Tuesday, September 23, 2008

notty gurl~

fren d dracula girl

devils wif syed n kish, jakarta

i think i'm such a good gurl. i mean in my past life.

when i was i in standard 1. i dont like this gurl. so i asked this boy to kiss her. suddenly he did. and i duhno how. i pushed that gurl n she was bleeding at her forehead. her dad came to my class d next day! but nothing happen. maybe she didnt realized that i pushed her kot.

when i was in kindergarten and primary school.. i lied to my art and music teachers that i draw all of my task by myself. *d drawing homework*... actually mama yg bwt kn!.. so sir n teachers sgt bangga wif me.. and gave me lots of STARS

when i was a kid. i like to play wif toad. keluarkn from longkang wif straw n let they die

when i was in high school, i dont like rules. escape breakfast+dinner+prep+class, fly. lied to save my life was d basic thing. panjat rooftop n water tank. posh said dl i suke jerit2. hahha.. my senior said she hated me time high school (but we r good now). i miss my geng-charlie's angel (beyh,izni and me) *teringat gado ngn beyh n izni. so funny. syg korang!

time assembly - spot check hp. my name was called by discipline teacher, Mr.Lim. mcm2 la drama i lied. sorry cekgu! time form1 , 13yrs old, my name was annouced during dinner time coz of late comer! seniors said izni n me created history coz non of juniors esp F1 was announced for late comers! kene byr fine kt prefect!

i dont like kids. i'll ignored them or cubit or jelirkn lidah. (slowly improving la). when i was 16, i went to mall wif my sister. i duhno y my lil cousin, 5yrs old-syafina wanna followed us. itz normal for kid when they tibe2 meragam n we really dont like it. hahah. (kejam). so she berpusing2, crying nonstop on d floor but we jst ignored her and jst moved out from jusco left her at behind. she cried louder walking alone at behind (kami xhold her hand pn). tibe2, her dad came infront of us..trus kami berpura2 holding her hand and said she wants her mom! (oh so mean)

in childhood suke bergado wif adik n abg. gado manja2.haha

i like to lie. in cool way. but itz not my habit. jst for fun. i lied to syed that his passport was lost.last time at premed, bandung. betapa jahat nya..whole class berkelompot kenekn i balik. syed sye rindu kamu. we hv special names. syed=frodo, fren=only he knws.

when i dont like someone. i'll avoid to close wif that person. but i'm not kind of dendam or bitchy2 slut. (ahaha ayat mirul). i'm kind of forgive n forget. life must goes on. i hv lots of friends who really love me. *terharu*

i like to bergosip n kepoh2 (that what cikin,amar,nad,ida said) but once a person told me that is a secret. i will shup my mouth. good frenz can keep d secret n hold it tightly.

when they called me ******. i jst laughed. ahah


nadhirah mohd shakri said...

hahahha..lawak gell!!
fren kejam!!!mcm tak caye je =p

fren mmg boleh dipercayai..cyg fren!tu yg nad asyik curhat je..hehe..cowii..

nway,fren dating ek aritu!?oooo....cmni la..dating senyap2 =p

freNNy said...


tau x..org mcm xpercaya skrng fren dh mcm berubah sgt2 laa.... dl sgt2 nakal..now macm ladylike.. (nih statement yg tidak direka2...)-bdk2 tkc yg knal me dl told me... ahahahha...

eh dating??? nad suke fitnat..mene de fren dating2 nih..... org je suke berdating ngn fren sbb fren hot..hahahaha...nad...shuuuuttttt.t..... hahah muahsss


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freNNy said...


who r u?? thanks for d invitation..not in msia anyway..hv fun u guys

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

this is so0o0o you!
setan tol..
bout d tipu part..u mmg
innocent je tpu..
benci2...i slalu kne tpu ngan u!

hidup fren
lawak la you ni!

freNNy said...


i mmg pakar bab2 menipu..tp i rasa my systa menipu lagek pakar!! specialist lgk tau!! abg i same je! bab kelentong no1.tu ssh nk percaya dieroang..

eh syg.. i kiss u.muahs.syg lang!