Wednesday, June 24, 2009

EppY burfDay DanIeLLa~

dinner at Jogja Karnival Sukan

she's my bestfren forever ..(at Jatoz, Malang)

alia daniella ...
1st time i met u when i was in Bandung 2005..
u came earlier wif the, nani, ustadz, syed
i was alone without no one..
then u intro me how to eat the lumpiah basah at gerbang unpad..
and milk shake strawberry..
u enter my world wif colorfull of rainbow
u cherish me up when i was down..
u give me spirit to survive in d middle of disaster

i still remember when u had trouble..
u were crying hard on my shoulder..
seriously i cant stand to c ur tears..
i hate ppl who treat u badly..
dont worry honey...
i'm always beside u no matter what happen..

b tough..
b smart..
b intelligent..
b sexy..
b a beautiful doctor..

i always pray for ur health, studies n happier life..
how our long and hard journey that we had face to enter the reality of life
to become a doctor..
how our "responsible" agents QAS treated the customers..
how our bad n good memories in Bandung with our geng..

i really miss those moment..
i miss u guys..u, nani, co, syaz, syed, kak haya, acap..esp on my 20th burfday..
when u guys splashed d "wangi perfume" water on me..n tepung, telur..

i love u so much..hug u till u cant breath..
thanks for ur concern and good listener..
thanks for ur shoulder..
thanks for being such a good n loyal frenz for me..

happy 22nd burfday ! :) bestfrenz 4eva

Friday, June 19, 2009

maiDs iN MaLAYsIa~

i watched a debate in 1 of TV programme last week..
it was about should d RI-Rebuclic of Indonesia stop sending the TKI-Tenaga Kerja Indonesia to work abroad esp in Malaysia, my lovely country.

gov and opponent teams boths r the association of TKI workers, uni students,officers who work for immgiration n others

mostly the opponent gv d point of human mental n physical abuse, didnt get the payment n bla2.. they gv d idea of d gov should open more job chances for their people so like they wont work outside of their country..

the gov didnt agree wif that coz the prob was the illegal TKI who didnt gv any information about their status and where they r which was d main prob. they didnt hv any legal document. so, if they stop sending ppl to work outside, it wont really success coz TKI will enter d foreign country by others way. this prog was done bfr but they concluded that it didnt success at all

mostly, TKI who work at industrial factors or as labor wont create much prob coz they work in open place rather then maid .. (maid kan kt personal house)

the gov said that, the countries such as Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and others agree that if any of the local ppl (employers) who treat their workers against d law will get punishment -police case and court case-. besides that, they said they want the hormony of relationship btwn 2 countries.

when i read today's news..

"Majikan Siti Hajar, Hau Yuan Tyng, seorang ibu tunggal telah dihadapkan di Mahkamah Sesyen Kuala Lumpur. tiga pertuduhan menyebabkan kecederaan parah terhadap pembantu rumahnya yang berasal dari Garut, Jawa Barat itu. "

it means that, my country didnt jst "lepas tangan" about this case. any1 who break d laws should pay for it. Malaysia also suggest that maid wif religion Islam work wif employer who is Islam too.

in Malaysia, there r 320,000 legal maids mostly fr Indonesia, Filipina, Vietnam, Kemboja, Sri Lanka and Thailand n small number fr China.(baru maid belum lagek buruh or pekerja kt ladang2 or kilang)-i'm talking about maids only. from that amount of maids 270,000 are maids fr Indonesia..

but the most problem is average 150,000 maids r illegal maids who "loves to work in my country" syuhhhh syuhhhh... menyemak la...

in conclusion, dont get any misunderstanding or wrong information about my country. i read and watch lots of blogs, FB, infotainment, medias where most of Indonesians didnt satisfied wif Malaysians.demonstrations-burn my Jalur Gemilang. we r neighbours and islamic countries..dont make the Western clap their hands coz we fail to united as Eastern and Islamic countries. we can seat down and discuss nicely as professional. can u just imagine we will be like South Korea and North Korea? or India and Parkistan? or Tibet and China? think it twice (or thounsand times) wif logically and the consequences...but not wif emotional.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

HoT GurLz DaTinG oUTz~

pic time dinner at Bandung ~

sorry aliya...u're not in d pic..but u still in my heart !

bestnyeh kuar dinner "hot gurlz dating out" wif ArEEnA and CyiKiN LanG..naek beca ber3 ~

had such a western style...spegaty, tonderloin blackpaper, beef blackppr, fried, chicken blckppr hotplate and juicy float orange ~ den shopping fruits, and icecream at Daily Fresh but cyikin said Fresh Market ! ahha...i pun beriye mengakui tu..slmt arina je yg cpt pick-up ~

i love my gurlfrenz.. they always there for me... i loveeeee so much cyikin n areena !! muaxxxxxxxx!!!!!!

