my mouth. good frenz can keep d secret n hold it tightly.

when they called me ******. i jst laughed. ahah

counting days~

today, tuesday, 23rd sept FRIDAY

*obviously cant wait to meet my beloved parents (important VVIP) ..berbuka wif mama and abah, along and adik chik.. terawikh, bake cookies wif cicak.
*cant wait to smell d bazar ramadhan (ida - taufufa, alaud spend me too)
*cant wait to see my new house renovation. proudly renovated by along. (ala2 casa impian wif complete ikea furniture )
*cant wait to hug my little twin sister n big along
*cant wait bergosip (nih plg syok) wif izni lopez, phya, aneem and loot.. wif ina,leila
*cant wait to meet my frenz yg tergedik2 nk meet me since i'm too hot after kuar utusan.hahaha

*blk kampung! hohoho blk kg..hati gumbira! blk alor star or grik? xleh maen mercun dh nyerk?? jmpe nenek2 n sedara mara tercintan.. dpt duet raya! pkai bj baru! sukkkkeeeee sgt2...

sye xnak belajar. sye nk bermain2 je.sbb doctor PA sgt kind-hearted coz midsem xam postpond!!! from 7 and 8oct to NOVEMBER! muahsss dosen ku syg! *diky said "ayo intan,harus PA nya A ya" amin.. syg diky gak! ehhehe.. scandel

Friday, September 19, 2008

berbuka bareng2~

beramai2 di penang vill

bersama nad yg ku sayangi..

puasa this year..mcm meriah.. hangout wif frenz n berbuka rmai2.. thanks yg suke belanja sye~sye hug kalian mcm teady bear kt room sye~

izzi at TP wif syikin lang (damn kenyang 1 free each of us ate 2meals)

penang village wif my batch06 (terselit nad 05 n aki 07) haha... rmai!!

rice bowl at delta wif nad, abg ishak, amar,dolah,zu,nou, mirul.. tq nou spent us ... muax

ampel g wif nou n aimi sakan for my family (bj koko 4 along, kebaya for sedara mara)+frenz yg tergedik2 nk claim souvenirs ..mkn nasi kebuli ayam n gule kambeng.. *awak,, sorry xleh ikut us.. nnt org bising awk join sye dh tapaukn rite :) *

smlm 3 event .. bkk puasa bareng whole batch fk 06 (but i'm not going coz chox - bali frenz ..sicked..meaning no transport) den kak nuzul (frenz br brawi,malang) clled me ajak bkk pose wif her fmly ..and amar msg me ajak g bkk kt solaria, delta... last2 i end up wif jmpe kak nuzul..since she's nice to me..n lame xjmpe.... her family spent me kt penang vill, TP
(mkn ns lemak+teh tarik yg mahal)

dr chairol, dosen histo
gave me ole2 keropok manis2... for goreng.. nice dosen... n ajak me berbuka at his house... hip hip hooreeyyy...*tos sket*

arituh berbuka kt rumah boys.. mirul ame apan dolah mael aiman ... terharu aiman syg popeye yg i ksk present for his brfday.. (i nk curik bwk blk pinjam 1week..dier xkasik! so sorok kotak rokok marlboro dier..die dpt trace..cet)

wa... i'm so lucky.. rmai yg bermurah hati di bln ramadhan ni..yeah...pahalaaaaaa byk tu...berat bahu kanan nih...muahxxx... jom g ronggeng2 lgk...i think i'm good enoff coz time 1st yr..bln pose g karoks mlm2...nw dh insaf!! trawikh plak... hihihihihih

Wednesday, September 17, 2008



last sunday, mirul's mom clled him.. said that my pic that i sent to salam perantauan released in utusan newspaper 14/9..! i'm so happy of it ... (since every yr i sent,,non keluar nwsppr...only online utusan)..

i was jumping*jumping*jumping jst like a little frog.. i was wonder y non of my family text to me.. they dont knw about it yet?

clled along.. ngn suara mamai2 dier.."ye along dh tau"

