Friday, May 21, 2010

Urology Surgery

Sekarang dh 1week start stase Surgery..

Opthal dah habis dah..yeay !! *exams ngn dr.Prilia susah ok..detail gell soalan*

Surgery ~
Sekarang dh habis dh round for Urology..
PPDS best gell.. seniors baik.. sekretariat dier baik2 n frenly..
tapi penat skit la.. i started my day wake up at 430am.. gerak g hospital at 530am.. went back home around 5-7pm.. sampai housemate i, Nadhirah dah kangen2 dah ..sbb mcm xberjumpe je with me at home.. hahahaha...

today unlucky la,
xsempat naik tengok operation at GBPT. :( sayang kan...

pagi2 kne ikut visit patients, morning report (and DM kne present sume case new patients)..
PPDS santaila..gelak ketawa kuat gell..n dieroang sporting.. xstress kerja..sukela tgk dieroang..

kerja kt Poli kne bwt SOAP penuh..
byk patients dtg ngn chief complaint with hematuria, urine retention, kolik pain, flank pain n lain2 laa
case mcm stone, BPH, cancer vesica urinaria, disfunction erectile..
so DM bwt anamnesa (history taking), check status generalis, check status urology including flank mass, pain knock CVA, external genitalia - circumcised, stenosis MAE, palpated testis simetris.. and the last is digital rectal examination ( indication for male aged above 40 yrs old) - to find out the spinghter anal reflex, mucous, consistency of prostate or nodule. (DRE is important to identify for BPH-Beningn Prostatic Hyperplasia or Carcinoma Prostate)

if kat ESWL (minor operation)
byk case kanak2 with hypospadia (meatus urethra at ventral of penis) coz congenital..
menjerit2 la sakit ... *sian jgk tgk..tapi nak bwt mcmne kan*
den dr.Anis baik gell suh saye pasangkan catheter at this guy (mule2 dier malu coz i'm a girl) tapi dr. Anis said to the young patient that i'm also a doctor :) *that was the 1st experience of psg catheter*

kat ruangan (ward H and D) i handle for 3patients..
cases; 1.stone at urethra, 2.staghhorn stone at left kidney and 3. undescensus testis with hernia
patients pun baik ramah tamah with me.. so senang i nak check patients coz xbyk songeh.. tq ye coz senangkan kerja i nak report kt my PPDS (residents)

anyway, pernah dgr case silikonoma penis? lelaki yg nak besarkan penis so dieorang suntik with ape2 liquid to make it more bigger.. either for sexual satisfaction or terikut2 ngn kawan.. 5days i'm in Urology dh ader 3cases.. so Prof Soenaryo asked PPDS to kumpul kan this cases as research..

ader 1 morning report yg plg bwt kami sume pecah ketawa termasuk Prof jgk.. coz ade 1 case ni pen tersangkut dlm vesica urethra *ok xmau ulasan lanjut lgk*

pokoknye best Urology.. PPDS sgt baik n tenter kami..
even blk lewat malam pun, kami gelak2 gembira je kat ward for nak hilangkan stress..

dulu kecik2 pernah cite2 nak jdk surgeon *tapi sekarang..? hahaha...*

Thursday, May 13, 2010


The best part when i saw "private number" appeared in my Hp screen while it was ringing..
and the happiest part when i heard my father's voice over the phone.."Assalamualaikum adik Intan.."

everything seems perfect to me..
when i told my dad & mom about my doctors, patients, studies, exams and others..

my dad was listening carefully just like he's a doctor and i'm the patient..
telling everything about my pain deep inside my heart..

it just like when a girl over excited when her boyfriend was calling her..
and everything seems like a rainbow in cloudy skies...
that's what i'm feeling because i don't have a boyfriend to share the real things...

a father can be the best listener, the best solution over mountain of problems...
the best shoulder to cry over like a baby, the strongest and protective bodyguard...

when we wanna hang over our conversation,
the sweetest words came over from his mouth was...
" love you "

mom & dad,
i love both of u over and over again..
everyday my loves ++ and become higher ..
it just like i'm addicted to my own heroine ..
" Ya Allah, please forgive my parents for every wrong doings they had done, healthy and happy life, and may Along, adik Chik and me always give the best results in everything to make our parents proud of us..kuatkan lah iman kami semua semoga kami sentiasa berjalan lurus.. jauhkan lah kami dari hasutan dan godaan syaitan" amin !

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Tugas Jaga.. or Oncall ..tu best if ~~~~

1. DM (dokter muda) yg jaga ngn kite tu pun best n sporting
2. Dokter Jaga yg jaga ngn kiter tu sempoi, tenter n mengajar DM, buku tulis for Dr Jaga ..die snd yg tulis (bukan suh DM yg tulis..sbb DM snd ader buku jaga for nk tulis SOAP patients snd)
3. Dokter Jaga tu sporting n blanje DM ..okla atleast air kotak ke... kan dh happy DM yg kerja ngn Dr tu..btol x?
4. Ade org visit time kiter Jaga..wahh itu happy ! or jumpe ngn DM2 stase lain yg on-call same ngn kiter..mmg happy melompat2 ..xkesah dah tu IRD ke aper..hahaha
5. Ade org hantar food kat kiter...wahhhh..xpyh dh mkn" Selamat Menikmati"

so kesimpulannyeh.. xde laa terasa tension/stress/nak maki2 mengamok if on-call from 2pm (after class) till d next morning at 7am ...dahla 730am dah kne msk class blk mcm biasa..

17hrs ..sape xpenat?

tapi for me, sayer bertahan je..harungi apa kt depan.. jgn mengamok2 xbaik.. ramai patients..treat je baik2... yeahhhh baru idop sentiasa awet muda n disukai ramai :) :) muaxxxx