*nad xikut sbb jaga tonite..sian nad ...*

lastweek we went for "hot gurLz DatIng OuT wif d theme of Cyikin niTe OuT" at TP.. bukannyeh weekend joly mcm rak gell tu.. ate at Euton restro (ok baru tau xhalal ..thanks to amar who figured it out).. JcO liciouS and PhotO BoX mampat gell tu ber7 !!! NaD, CyiKin, ArEEna, AniS, EZy, AliYa and mE ~

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

BewarE of SWine FLu ~

Questions and Answers for Swine Flu/ flu babi/ oink..oink

What is swine flu?

Like people, pigs can get influenza (flu), but swine flu viruses aren't the same as human flu viruses. Swine flu doesn't often infect people, and the rare human cases that have occurred in the past have mainly affected people who had direct contact with pigs. But the current "swine flu" outbreak is different. It's caused by a new swine flu virus that has changed in ways that allow it to spread from person to person -- and it's happening among people who haven't had any contact with pigs. That makes it a human flu virus. In an effort to avoid confusion, the CDC is calling the virus "novel influenza A (H1N1) virus" to distinguish it both from flu viruses that infect mainly pigs and from the seasonal influenza A H1N1 viruses that have been in circulation for many years.
What are swine flu symptoms?

Symptoms of swine flu are like regular flu symptoms and include fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, body aches, headache, chills, and fatigue. Many people with swine flu have had diarrhea and vomiting. Nearly everyone with flu has at least two of these symptoms. But these symptoms can also be caused by many other conditions. That means that you and your doctor can't know, just based on your symptoms, if you've got swine flu. Health care professionals may offer a rapid flu test, although a negative result doesn't necessarily mean you don't have the flu.

Only lab tests can definitively show whether you've got swine flu. State health departments can do these tests. But given the large volume of samples coming in to state labs, these tests are being reserved for patients with severe flu symptoms. Currently, doctors are reserving antiviral drugs for people with or at risk of severe influenza.

Who is at highest risk from H1N1 swine flu?

Most U.S. cases of H1N1 swine flu have been in older children and young adults. It's not clear why, and it's not clear whether this will change.

But certain groups are at particularly high risk of severe disease or bad outcomes if they get the flu:
Pregnant women
Young children, especially those under 12 months of age
Elderly people are at high risk of severe flu disease. But relatively few swine flu cases have been seen in people over age 65.
People with heart disease or risk factors for heart disease
People with HIV infection
People with chronic diseases
People taking immune-suppressing drugs, such as cancer chemotherapy or anti-rejection drugs for transplants

People in these groups should seek medical care as soon as they get flu symptoms.
If I think I have swine flu, what should I do? When should I see my doctor?

If you have flu symptoms, stay home, and when you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue. Afterward, throw the tissue in the trash and wash your hands. That will help prevent your flu from spreading.

If you have only mild flu symptoms, you do not need medical attention unless your illness gets worse. But if you are in one of the groups at high risk of severe disease, contact your doctor at the first sign of flu-like illness. In such cases, the CDC recommends that people call or email their doctor before rushing to an emergency room.

But there are emergency warning signs.

Children should be given urgent medical attention if they:
Have fast breathing or trouble breathing
Have bluish or gray skin color
Are not drinking enough fluid
Are not waking up or not interacting
Have severe or persistent vomiting
Are so irritable that the child does not want to be held
Have flu-like symptoms that improve but then return with fever and a worse cough
Have fever with a rash

Adults should seek urgent medical attention if they have:
Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
Pain or pressure in the chest or abdomen
Sudden dizziness
Severe or persistent vomiting
Flu-like symptoms that improve, but then come back with worsening fever or cough

Keep in mind that your doctor will not be able to determine whether you have swine flu, but he or she may take a sample from you and send it to a state health department lab for testing to see if it's swine flu. If your doctor suspects swine flu, he or she would be able to write you a prescription for Tamiflu or Relenza. These antiviral medications aren't a question of life or death for the vast majority of people. Most U.S. swine flu patients have made a full recovery without antiviral drugs

How does swine flu spread? Is it airborne?