"tgk utusan today, pic family keluar utusan nwzppr!" text to all my relatives

replied by adik chik " tau dh.. along kecoh 1KK msg dier ckp die kuar paper..famous hell.xlarat~"

replied by kak yong "a'ah mama already keep that piece in album. along said he's famous like top artist"

replied by makteh "makteh xsmpt nk tgk,along ader ckp. sok nk pinjam paper kwn"

replied by maksu"kecoh sedara mama bgtau kt mama kuar utusan whole family"

mom n dad clled me petropam ckp -"uncle msk utusan nyerk?"- sedara mama "che an msk utusan whole fmly"

woowwww.... itz only salam perantauan.. yet hello i'm going back to malaysia pun..wont celebrate at here.. 1st yr dl yes..cried nonstop! but it shows that how happy my family when they knw their pic in utusan slm perantauan. i'm excited when they really happy even itz only jst a piece of cake.. jst like pooodaahhh ... nothing much! gampang2 amat! ...

no matter what, i jst cnt wait to go back home this 26th,, cant wait to smell the bazar ramadhan,, cant wait to hug my family n kiss them,, cant wait to berjoli2 shppng wif stylo sista+izni+phya+loot n others,, yeah cant wait to meet him.. pakai bj kebaya melaram2 wif sporting cousins n unties...dpt duet berlimpah2..

Monday, September 15, 2008

i lost my PinKKy bicycle~

my pink bicycle lost in campus today, 15sept
i just cycled to campus as usual every in d morning,, den parked it at dpn IKM.. yet LOCK it!

so after tramed wanna go back home.. nothing, vanished, disappeared.. it wasnt there!!.. where's my piNNky bike..waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... i cried, speechless,,, dohno what else to do.. when kak niza, thila, nou, zu, aiman, aimi tried to comfort me.. cried in campus n galaxy mall.. but even i cried till whole surabaya flood.. nothing much i can do.. i only can pray to Allah, hoping the thief get d lesson.. i'll halal it if u wanna my bike to feed ur children or in good ways.. (tp bln ramadhan pn nk mencuri gk ke).. or i wont pray u will tabrak wif lorry or others..i believe it just not my rezeki.. i'm sure Allah still loves me n lots more waiting me in front..insyaAllah.

so sweet when i told to my sister and brother...they really understand my situation.. they shocked too.. coz that bicycle was a gift from dad+along during my family vacation to surabaya. (i really appreciate what eva ppl gv it to me) ... yeah even itz not a car,,only a bike! i really love it.. coz itz PINK

thanks along. he's d greatest bro i've ever had... i told him tonite.. he trus bank in rm150 (online maybank2u) for me to buy a new bike..i'm sure no other brother so kindhearted jst like what u did.. " dah intan, kamu jangan nangis" .. so terharu! love u n adik chik!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Pendatang Indonesia penjenayah paling ramai ~

Pendatang Indonesia penjenayah paling ramai

Copyright from Utusan Online, 11sept08

KUALA LUMPUR 11 Sept. - Pendatang Indonesia merupakan rakyat asing yang paling banyak terlibat dalam kes jenayah di negara ini pada tahun lalu dan kebelakangan ini.

Pengarah Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah (JSJ) Bukit Aman, Datuk Mohd. Bakri Mohd. Zinin berkata, statistik polis mendapati pada tahun 2007, 1,984 pendatang Indonesia terlibat dalam keseluruhan kes jenayah yang dilaporkan di negara ini.

Menurutnya, daripada jumlah itu, 61 orang warga Indonesia terlibat dalam kes pecah rumah pada 2006 dan ia meningkat kepada 134 orang bagi tahun 2007.

"Polis memandang serius penglibatan warga asing termasuk rakyat Indonesia dalam kes-kes jenayah di negara ini.

"Kita tidak akan berkompromi dengan mana-mana warga asing yang terbabit dalam kes jenayah tanpa mengira negara asal mereka," katanya.

Menurut Mohd. Bakri, warga Filipina pula kedua paling ramai terlibat dalam kes jenayah pecah rumah iaitu 30 orang pada 2006 dan meningkat mendadak kepada kepada 121 orang pada 2007.

"Perlu diingat, penjenayah warga asing sekarang tidak sama seperti penjenayah dahulu, mereka juga semakin berani dan agresif melakukan sesuatu aktiviti jenayah.

