Friday, June 27, 2008





When i was's frenz gv us 2 lil cute kittens... so mama named them ROnALDO (bcs he can play ball like real Ronaldo)... and AmOi (he's a boy) .. their age around 7yrs old..their food ~ sciences diet.. kuceng parsi gangster coz mane2 kucing lalu area umah..sume berkelahi.. thatz my boys!! mom's fav pets.. jarang gell mandi kn coz suke cakar2.. hehhe toxoplasma gondii, mites-ordo Acarina (parasite mostly in cats that can infected human) 2 of them already hv kucing putih!!

Along also hv a bro named her KAKA .. ahhaha.. but itz really suit wif her..yet she's smart..she knws when we call her.She climbs on d car's roof every time my bro comes bck home.she gets into the car and check either there's drug (chewah mcm anjing police) ahahha.. kaka already has a bf..stray parsians..kaka nih gangster yg comel n berbulu lebat..wif d other cats area umah usj11 dier nk ajak bertumbuk.. (along aja nih)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

famILy VaCaTioN

frOzEn Larva

sTYLo 60an~ inDie

BBQ~ marinated by AlOnG

Cun ViEw PenAnJaKan BroMo~vOLcAnO

PenDeKaR BjNg LaPoK

3400+ feet

PenanJakan Mount BroMo

coban RondO, batU MaLAng


.. whole family 4 d 1st time visiting me..heaven!! we went to batu-coban rondo, strwbry n apple park, tmn bunga selekta.. overnite at bromo.. hiking mount bromo, savana n pasir berbisik..g tmn safari indonesia.. best2..seriously~

shpng n berjoli2 wif my bro n sys.. minum2 juice n mkn food yg lazat2..tq dad.. i hv new clr..hehe..tq dad n along... tq along 4 d brfdy present.. jeans esprit..tq chik 4 d dorothy perkins jeans as brfdy gift too..tq mama 4 d lovely u all..byk gell they shpng.. along said zara jeans snih murah fr msia.. currency kot.. chik also get present fr along~jeans esprit.. byk gell longkang borong Amild nyeh tshirt smate2 4 souvenirs kt frenz.. huhuh..cicak loves jco.. last nite we had bbq..farewell party 4 my family.. rmai frenz r invited.. huhuh..

so sweet when i saw mama smiled n epy.. suprise advanced brfdy party 4 mama.. kt solaria.. small cake frm ur son n daughters.. holland bakery~

hoping that we stay united n happy family 4eva them all.. i always pray 4 ur healthy.. tq mom dad... along n adek chik.. come ere again.. wif open arms n warm hug i welcome u guys.. muax