Sunday, August 31, 2008

sye terharu..sob3

ida syg ku~

award famous artists~

i knw that i'm too famous to be known...n my frenz who really appreciate frenship ... ( i duhno y they really like to be my frenz,, hahah giler prasan)

yeah.... i would like to thanks to ida (khalida salleh)...since she post about me~ that so touching u knw... we knew each other time mtrx perak - same tutorial. she love pink so do freNNy, so we bought a nice white-pink sweater together.. thats d best memory. she said that i like to conteng2 dinding (vandalisme) ... ahahah... panjat rooftop.. lepak2..bergosip if mlm2 xleh study/tdo. she's my bestbuddy to play skating kt pyramid. ida !!! dtg surabaya!!! rite now she's studing master, uitm yet her age jst 21.. (i'm proud of u darling) nih dh puji cpt blaje skate!!

amar amirah... she wrote about me in her blog,,,, yeah2... sye TERhaRU mendapat award.... i'm d source of wild gossips fr all around d world... ahahahahha (sye mmg kuat bergosip-reality)... even i'm trying to deny it.. sye bersih putih virgin tanpa noda bergosips jst like parIS HiLtoN~ ahahha...what eva pn.... amar u r d most cutest pet that i silap2 pet plak.... bestfrenz! ahahaha..... we love pink too... bersenang2 wif her... hangout in surabaya yg membuhsan kn! jom g bali! berendek..!!!

to those who really appreciate me as ur frenz... that's really touching... honestly... i love my frenz till death..(i cant stand alone in this world without holding ur hands to help me in every seconds)... 

p/s : dedicated to syikin lang (suke bergosip ngn awk), nadhirah (tq being gud mentor), arina(sll tlg fren esp time ospek06), anis(motherly laa die nih), aliya(matured suke bce komik), acap (suke dgr acap maen guita 4 me), min, add, sya, bla2....penat nk type... muahzzz

Thursday, August 28, 2008

toothbrush made in malaysia~

urpp?? a toothbrush?

i jst bought it when my name 2hrs in waiting list for facial at Erha specialist skin center (promoted by qistina). oh yeah.. i bought it at a nearby market (it jst not like a market in msia, simply like branch market in Galaxy)... those imported stuff u can get it jst by clapping ur palma~totally expensive for me since i'm a 'poor student' (cant say it might be come true)

i jst grab 1 orange n yellow toothbrush (at toiletries side).. even it took about 10mins for me to decide my celebrum .. i'm jst happy coz i hv my new own sikat gigi, berus gigi or anything ppl clled it as long as it can brush away d food stain on d teeth to make it clean n shining (mcm iklan colgate)..

blurp2.. it cost 13thousandSs+ rupiah? oh damn.. i thought 4-6k only.. ( plg bengang coz made in malaysia) bukan xnk support brg buatan msia. it jst that i can get better price at my own land !! arghh..cap dier xleh ttp btol2 ..

blk2 rumah trus ngadu kt aimi (my hsmate tercintan coz sll dgr fren mengadu mcm2) lalalalala...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

ricky rubio~

Position Point Guard
Height 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)
Weight 180 lb (82 kg)
League Spanish League
Team Joventut Badalona
Born October 21, 1990 (age 17)
El Masnou, Catalonia, Spain
Nationality Spain
Draft Ineligible until the 2009 NBA Draft
Pro career 2005–present
Awards 2006 FIBA Europe Under-16 Championship MVP

Ricard "Ricky" Rubio Vives (born October 21, 1990 in El Masnou, Barcelona) is a Spanish professional basketball player. Considered a child prodigy in basketball, Rubio became the youngest player ever to play in the Spanish ACB League, considered by some to be the top domestic league in Europe. when i saw he was playing for Spain in Olympic 08.. vs US i was attracted  to him. since he's d youngest, the cutest and petite among d other players. 