The new swine flu virus apparently spreads just like regular flu. You could pick up germs directly from droplets from the cough or sneeze of an infected person, or by touching an object they recently touched, and then touching your eyes, mouth, or nose, delivering their germs for your own infection. That's why you should make washing your hands a habit, even when you're not ill. Infected people can start spreading flu germs up to a day before symptoms start, and for up to seven days after getting sick, according to the CDC.

The swine flu virus can become airborne if you cough or sneeze without covering your nose and mouth, sending germs into the air.

The U.S. residents infected with swine flu virus had no direct contact with pigs. The only way to get the new swine flu is from another person.
How is swine flu treated?

The new swine flu virus is sensitive to the antiviral drugs Tamiflu and Relenza. The CDC recommends those drugs to prevent or treat swine flu; the drugs are most effective when taken within 48 hours of the start of flu symptoms. But not everyone needs those drugs. Most people who have come down with swine flu have recovered without treatment. The Department of Homeland Security has released 25% of its stockpile of Tamiflu and Relenza to states. Health officials have asked people not to hoard Tamiflu or Relenza.
Is there a vaccine against the new swine flu virus?

No. But the CDC and the World Health Organization are already taking the first steps toward making such a vaccine. That's a lengthy process that takes months. The process includes limited clinical tests to see how well the vaccine elicits flu-neutralizing antibodies and to evaluate vaccine safety. If everything goes perfectly -- and flu vaccine production is very tricky -- there could be a U.S. swine flu vaccine in October 2009. But that is an extremely optimistic prediction.

Even if officials decide to make a swine flu vaccine for this winter, many questions remain. It's not yet clear whether people will need one or two shots or whether an immune-boosting substance called adjuvant will have to be used. And, it's still not clear who should be vaccinated first, and who should be at the end of the line.
I had a flu vaccine this season. Am I protected against swine flu?

No. This season's flu vaccine does not protect against the new swine flu virus.

Whether or not there's a swine flu vaccine this winter, there will be a new seasonal flu vaccine in the fall. This year, it will be more important than ever to get a flu shot. It may not protect against swine flu -- but it will keep you and others from getting the seasonal flu viruses that kill some 36,000 Americans each year.

How can I prevent swine flu infection?

The CDC recommends taking these steps:
Wash your hands regularly with soap and water, especially after coughing or sneezing. Or, use an alcohol-based hand cleaner if soap and water are not available.
Avoid close contact -- that is, being within six feet -- with people who have flu-like symptoms.
Avoid touching your mouth, nose, or eyes. That's not easy to do, so keep those hands clean.
If you have flu-like symptoms -- fever plus at least cough or sore throat or other flu symptoms -- stay home for seven days after symptoms begin or until you've been symptom-free for 24 hours -- whichever is longer.
The CDC does not recommend using a face mask or respirator in community or home settings. However, the CDC says that people at increased risk of severe flu illness may consider wearing a N-95 respirator or face mask in crowded settings in communities where swine flu is circulating or when taking care of a person with flu-like illness. It's not known whether face masks actually protect against flu transmission.
People who have or are suspected of having swine flu should wear a face mask, if available and tolerable, when sharing common spaces with other household members, when outside the home, or when breastfeeding.

Should I wear a face mask or respirator?

Every day, newspapers carry pictures of people wearing face masks to prevent swine flu transmission. But very little is known about whether face masks actually protect against the flu.

There's a difference between a face mask and a respirator. A face mask does not seal tightly to the face. Face masks include masks labeled as surgical, dental, medical procedure, isolation, or laser masks. Respirators are N95 or higher filtering face pieces that fit snugly on the face. Respirators, when correctly adjusted, filter out virus particles -- but it's hard to breathe through them for extended periods, and they cannot be worn by children or people with facial hair.

People who have flu-like symptoms should carry disposable tissues to cover their coughs and sneezes. When going out in public, or when sharing common spaces around the home with family members, they should put on a face mask -- if one is available and tolerable.

