Friday, November 20, 2009

ToeFL ~

bila nak dpt marks tinggi for exam English Toefl,
ade org mendesak2..
ade org push2..nak aturkan since bfr start clerkship lgk..sms2.call2
sampai sanggup nk bayarkan exam fees Rp 50k..
sampai sanggup dtg rumah f2f explain kenapa nk seat awal..
sampai rajin ke campus B carik jadual..

tapi saye xready..
sebab die expect saye leh dpt higher marks 500+ *stress nyeh*
i'm not really damn good in vocab, grammar, writing (everything about English)..
i can say that i'm better in conversation or public speaking..(better not expert)
i explained that i'm not ready yet..
wait till finals finish then we can discuss about it n how..
Surgery, obgyn, ENT, ophtal, forensic, anaes, public health r more important to get ready ..

if bawah 500 how? terjun waterfront ke?

p/s : kenapa xnak berusaha dl at least sedikit ? Toefl just syarat umum je..bkn wajib lulus for naik doktor muda .. saye pun xpaham *geleng kepala*

Thursday, November 19, 2009

OpIniOn ~


she's an exchange medical student from Ireland in Universitas Brawijaya, Malang..

i love to share opinion with her..when she said that in her country.. education is free for all citizen..

she told me that she disagreed of private university in a country..for her only government university exist..this is to avoid the rich but uneducated students who want to further studies in higher level using their power, money and back door to get the placing.. but the poor students who cant afford the fees in private uni cannot take the risk. if only government university.. all students no matter rich or poor hv to struggle hard to enter the reality of world ;)
besides, private uni can gv any courses that the rich parents wants their child to be as what (either doctor, businessman, accountant or others) .. not for local uni bcs it based on ur highest marks in entrance examination ..
>> i like her points !

she said different culture btwn Asians n Europeans ..
she was wondering why most of us (i mean Asians) shocked when she said that she traveled alone fr Ireland to Indonesia... (transit a few hrs in Hong Kong)
for Europeans.. there's no different btwn men and women.. a woman can do anything just like a man.
i answered her.. in Asia especially Muslim countries.. a father cares about their daughter's safety.. maybe if i travel alone in Indonesia or at Kuala Lumpur.. it might not be safe for me.. maybe in her country, safety can be secure (exp: lots policeman at the alley to chase the bad ppl ..hehe..)..*now we're hoping for badman, superman, spiderman to help the world of criminal*
furthermore, criminal and sexual abuse towards woman is the main point why we "tie" our ladies esp teenagers or young woman to walk alone esp at night. we watched in TV, a girl 10yrs old died n raped by the guards.. omg... this case really touched our heart and we learn fr it to avoid the same incident happen again..
for Muslim, it is forbidden for a woman to go out from her house without accompany by any of her relative..

she came here to learn about tropical diseases like Malaria, Dengue fever, parasites n others.. (yela kt Europe xde kot cases nih)
in her country, common cases like diabetic, hypertension,obesity (just same like here)
:) :)

she said itz cheap for food and shopping here (Euro---- Rupiah??) bigggg diff !!
i gv her cookies as advance Christmas present :)

vAKsIne H1N1 diToLak?

rakyat British menolak vaccine H1n1 coz takut side effect

1 over 20 pregnancy women is only agree to take the vaccine..

>>> Britain memulakan program suntikan vaksin pada 21 Oktober lalu dengan mengagih dos keluaran GlaxoSmithKline, Pandemrix dan Celvapan keluaran Baxter untuk pesakit hospital yang berisiko tinggi, pekerja kesihatan barisan hadapan, kanak-kanak dalam kumpulan berisiko dijangkiti selesema bermusim, wanita hamil dan mereka yang mempunyai sistem imunisasi lemah

wow.. ok i think my body already has the immunity to against the new pandemic viral..
even itz just like the common flu symptoms.. the viral can spread fast esp to low immune ppl...

p/s: say it virus !