Saturday, August 23, 2008


jogja trip

my lesbian partner~

spe laa xknal loot.. d famous gurl in jogja... merebak smpai ke surabaya... ahahahah she has lots of frenz n enemy(xderla)..ahahhaha...n also admires too...

since we knw each other since 1999  so like we r so closed in everything. time f1 dl.. we were not in same class or house.. (lgpn dier tidakla sefamous sye) ahaha..she;s kind of good gurl zmn skolah..i think xpnh bwt pasal ngn teachers, seniors or juniors.. (loot ..ko pnh ke lecture juniors?)..

tp time f4..we were in 4C (konon2 class IT) start from there..kami sgt berbahagia bersme2... time f5.. same block (coz fren stayed at AR1 which is in yellow hs, block A) ... dl kt dinning hall sll laa merayap2 g tempat dier (dl kt dinning hall for breakfast+dinner dh fixed table for each students)

matrix perak kami bersame2..berjoli bersuka ria bershopping bergosip adalah lumrah alam kami.. (ingat lgk ko ajak aku freehair) ahhahah,,, 

skalik we fly in same country which is indonesia.. even diff state..(mine surabaya..loot jogja).. skalik lagek bersuka ria berjoli2 ...we went to bandung together..(oppss.. fren muntah dlm bus- motion.."bergosip smpai muntah" ) ahahahah... kami berlepak2 di jogja... berlepak2 hiking mount bromo n bermandi2 snorkling (holding hands together..sweetnyeh) di pantai pasir puteh..

we shared lots of secrets.... sweet n bad memories.. kenangan2 terindah bersama loot.. haahaha... blk msia pn melepak2 wif her gak.. aiyookk... her frenz r my fren.. so like my frenz r her frenz too.. mcm tu laa connection dier.. click kuat..

syg,, nih ths yr is ur final yr....jom g BALI !!!! muah2.. syg kamu laaa sgt2...hug+kissess

waaa/// plg xleh lupe.... twister kt jogja...(berlari2 menyelamatkn diri ngn loot,siti, n kish) ...alhamdulilah slmat..(sempat lgk snap pic twister..)

Friday, August 22, 2008


shopping+late nite movie~pyramid

mon petite amie..


i knew her since we were in form 1 in TKC. ( so like since our age around 12-13 yrs old).. we used to be bedmate in blue house.(alamak lupe nama dorm)

she was crazy in everything.. trouble maker.. (including to seniors+teachers).. sian pn. nora kene jage time 1C ..(d most 'crime scene' that we cant forget were when we escaped evening prep- kene marah ngn seniors, and time late comer for dinner-hahah.. f1 tuh!!kene annouced whole dinning hall) ... ppl said fren time f1 nk lari fr tkc psl panjat lori ayam, panjat paga laa.. (ish2..fitnah2) ..lalalla

i love her so much.. since we r neighbor in Subang (mine usj11, she's in ss14).. so like everytime blk msia..wajib meet her (our family r closed too-scandel beron ngn qis laa..widad laa..)hahha

she's brilliant.. JPA scholar to US.. (d 1st gurl in my batch -muncher9903) fly to overc.. fuh gempaq..
oh yahhh ,,teringat time temankn izni saket kt SJMC.. we shared d bed together..

bestla maen futsal sme2.. bergosip+mengilai wif loot n u(yeah2 till u patahkn my bed) damn..

sye syg kamu~

Sunday, August 17, 2008

i not need award-coz i'm already famous

hehe.. and now the nex winner for best kreativ blogger is...
1. fren
congrats fren.
i calonkn u sorank, u'v won! u'v won!
Here's the rule:
It has been done according to the following rules:
1. The winner may put the logo on her blog.
2. Put a link to the person you got the award from.
3. Nominate 5 blogs.
4. Put links to the blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees

hehehe... so sweet laaaa those words... chykin lang... (i miss bergosip wif u)....hun.. tq 4 d award...

i knw that i'm not such a creative blogger.. but yeah2... i'm sure u want something fr me rite

dear?? ahahaha... ape?? tempe penyek??? riding dh la... eh2 wrong typing..

bicycle riding laaaaa!!! ahahhaa....jom g dugem~ (ur fav place)..

p/s : i still keep ur lil dirty secret.. pssstttt....