"Malah dalam sesetengah kes, mereka bukan saja bersenjatakan parang atau pisau tetapi turut memiliki senjata api... mereka semakin berbahaya," jelasnya.

Mengikut statistik Bukit Aman, kadar jenayah pecah rumah meningkat 4,727 kes kepada 33,599 kes pada 2007 berbanding 28,872 kes pada 2006.

Selangor mencatatkan jumlah kes pecah rumah paling tinggi pada tahun 2006 dan 2007 iaitu daripada 6,769 kes meningkat kepada 8,798 kes.

Pada 2006, Johor pada kedudukan kedua dengan 3,461 kes dan jumlahnya menurun kepada 3,205 pada tahun lalu manakala Kuala Lumpur mencatat 3,335 kes pada 2006 dan naik kepada 3,846 kes pada 2007.

Sementara itu, Mohd. Bakri menegaskan, pihak polis sedang menggiatkan usaha untuk membanteras jenayah pecah rumah terutama yang melibatkan warga asing di negara ini.

"Kita akan terus menerus membanteras kegiatan pecah rumah yang melibatkan warga asing.

"Kita juga akan bekerjasama dengan Interpol untuk mengesan penjenayah terbabit yang melarikan diri ke luar negara," ujarnya.

P/S: moral of d value, dtgla dgn illegal and in good aim.. work in Halal way.. then balik Indon hidup mewah..jgn stay lame2 n bermastautin n beranak pinak jd kerakyatan Malaysia ...or if u guys wanna d other sides...plz go back to ur own in Indon la nyerk... Merdeka Malaysia! (semangat btol).. hati2 sume blk raya nih.. lock ur house n psg alarm.. scary huh~


today 12 sept..

class pagi terPONTENG coz wake up late.. hehe..

so msk time 2nd class.. bestla today blaja,,tramed-ketrampilan medic.. or osce..

psl urinary catheterization, infuse and ambek darah veins and psl injection intramuscular.

tp time tnjk video nk psng urinary catheter... i mean nk psg kn kt patient nyeh penis.. n time video tu pnjk part nk mskkn anastesi 2% lidocain+jelly.. those boys menjerit2 (konon2 saket,,,terasa snd kot) ... ahaha... tp tgk ngeri la.. after that nk mskkn tube catheter tu kt penis (urethra)... again d boys menjerit2.. ( i cant imagine it) hahahaha.... ngilu kot...

sem5 byk tramed.. lastweek learnt about history taking kt pregnancy woman.. kecoh je yoga, amri, apan and diaz.. " intan bumil" damn u guys... ahahah.... but i jst njoy it... (lab PA, pharmaco wif them again) adoiiiiii..... (hanya kami2 mengerti permasalahan ini)

p/s: rajen2 laa blaja..dont b lazy gurl..

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

daddy~syg abah

lovely parents

1 happy family

happy birthday abah,

selamat ulang tahun ayah ku tersayang..

i know that he wont read my blog (unless along or cicak nk showkn to him)

Zainudin Hj Othman, he was born in Langgaq, Alor Star, Kedah on 11 Sept 1955 (11 sept tuhhh..)

graduated fr UKM degree in sc politic.. married wif hjh Norihan bt Jaafar when he worked as ADO-ast district officer at Grik ( mama was d beautiful gurl in her village that time.. yeah till now u r still beautiful mama.. ) since my mom hv Siamese royal blood while dad's side Chinese+Java (sebab tu anak2 ensem,cantik n rajen2.. hiks)

so rite now my dad already 53 yrs old... working at Penjara Tapah as director in that department ..bfr my dad retired.. InsyaAllah .. i'm already a doctor,,adik chik already a lawyer, along as successful businessman or offshore huh? abah gonna proud of me..hving me as ur little princess.. i wont make u cry because of my failure.. but bcz of my successful achievement..since mama and abah hd taught me lots about life.. hd take care n grows along, adik chik and me till we bcm good children... we love u dad ...mama..