People not at risk of severe flu illness can best protect themselves from swine flu with frequent handwashing and by staying at least six feet away from people with flu symptoms. But if swine flu is circulating in the community, a face mask or respirator may be protective in crowded public places.

People at increased risk of severe flu illness -- pregnant women, for example -- may wish to consider using a facemask under certain circumstances, such as when providing assistance to a person with flu-like illness. But the CDC prefers such people follow more tried-and-true methods of staying healthy, such as handwashing and avoiding ill people.

How long does the flu virus survive on surfaces?

Flu bugs can survive for hours on surfaces. One study showed that flu viruses can live for up to 48 hours on hard, nonporous surfaces such as stainless steel and for up to 12 hours on cloth and tissues. The virus seems to survive for only minutes on your hands -- but that's plenty of time for you to transfer it to your mouth, nose, or eyes.
Can I still eat pork?

Yes. You can't get swine flu by eating pork, bacon, or other foods that come from pigs.
What else should I be doing?

Keep informed of what's going on in your community. Your state and local health departments may have important information if swine flu develops in your area. For instance, parents might want to consider what they would do if their child's school temporarily closed because of flu. Don't panic, but a little planning wouldn't hurt.

Here's the advice from the U.S. government's web site:

To plan for a pandemic:
Store a two-week supply of water and food. During a pandemic, if you cannot get to a store, or if stores are out of supplies, it will be important for you to have extra supplies on hand. This can be useful in other types of emergencies, such as power outages and disasters.
Periodically check your regular prescription drugs to ensure a continuous supply in your home.
Have any nonprescription drugs and other health supplies on hand, including pain relievers, stomach remedies, cough and cold medicines, fluids with electrolytes, and vitamins.
Talk with family members and loved ones about how they would be cared for if they got sick, or what will be needed to care for them in your home.
Volunteer with local groups to prepare and assist with emergency response.
Get involved in your community as it works to prepare for an influenza pandemic.

Items to have on hand for an extended stay at home:
Examples of food and non-perishables
Examples of medical, health, and emergency supplies

• Ready-to-eat canned meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, beans, and soups
• Prescribed medical supplies such as glucose and blood-pressure monitoring equipment

• Protein or fruit bars
• Soap and water, or alcohol-based (60-95%) hand wash

• Dry cereal or granola
• Medicines for fever, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen

• Peanut butter or nuts
• Thermometer

• Dried fruit
• Anti-diarrheal medication

• Crackers
• Vitamins

• Canned juices
• Fluids with electrolytes

• Bottled water
• Cleansing agent/soap

• Canned or jarred baby food and formula
• Flashlight

• Pet food
• Batteries

• Other non-perishable items
• Portable radio

• Manual can opener

• Garbage bags

• Tissues, toilet paper, disposable diapers

How severe is swine flu?

The severity of cases in the current swine flu outbreak has varied widely, from mild cases to fatalities. Most U.S. cases have been mild, but there have been a number of deaths and hundreds of hospitalizations -- mostly in young people aged 5 to 24 years.

It's impossible to know whether the virus will go away or whether it will become more deadly. Scientists are watching closely to see which way the new swine flu virus is heading -- but health experts warn that flu viruses are notoriously hard to predict.

But there's a lot of planning you can do. CDC officials predict that just about every U.S. community will have H1N1 swine flu cases. It's possible some schools in your community may temporarily close. So make contingency plans just in case you are affected. For more information on preparedness planning, see the U.S. government's web site.
Why has the swine flu infection been more severe in Mexico than in other countries?

That's not clear yet. Researchers around the world are investigating the differences between the cases in Mexico and those elsewhere. The data so far suggests that many more people in Mexico had mild swine flu infections than had originally been appreciated.
Have there been previous swine flu oubtreaks?

Yes. There was a swine flu outbreak at Fort Dix, N.J., in 1976 among military recruits. It lasted about a month and then went away as mysteriously as it appeared. As many as 240 people were infected; one died.

The swine flu that spread at Fort Dix was the H1N1 strain. That's the same flu strain that caused the disastrous flu pandemic of 1918-1919, resulting in tens of millions of deaths worldwide.

Concern that a new H1N1 pandemic might return in winter 1976 led to a crash program to create a vaccine and vaccinate all Americans against swine flu. That vaccine program ran into all kinds of problems -- not the least of which was public perception that the vaccine caused excessive rates of dangerous reactions. That may not have been the case. But after more than 40 million people were vaccinated, the effort was abandoned.