Monday, November 16, 2009

buZZ ~

smlm bengang ngn seseorang nih yg xpaham2 bahasa ...jgn buzz ..jgn lah.. nih mmg nk kne smackdown btoi.. smpai sye logged out coz annoying ...kan dh ckp i was studying that time.... notebook atas meja study jgk....

p/s: kenapa org xpaham bahasa melayu? nk ckp bhse kadazan nyerk?

Saturday, November 14, 2009


sye, mirul, wahida n renukha in 1 group kat Wad Kandungan on last friday..

ibu nurse tu kasik la kitoeang CM -Catatan Medis coz doctor suh blaja case n present nnt for discussion..

after dah penat nk baca tulisan doctor yg buruk n berterabur xpaham tu.. kitoeang pn mintak permission kt nurse tu nk g history taking kt patient...

ibu N, 27 yrs old.. bleeding pervaginaam for 3months.. n on 9/9 pnh keluar sesuatu seperti anggur warna ungu yg banyak (mola hydatidosa)... at 1st she checked B-HCG meningkat n ingatkan she was pregnant.. nyeri abdomen and flour albous +

so bwt kuret, B-HCG sgt2 tinggi 300+ den bwt PA.. diagnosed choriocarsinoma low risk (tumor ganas tp low risk).. so ibu tu tgh on chemotherapy..

she asked me "dok, saya sakit apa nama tumornya?"
me "nama tumor dlm bahasa medis nya choriocarsinoma tapi low risk, bu"
ibu N "apa bisa saya sembuh?"
4 of us senyap for a while.. sedih tgk ibu muda yg berambut panjang ni..muda2 dh kne cancer...
me "insyaAllah bisa bu kalo ibu ikut 3x chemo dan makan obat yg teratur.. ikut arahan dokter nya yaa"

hopefully ibu N slamat jalani kemotx and sel2 cancer mati sume..xdatang again.. aminnn

2012 ~

last Friday, chox text me during clerkship Obgyen... ajak lepak n lunch..

so chox, pina n me went to Galaxy Mall.. skalik nonton 2012 after lunch jmpe Ned, Khotty, Arisia n others rmai lgk laa.... *sume bdk2 batch melepak kt GM*

2012 seats full horror gell....
jln cite xde la best mane pun... coz mcm xlogic pn ader....
just sedih when a father called his son to say last goodbye n apologize ..
sedih... *menangis kjap*

the end of the day...
that's y we're not permanent living on earth.. every sins n goodness are count..lets evaluate ourselves..walking to the right path...

p/s: frenz fr malang n 1 exchange student fr Ireland at my house over the weekend.. g TP n GM ..dieorang shopping gell.... fuh2..

Thursday, November 12, 2009

VT ~

starting 9th nov, dah start clerkship obgyn...

selasa msk kt IRD lt 2, tp time turn kiteorang xsempat plak nk tgk kuret... group dpn je smpt... *kuret coz ibu tu incomplete abortion so nk buang sume if got jaringan janin yg tertinggal dlm uterus*

rabu, kt poli kandungan..
since rmai sgt patients kt poli.. dr. Slamet suh ktioang msk ber2-2.. i msk ngn mirul that time.. patient dtg coz keluhan bleeding dh 3months n terasa bende aneh dlm dlm vagina..
so, dr bwt extraksi biopsi for PA coz patient rujukan fr RS. Propolinggo. muke ibu tu tahan sakit je coz kne gunting sket jaringan yg berdunggul kt dlm vagina. i suspect cancer servix skalik my diagnosed btol since dr pn tules kt catatan medis ca cervix.. *clap2 to myself*
for me i suspect cancer cervix coz age factor.. ibu J aged 53, keluhan bleeding spot dah 3months, susah n nyeri buang air kecil
time bimanual examnination >VT fluxus +,flour -, teraba massa berdungkul clockwise 11-12, potio tertutup licin, CU anteroflexi, adnexa ka/ki normal, CD normal
nxt week ibu J dtg again for control n dpt result PA... hopefully ibu baik2 je n dpt sembuh
case2 lain byk jugak bab flour albus..kt wanita muda *jgn lupe kne tanyer pnh coitus x*

khamis, today kt skills lab gynae...
dr aja byk... best
skalik aja vaginal touche n rectal touche

for me, interesting cases in obgyn... semoga biler dh besar nnt dpt further in O&G ..aminnnnn

