Sunday, August 10, 2008

hols break~

wif my beloved dr.muazah

wif MA students - bdk2 labor room

sem break 19th july-11th aug.. waa..i ate a lot coz musim buahan2 -love durians, laksa, cendol, rt canai, teh tarik, ns lemak.. lalalalla.. (penat nk type)

g kamal bookstore 3times.. thank along tlg bwkkn n beli kn clinical xmntion. tq add 4 suggestion n tq to samsul temankn crossed d bridge fr hkl.

21th july, i went to follow add (my helpful tkcian frenz) 4th yr uitm..posting forensic kt HKL. so i met few new frenz there,,syaz (sorry 4 d pen), samsul n others. postmortem a Myanmar man who was died on d crime scene bcz of 6times gunshot. dr.Chew who was incharged that time so he asked us to come closer n touch d brain. so i jst did.. those remind me of anatomy 2nd sem. thank dr.suzy (my dosen table prac)

27th july-8th aug, i went to do attachment at hsptl kuala kangsar,perak. since that was d 1st time i do it.. pengarah hsptl,dr.megat kindly intro me to MO, dr.Muazah (it means that i was under her). she's so sweet, soft n mostly i like her when she explain to the patients about their illness clearly. we went to hv lunch together and she invited me to her house-lepak2 time lunch break. we incharged labor room and maternity ward. sometimes i followed her to JPL-jabatan pesakit luar. i learnt alot fr that. d process of labor, physical xmntion of newborn baby, pap smear, ultrasound, physical xmntn - abdomen, cardiovascular and respiratory. thank to dr.andrian n others.

MA students -thanks 4 teaching me lots. Koh, fitri, zackry, tahar n others. itz really fun to knw u guys. tq aja bwt suture.. time kt ANE-accident n emergency. (ikut dr on call till 12nite). best bwt clerk case and discuss case-diagnosed and next treatment.

tq to all staff. to all. muahz. i gain lots of knowledge n experiences. hoping to c u guys again. tq to dr.muazah (wanna be like u)

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