dedicated this~

u always there for us..
when i need a father's love
u always lead us to the right pathway of life,
u r d leader of d family,
u read azan at our ears as once we open eyes to know this world,
u teach us how to stand up wif our own feet,
u protect us and give us a warm shelter,
u wont let a bug bites us when we're sleeping..

nothing much we as ur children can pay back those kindness,
money doesnt means anything,
nothing can describe how we love u..
even as high as mountain..
as flow as Nil river..

we as ur children,
along, adik intan and adik chik..
always pray for ur healthy,
pray that u always happy in your life just like d first time u dated wif mama,
thanks for being a good listener for us,
thanks for d money that u hd gv us luxurious,
thanks for always gv ur shoulder when we're crying,
thanks for being d coolest, greatest, and understanding father for us
thanks for ur support and ur workhard to tc of mama!

no1 can replace u as our father!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

hari2 puasa~

hari2 puasa di bulan puasa..

well i love ramadhan because we can built relationship bwtn muslim. when we go to trawikh prayers, we as muslim united as one.. when ppl said bersedekah di bln ramadhan ... yeah d rich help d poor esp d orphans.. itz really meaningfull as human we stay together n peaceful in this world. no war, green planet!

hari tu bkk puasa wif syikin lang at Izzi, TP.. we ate 2meals each coz buy 1 free 1.. so windows shpping jejln,, g GM mkn kt penang vill (batch 2006).. tp tersesat aki 07 n nad 05 (nvm,, u guys r welcome).. g wapo (sugen..thila's bf spend my geng) - fren,nou,zu,kak niza,wahida n aimi.. tq sugen-thila sweet couple

tp... what eva pn... those cnt delete my memories at bazar ramadhan in malaysia!!! there's no bazar here.. wanna taufufa (ida!!! blanje), ayam percik, laksa penang, kue2, soya cincau,,,,

today, 9sept.. i wake up late coz i cnt sleep well d nite maid came to do her duty as usuall.. then wake me 1st class skip-ikm... d next class PA.. i was late for 40mins.. i jst brought my files ... (so xobvious sgt telat if bwk beg)... class as usuall...blk2 clean my room~tdo~bagun bkk puasa~solat trawikh~study(yeke??)

Friday, September 5, 2008

i lost my KAKA


anyone who saw my little pussy ..named KAKA... she jst lost yesterday 3rd sept after my bro mandikn her.. her address at USJ 11 no 24.. plz send her back.. or roger me..

she's so big n grey furry. she's clever too.. hoping for kaka to return back home.. (p/s: hoping no one kidnaped her n sell her away.. ) kaka is my brother's beloved cat.. yet raya plan bwk Kaka blk kg.. sob3..everyone plz pray for her safety n return bck to her owner... (rasa mcm nk nanges)

i miss u so much Kaka.. balik la.jgn maen jauh2..tkt org jahat tangkap awk..~

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


When i reached 22, friends around me keep asking n telling about marriage. when, how, with who, where all about with a life partner. even my family esp mama n abah allow me to find my life partner starting fr now.. itz not easy as couple. pacaran we can jst easily dump then when i'm bored or he's not my type. but husband? thats y we should think carefully to find our hubby. a guy who can lead us to dunia n akhirat, a guy who can b a soleh husband n also a good father, a guy who can gives us unlimited of loves. when lots my friends told me about what they had done wif their beloved at the young age (girls talk). yeah they regreat for not being virgin or d 1st for their future husband.. i only can gv some advised..because u guys r still my wonderful friends i love u.

Marriage is a one of sunnah Nabi. it can built loves, caring, sharing, united bwtn husband n wife. it also can give us next generation of Muslim.

“Dan diantara tanda-tanda kekuasaanNya ialah Dia menciptakan untukmu isteri-isteri dari jenismu sendiri, supaya kamu cenderung dan merasa tentram bersamanya, dan dijadikanNya diantara kamu rasa kasih sayang. Sesungguhnya pada yang demikian terdapat tanda-tanda (kekuasananNya) bagi kaum yang berfikir”. (QS. Ar-Ruum:30).