As it turned out, there was no swine flu epidemic.

Even though it's an H1N1 type A flu bug, the new swine flu is a different virus than the ones that emerged in 1918 and in 1976 -- and from the seasonal type A H1N1 virus that has been circulating for many years.

There have been two flu pandemics since 1918 -- one that began in 1957, and another that began in 1968.
I was vaccinated against the 1976 swine flu virus. Am I still protected?

Probably not. The new swine flu virus is different from the 1976 virus. And it's not clear whether a vaccine given more than 30 years ago would still be effective.
How many people have swine flu?

That's a hard question to answer because the figure is changing so quickly. If you want to keep track of U.S. cases that have been confirmed by lab tests and reported to the CDC, check the CDC's web site. If you're looking for cases in other countries, visit the World Health Organization's web site. And, when you hear about large numbers of people who are ill, remember that lab tests may not yet have been done to confirm that they have swine flu. And, there may be a little lag time before confirmed cases make it into the official tally.

But these numbers are misleading, because mild flu cases are rarely counted. Flu experts estimate that for every confirmed case of flu, there are 20 additional flu infections.

How serious is the public health threat of a swine flu epidemic?

The U.S. government has declared swine flu to be a public health emergency.

It remains to be seen how severe swine flu will be in the U.S. and elsewhere, but countries worldwide are monitoring the situation closely and preparing for the possibility of a pandemic.

The World Health Organization has declared swine flu to be a pandemic. That means that all nations can expect to see swine flu infections -- and should prepare for them -- but does not mean the virus has become more severe.

The H1N1 swine flu outbreak comes at the end of the U.S. flu season. The virus has spread across the nation. Nobody knows whether it will stick around all summer or whether it will get worse when flu season begins again this fall. But the CDC is warning Americans to prepare for a bad flu season this fall. It's better to over prepare and look a little silly if nothing happens than to be unprepared for an emergency.

Scientists are closely watching the Southern Hemisphere to see whether the H1N1 swine flu begins to circulate there. If it does, it will be important to see whether the virus changes over time, and whether it spreads more efficiently in the winter months.

Source of WebMD Health Search. WebMD senior writer Miranda Hitti contributed to this report.

Monday, June 15, 2009

MinD uR oWn CounTry ~

WASHINGTON: Presiden Amerika Syarikat Barack Obama berkata, terpulang kepada rakyat Iran untuk memilih dan menentukan siapa pemimpin yang dikehendaki mereka. Obama berkata, adalah tidak wajar sekiranya beliau mencampuri masalah di Iran tetapi 'bersalah sekiranya terus berdiam diri'.. - Berita Harian Online.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad mengekalkan jawatannya sebagai Presiden Iran.

Keputusan itu didakwa membabitkan penipuan kertas undi serta mencetuskan keganasan membabitkan pihak yang tidak berpuas hati

TEHRAN: Seorang penunjuk perasaan ditembak mati dan beberapa lagi cedera selepas ribuan kumpulan anti Presiden, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad berkumpul di tengah ibu negara.

Seorang jurugambar Iran yang enggan namanya disebut berkata, kejadian itu berlaku di depan markas sukarelawan militan Basij yang dibakar pesuruh. - Berita Harian

p/s: even i'm not so good in politic.. ok i'm not so sure either this election was done in wrong or right way.. but i'm wondering..y America should involve "giving a hand" to "help" Iran ? since this is about their President election in their own country, Iran. if they're not satisfy wif d election.. they can do like Thailand or Philiphine n others country where the majority of citizen against/protest the President until the President surrender (bcs of reasons).. anyway, i love Obama coz he tried to solve issue of Middle East before this. great job rather then Bush ~

Thursday, June 11, 2009



tgk baby kechik2 dh sakit..

kanak2 kurus2..kwasiorkor, marasmus..xde gizi

perut besar2... asites, hepatomegali, splenomegali.. (i palpated this kid, 8yrs old wif Shuffner 8) !!!! Cronic Myeloid Leukemia - CML -

baby wif Willms Tumor (malignant tumor at kidney)

byk kanak2 leukemia .. when i saw him.. he reminds me of my late cousin..died bcs of leukemia when he was small.. Al-Fatihah-(i was around 5-7yrs old..cant really remember. i just asked my dad why his tummy so big? my dad said .."sbb tu jgn mkn meggi n keropok2..nnt prot besar" trus i takut nk mkn junk food.