Saturday, August 16, 2008


brillante weblog??

hahah.. what so touchy suzi.. (watery eyes).. my dearest mtrx frenz... yah..

nk forward kat spe?? xmau laa forward kt sapa2.. 'jual ikan' hahahhahaha.... alllalalala (i'm crazy tonite coz so damn boring like hell..)

i'm bored~

there's nothing much i can describe this 1 word ~ boring ~

i jst came bck to my 2nd country on monday, 11th aug. purposely to finish my proposal things. yeah.. finally i managed to give myself award.. -insidensi kanker payudara berdasarkn umur di RS. umum dR. soetomo thn 2006. i'm so excited when i get both signatures from my dr pebimbing - dr. tulus (sp in PA) n dr. iwan (surgeon)..

dr iwan told me.. dont take surgeon when i want to continue my specialist.. hehee.. no time for ourself..(that my ambition since i was kid)

i'm so bored...nothing much to do in surabaya.. i hate mall !!! wait..i love shpng.. but that doesnt mean shpng complex is d place for me to spend my whole day! warghhh..

what should i do????? surfing internet??

dating a guy??? no bf no money no talk.. (damn)

sleeping?? i can be sleeping beauty for 100yrs..

reading?? yeah thatz i love too.. (novel, mag )

gossips?? hahhaha... thila is d source...

sports?? zu bunbin..come on!!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


maRry anD YuMMy Mia

dAnnY, MarrY, babY yuMMy

my lovely small little cousins.. i just love playing wif them. they came over fr kuantan n overnite at my house, usj11. so itz pretty fun to hv children in house. noni (my lil cousin fr usj16) joint them to fetch me at jl duta on saturday nite.

seems i've promise them about 'animal riding' so we went to pyramid on sunday,10th aug. i spent them per pride RM3 for 5mins.. danny wif elephant, marry wif (duhno what it color), and babby yummy wif (lupe name dier..dlm cite cartoon).. 2times each. after that maen kude2... n kereta.. (mksu blanje).. i owned marry cd barbie. (wait k marry)

makteh (their mom), she tc 3 of us - my siblings since we were small. she stayed wif us when she was teenager. so like everything she had done for us to help mama. it means that, when we grow up being matured person, we have to remember those people who always around us during our childhood. her kindness cant be reward wif everything. itz really luxurious wif love. my parents always remind us about makteh when we hv built our own carreer and life. thanks makteh. u r my untie that i love most in my life (time kecik2..makteh anggap us as her children and suh kami pgl her mama too)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

hols break~

wif my beloved dr.muazah

wif MA students - bdk2 labor room

sem break 19th july-11th aug.. waa..i ate a lot coz musim buahan2 -love durians, laksa, cendol, rt canai, teh tarik, ns lemak.. lalalalla.. (penat nk type)

g kamal bookstore 3times.. thank along tlg bwkkn n beli kn clinical xmntion. tq add 4 suggestion n tq to samsul temankn crossed d bridge fr hkl.

21th july, i went to follow add (my helpful tkcian frenz) 4th yr uitm..posting forensic kt HKL. so i met few new frenz there,,syaz (sorry 4 d pen), samsul n others. postmortem a Myanmar man who was died on d crime scene bcz of 6times gunshot. dr.Chew who was incharged that time so he asked us to come closer n touch d brain. so i jst did.. those remind me of anatomy 2nd sem. thank dr.suzy (my dosen table prac)

27th july-8th aug, i went to do attachment at hsptl kuala kangsar,perak. since that was d 1st time i do it.. pengarah hsptl,dr.megat kindly intro me to MO, dr.Muazah (it means that i was under her). she's so sweet, soft n mostly i like her when she explain to the patients about their illness clearly. we went to hv lunch together and she invited me to her house-lepak2 time lunch break. we incharged labor room and maternity ward. sometimes i followed her to JPL-jabatan pesakit luar. i learnt alot fr that. d process of labor, physical xmntion of newborn baby, pap smear, ultrasound, physical xmntn - abdomen, cardiovascular and respiratory. thank to dr.andrian n others.

MA students -thanks 4 teaching me lots. Koh, fitri, zackry, tahar n others. itz really fun to knw u guys. tq aja bwt suture.. time kt ANE-accident n emergency. (ikut dr on call till 12nite). best bwt clerk case and discuss case-diagnosed and next treatment.

tq to all staff. to all. muahz. i gain lots of knowledge n experiences. hoping to c u guys again. tq to dr.muazah (wanna be like u)