Friday, July 18, 2008

missing my premed life


jambatan cincin

trip to jakarta (at puncak)

i'm going back to lovely homeland where i was born and grows up today., 19th july 2008 . when Indonesians ask me, which place do u prefer or love most? msia or indo.. in front of them i jst agree that staying here also i still can survive and having my sunshine to tend my skin.. but of course it cant be d same where u open ur eyes for the 1st time to see the world after u past through d pathway of birth. thanks to our loving mother.

when i close my eyes and listen to the wind. i cant believe that it's almost 4 yrs i'm in Indonesia. i step my feet in this Republic country around 2005 as premedical student at U.Padjajaran, Bandung. as a new comer, i was shocked to see what happening around me. Reformation is 1 of the common and daily news in here.

i'm having my life as a normal girl. went to campus, studied, playing around, hangout with my boy and girl friends, learning the adaption with the titled of stranger in new cave and went to Paun (pasar unpad) early morning on weekend. i met lovely friends there - nani,alia,coco,kish,syaz,syed,acap and lots more. they said i cried almost every night (problems that not really explained). thanks to those who always there for me to let me land my head on ur shoulder. such a wonderful friend. my lovely 20th burfdy party that i cant delete in my mind. (jahat korang)

i love my studies and the lecturers too so it influenced me to get flying colors. i still remember for the public speaking in English class, i choose titled "CRUSH". positive feedback from my classmate esp Sugen. Furthermore, i hv my own plant - strawberry and pets - fish that kish and me caught fr logi belakang kost. ending-dead.

1 thing that i cant forget is the food. in Bandung, variety of food and they r yummy. around 3am sneak out from Taruna (our kost's name) to have roti panggang at tepi2 jalan with kish and nani. oh, but beware of it. as a new 'tourist', it can caused traveler's diseases ( in microbiology u will found this term). in low economy and pack of population, its easy to spread lots of diseases. 1 of it through drinks and food by unhygienic 'chef'. E. coli, Vibrio cholera, Vibrio parahaemoliticus, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, Shigella, Bacillus cereus and lots more pathogen that can caused food poisoning. 3days in Rumah Sakit bcs i vomited and diarrhea like whole weeks (normal for us). Thanks to coco and kish to accompanied me while i'm sick, thanks to those who hv visited me.

2005-2006, lots of experiences i gain. +ve or -ve things i dont really mind coz i'm jst had my life there. everything seems goes too fast. can i turn back the time for us to have those memories again with my bestest buddies. love u guys till death.

p/s : to those gurlfrenz, b good girls.. b hot, marvelous, young and sexy doctors, dentistry or pharmacy (flirting around is accepted) .. and to those boyfrenz b smart, macho, and kind hearted (congratz to syed + kak haya).

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