kids in coma - ICU

kids in quaranteen -takut infectious such as Diphteri..
kanak2 wif TB meningitis, brochopneumoni, brokhitis, bronchiolitis, asthma
premature baby dlm ventilator (kechik gell)

kanak2 wif heart congenital -ventricle septum deviasi -VSD
a small cute baby wif brain tumor..that tu sesak tachypneu

7yrs old wif kesedaran menurun coz of bone exposure-open fracture on his femur.. -ve for meiosis - eyes refec... his dad told me..story to me..n suara dh sebak.. (i rasa nk tahan je)

DHF grade 3 ..hepatomegali..syok..cyanosis..-emergency-

p/s: i rasa i xleh jd Paediatric.. sbb i xleh tahan tgk kanak2 kechik2 lgk dh sakit..sian tgk.. doakan all of d patients sembuh, kuat semangat, makan byk2 yg bergizi.. amin ~

Monday, June 8, 2009

At least five doctors to suffer from mental woes every month~

Sunday November 30, 2008
At least five doctors to suffer from mental woes every month

KUALA LUMPUR: Every month, at least five doctors are found to be suffering from mental illnesses, director-general of health Tan Sri Dr Mohd Ismail Merican said.

He said these doctors were either psychotic or neurotic but still managed to get into medical schools because these schools were not screening students meticulously enough.

“When the doctors complete their two-year housemanship and their applications are submitted for registration with the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC), they fail to get registered.

“Their supervisors do not certify them as fit to be registered because of indiscipline and poor attitude arising from mental health problems.

“The mental cases range from psychotic to neurotic. Psychotic cases include delusions and hallucinations, and neurotic behaviour includes anxiety, fear and anger due to the competitive environment,” said Dr Ismail.

These medical graduates, totalling about 60 cases a year, are unable to cope with their housemanship as they may have been pressured by their parents to take up medicine.

Dr Ismail said it was disheartening to note this emerging trend due to an inefficient selection process, adding that the mental cases were referred to the Medical Review Panel (MRP).

Since many of these graduates have spent a lot of money on their medical education, the MRP may extend their housemanship and at the same time send them for psychiatric treatment.

“In the event they are assigned to work, they will be thoroughly supervised and counselled by experts and given light duties until their mental condition improves.

“I am not so sure whether we can identify those with attitude problems during an interview unless such problems are obvious,” Dr Ismail said at a forum on Training Future Doctors: Have we got it right?”

About 2,000 medical doctors are registered annually from 21 local medical schools and 400 recognised schools overseas.

Different medical schools around the world have different selection criteria for their students, Dr Ismail said.

However, he said that the ministry was also planning some form of examination to check their attitude, knowledge and experience after they complete their final examination.

Most of the mentally ill students, he said, could have undergone pressure and depression while studying and faced difficulty in coping in a hospital environment.

The other weakness was a lack of proficiency in the English language.

Higher Education director-general Prof Datuk Dr Radin Umar Radin Sohadi said the ministry was currently reviewing universities’ curricula to ensure high standards in medical education and training for doctors.

“Uppermost on our minds will be the safety and well-being of patients,” he said.

p/s: i think graduated doctors not only face d pressure and depression fr their parents wif high expectation to c their children becoming doctors...but housemanship and hospital environment too.. pressure fr the seniors doctors, pressure fr the patients complaint, on-call, salary and others (depending on how a doctor can handle the problem and stress)..

so, i'm giving advise to our students who studing in Indonesia and learning in local bahasa Indonesia... learn the medical term in English too (even not in Latin terms).. we really need to improve our English since our gov hsptl fully in English. learn how to take history taking wif patients in English too (esp in KL and city). it still not late for us to improve ourselve. dont gv up. holiday break just dont waste it.. apply to do the clinical in gov hsptl near ur house.get lots of friends fr local uni perhaps they can help us 1 day... ")

Saturday, June 6, 2009

SakIt JiWa~

tomorrow gonna be my last posting in Clerkship.. pediatric for 2weeks.. den 1week study week.. FINALS EXAM ~ choking ~

my syg, Aneem n Myra (old tkcians frenz) love to listen to my story about studies, hsptl, patients n medical stuff.. ahakz.. i love u gurls *cpt kawin after Ucop*

on 11th-15th i had my Psychiatry -1st posting
we learnt how to take history taking, diagnose the patients, ward round, Methadone Clinic (drugs abuse who wanna stop their bad habit.. example from morphine to methadone),n Day Care for children (hyperactive, ausitsme)
it was really fun when we deal wif Schizofrenia patient.. from history taking, the way they seat, the way they talk-audiatory or visual hallucination.. we can concluded that either organic or non organic Schizofrenia.