Menikah bisa menjadi wajib, sunnah, harsam, makruh atau mubah. Wajib bagiorang yang sudah mampu kawin, nafsunya telah mendesak dan takut terjerumus dalam perzinahan. Sunnah bagi orang yang nafsunya telah mendesak lagi mampu kawin, tetapi masih dapat menahan dirinya dari berbuat zina. Dan menikah baginya lebih utama. Haram bagi seseorang yang tidak mampu memenuhi nafkah batin dan lahirnya kepada isteri dan dpt menahan nafsunya. Makruh bagi mereka yang lemah syahwat, dan mubah bagi yang tidak terdesak oleh alasan-alasan yang mengharamkan, mewajibkan, menyunahkan dan memakruhkan (Sayyid Sabiq, Fiqh Sunnah jilid 7)

Rasulullah SAW memberikan tuntunan kepada kita tentang wanita seperti apa yang harus dipilih:

“Seorang perempuan biasanya dinikahi karena empat perkara: Harta, nasab, kecantikan dan agamanya. Maka utamakan memilih wanita yang beragama, kamu akan merugi (bila tidak memilihnya).” (HR. Bukhari)

To have 4characteristics of woman is hard to find n match. But in ending of hadits, ditekankan agama yang baek. Because, InsyaAllah a solehah woman can be good wife and also a responsible mother to her children. To get a solehah woman in this world is not easy like petik jari because they r not easy to find in Chowkit street walking alone, in night club or in tempat maksiat. Usually we can find them in mosque, musholla, pondok pengajian or ceramah2 agama.

Jodoh pertemuan di tangan Allah. we only can pray to get a soleh husband/ solehah wife for our own bright future. As a human, we know that there's no such a word of couple/pacaran/bf/gf/awek/pakwe in Islam. but why lots of us still love to do the -ve sides. 'jgn menghampiri zina' because Allah knows that when a gurl n a boy stay together alone (even at d 1st place they dont do anything..finally only them can answer it). when we think back dosa pahala, halal haram.. we'll stand back to our own believe. its just that we as human being always forget.. i'm not such a perfect gurl to give my own stand, i'm not even ustazah (kecik2 pnh nk jd ambition nih) to give talks.. but as Muslim, we should share together anything n remind d others. (buhsan laa if nk jadi nakal je..jadila baek kejap).. for me, i still dont hv a bf since when i was 0age till now. i'm not ashamed of it, if they wanna cll me xlaku or what eva( hello i'm still young, marvelous n lots wanna be wif me-malas je nk kecoh2)... i'm finding for a right guy, i think so do the others out there. (cess..mcm ayat2 cinta -fahri laa plak)

Monday, September 1, 2008


Assalamualaikum my fellow friends. i'm intan farhana would like to wish to all Muslim happy eid Ramadhan.Forgive for all my sins as human being, not perfect as Prophet Mohammad. May we become successful youth that can defend our Islam and country. Fadhilat bln Ramadhan yg ditunggu-tunggu oleh umat Islam whole world~

* Kemuliaan serta kelebihan Ramadan sabit dengan al-Quran dan hadis Nabi SAW. Sesungguhnya Ramadan telah dipilih oleh Allah sebagai bulan bagi umat Islam melaksanakan ibadat puasa. Firman Allah: Wahai orang yang beriman! Difardukan ke atas kamu puasa (Ramadan). (al-Baqarah: 183)

* Ramadan juga adalah bulan diturunkan al-Quran. Firman Allah: Bulan Ramadan yang diturunkan padanya al-Quran sebagai petunjuk bagi manusia dan keterangan daripada petunjuk dan pembeza. (al-Baqarah: 185)

* Malam al-Qadar juga wujud pada bulan ini sahaja. Dalam bulan ini juga disunatkan kita bersolat Tarawih. Ini kerana pada bulan lain, solat sunat Tarawih tidak disyariatkan.

* Ketika Ramadan juga, pintu syurga dibuka. Sabda Rasulullah SAW: Apabila datang Ramadan, dibuka pintu-pintu syurga. (riwayat Bukhari)

* Bahkan pintu-pintu neraka akan ditutup dan syaitan pula diikat. Sabda Rasulullah SAW: Apabila masuk bulan Ramadan dibuka pintu syurga, ditutup pintu neraka dan dirantai syaitan-syaitan. (riwayat Bukhari)