Sunday, November 8, 2009

kwN ~

she's my indonesian frenz....we're closed since zmn campus lgk..but sem ni lgk close wif her...

sll every class mesti g makan2 ngn Pina, Meimei, Diar... mkn bubur ayam SMA 5, ade bebeq goreng sdp ngn mee ayam mane tah dieraong bwk...kdg2 g sushi tei, lepak2 kt Sutos, TP, GM..

sll jgak g watch movie wif my indo frenz... esp ngn anak2 Bali..Ugeng, Rama, John n others la.... mmg update laa sume latest movie mesti tgk...

pnh a few times jgk lepak kt umah dier area Galaxy.. family dier baek.. maids die pn baek even tau sye bdk Malaysia *xde la plak nk ksk racun*

for me,
i love my indo frenz..coz they really care about me.... slain Chox, bestfren jgak ngn Diky...die lageklaa sgt2 baik menolong sye in studies n exam...

my dearest bestie
~ Nia

karNivAL suKan @ MaLanG

today i wake up almost at 1pm..
after a tiring day at Malang..
anyway congatz to squad SUrabaYa for winning 1st Volley boys n gurls, Futsal boys and Badminton too !! *majulah sukan utk negara*

sakit ankle main futsal..but overall sume games best!
thanks to Kelab Umno Luar Negara Malang, Surabaya, Solo n Jogjakarta !!

hostel tempat tidur pun comfortable !! my dearest roommate Nad, Yasmin n Cyikin yg bwt aksi2 lucha n porns..hahaha

dinner that nite... Acap n me hv to present for opening ceremony wif Sajak..but Din (bdk Malang yg handle acara) last min told us hv to cancel our Sajak titled - Melawat Makan Ibunda- sbb xmasuk ngn event..*yelah we dont knw yg sajak ni for opening ..thought for time break tgh dinner*

so, blk room at 415pm, kelam kabut carik2 kt internet sajak baru.. *courtesy to Nad yg bwk notebook wif internet*... dpt la sajak Melayu - Usman Awang. kelam kabut jgakla bwt slides show n carik2 sound track coz at 5pm.. Malang hantar kereta jemput bdk2 models n sajak anta g hotel for preparation. mandi jdk kelam kabut n xsmpt nk rest after futsal match ! thanks again to Nad byk tlg us copy the sajak fr internet !

sajak ngn Acap was great..event lack of practice coz last min tukar tjk sajak.. rmai yg ckp best !! thanks to Saffy jgak yg handle bdk2 performance..*sian kaki acap skt so jln mcm tempang je* anyway sian Ain n Hafiz.. models surabaya xsmpt nk bwt catwalk..sbb team kne blk awal *bpk driver bus dh mengamok nk mintak xtra charge if over 12midnite*

that dinner.. MC was kak nuzul *my dearest frenz yg terjmpe kt Makassar dl under event Umno jgak* dier random je pick me for tnyer question! hahaa.. jahat btol...

overall thanks to host - Malang..

best dpt jmpe kwn2 fr uni lain !! great events !!!! bwt laaaa lagekkkk !!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mama, how a baby get out fr ur belly?

my little cute cousin >> baby Mia

when i was young, aged around 7-9 years old..
i asked my mother.. how did she delivered me?
i was wondering how a baby can labor ... from where ?
i know the baby stayed in the mother's belly .. since pregnant woman always with fat n big belly..
the curiosity of a girl ..