1 of the patient get mad when he saw us. he yelled and said wanna rest coz tired.maybe he was bored wif d questions. den pura2 tidur kt kerusi..ahakz..from there, i can see how our Psychiatrists hv to calm down their patient, pujuk baek2 wif soft n gentle..finally they took him back to his room (mcm jail je)..he was diagnosed as non-organic Schizofrenia after he had an accident ~ trauma capitis and coma for a few months

we were divided into a small group wif 1 patient to take history taking.. since i was infront of d circle..i volunteered to be d dokter muda to ask him questions.he came wif his mom. he was brought to the hsptl coz he get mad and tried to hit his own mom n neighbours. he felt anxiety. i asked him to knw his intelligence, i'm supposed to ask him 100-9 and -9 and -9 but i asked him "mas, 10-7 berapa?"..he replied and hint me back "kok soalan gampang ditanya". whole class laughed. "mas, sering gak bermain sama adik nya" he said "kan udah besar (he's 30+)..ngapain mau main?" hahah..dusshhhh!!! kene balik kt hidung ku ~ d best part was when he sang a song -ST12 ..randy and apan as backup singers

a 17 years old boy said he is a pilot n can fly thousand of aeroplanes..he can see ghost enter his body
a mother who had heavy depression and committed to suicide after Caesarean operation
a 7 yrs old kid wif austime who cannot concentrate in 1 thing (mudah teralih), no eyes to eyes contact

Monday, June 1, 2009

Survival Among The Fittest~

alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5342268014253253618" />
fren , thila, zue n albert

"the survival in the fittest"

29th and 30th of may.. really created a history in my life...since this was the 1st time i joined debate comp.

when my brother said "i've nvr hear u speak in english?"
when my mom said " adik intan boleh cakap ?" coz in my family, i'm the only child who less talk among my brother and my lawyer sister. pot pet pot pet..
abah said "great job! bagus2..mcm ni laa anak abah"
chicak said "well done sys"
n lots more supports n congratulations from my relatives and friends.

thanks to aimi, nouz, aiman, kak niza, n mirul who came to watch d debate comp at Grabik lt. 3 and Aula Ruang Sidang A. u guys really rockz~ thanks to others to esp Nadhirah who always listen to my problem ..ahakz

thanks to Albert who came just like an angel to help us at d 1st place when Zue had basketball match - clash timing wif debate -

how our hard work to complete the research till whole day .. ( study pun xrajen mcm ni) thanks to Albert n Thila who had printed all of our data..when we burn our 3days holiday..

it just like a miracle when i was nominated as d best speaker .. i think Thila should deserved it more.. coz she helped us wif her IQ and she can catch up faster n rebut back..

Thila rajen gell download youtube about debate

1st speaker – intan
2nd speaker- zulaikha
3rd speaker- thila
Reply speech- intan

We managed to get the highest ranking.. 10 teams for English Debate Decan Cup 09

1.THBT protecting environment is more important then economic growth
06 (Gov) vs PPDS (doctors who continuing their specialist programmed) rehab medic
06 won. Margin points 1.5

2. THBT CCTV is not threaten to our privacy
07 (gov) vs 06 (opponent)
06 Won. Margin point 1

3. THBT death penalty is the best way for corruptor
06 (gov) vs PPDS mata
06 Won. Margin points 4

THBT government should continuing the BLT (Bantuan Langsung Tunai)
08 (gov) vs 06(opponent)
06 won

THBT survival in the fittest –economic- (our theme is dealing with economic crisis is the best way to develop Indonesia)
06 (gov) vs 08
06 won

Thanks to all who really help us bfr..
Thanks to my friends all around the world who hd gv ur moral support n ideas (mush-US, syahir-India, byk laa-Malaysia)