my mother answered me..
" ohh.. mama muntahkan ...keluar lah adik intan...uwek2..nangis"

i trusted what mama said till i learned sciences in high school, TKC

last holiday, i went back to Malaysia..
i asked my beloved mother either she still remember what she 'lied' to me..
she explained that, she don't like a small kid knows about "vagina n woman things" wait till u grow up and learn about it..

now, i am a woman, aged 23..
will having a baby.... pregnant n labor sooner..
i learn obgyen n i love it.. lots of "vagina n woman things"
and i knew that there's no connection between GIT (gastrointestinal track) and uterus
i plan to further specialist in O&G 1 day..insyaAllah..

to Mama,
i love ur trick n lied to me when i was a small kid..
...n i trust u..

what if my future child will ask me the same question?
should i answer the same like what my mother answered ?

lalalalala ~ 6th nov..

just a few days ago je THiLa's .. epy 23 syg..i gv her a pair of ear rings...burfdy my bestfren on 22nd plak..plan to gv her a pair of shoe.. post ke Bandung :P

everday turun for futsal practise... finally tonite we'll going to Malang for d battle.. ahahha.. yeay2 volley, futsal n badminton.. against Malang n Jogjakarta.. all the best for Malaysians students !!!

dinner... performance band xjadik... so Saffy mintak request... yg sayer terkejut gell baca SMS..hahaha..

so ape je bwt activities for smlm...hmmpp

-breakfast tadi i went wif Chox for chicken porridge at SMA 5 .. lame xmkn bubur..sdp..

-class opthalmology sgt2 lawakla dosen dier

-at nite msk ns goreng tomyam bfr off to Aiman's.. pnjm notes nk fotocopy..borak2 ngn mirul, amenk, mail ade kt umah

-lepak kt waterfront minum teh tarik ngn nad, arina, cikin, aki, amenk, mirul, bla2..ramai ntah spe lgk xingat dh...*nakkk maple!!!*

-blk umah..practise kjap ngn acap...bwt sengal2 perangai dier.. ahahhaha....

-abah clled me...borak2 ngn mama... wish i can go back for raya haji..since 2005 xpnh blk raya aji wif fmly..

Ke MakaM BonDa ~



Kami mengunjungi pusara bonda
sunyi pagi disinari suria
wangi berseri puspa kemboja
menyambut kami mewakili bonda

Tegak kami di makam sepi
lalang-lalang tinggi berdiri
dua nisan terkapar mati
hanya papan dimakan bumi

Dalam kenangan kami melihat
mesra kasih bonda menatap
sedang lena dalam rahap
dua tangan kaku berdakap

Bibir bonda bersih lesu
pernah dulu mengucupi dahiku
kini kurasakan kasihnya lagi
meski jauh dibatasi bumi

Nisan batu kami tegakkan
tiada lagi lalang memanjang
ada doa kami pohonkan
air mawar kami siramkan

Senyum kemboja mengantar kami
meninggalkan makam sepi sendiri
damailah bonda dalam pengabadian
insan kerdil mengadap Tuhan

Begitu bakti kami berikan
tiada sama bonda melahirkan
kasih bonda tiada sempadan
kemuncak murni kemuliaan insan.

p/s : appreciate ur beloved esp ur mother before she left us forever..

a call from my father ~

i just get a call from my father n mother...

1st they wanna transfer money to my Maybank account *i'm so happy coz i'm so broke i only hv less then rm40 cash in my hand* -hv to learn how to saving money..thanks to my parents too coz they nvr complaint about my pocket money..

den my dad told me about something happen ...

for me, family bonding is very important.. how we try to break it, how we try to cut d chain,.. finally, we'll facing each other n help wif no lame excuse ...

so, thanks to Allah.. i was born in such a harmony, loving, supporting and caring family... mama n abah always support' their children.. we always can share our problem...

i love my mama, abah, along n adik chik..coz we share together everything. i'm so glad having such a loving family..tq Allah..

*i'm so touching when i get that news fr my parents*