Saturday, June 6, 2009

SakIt JiWa~

tomorrow gonna be my last posting in Clerkship.. pediatric for 2weeks.. den 1week study week.. FINALS EXAM ~ choking ~

my syg, Aneem n Myra (old tkcians frenz) love to listen to my story about studies, hsptl, patients n medical stuff.. ahakz.. i love u gurls *cpt kawin after Ucop*

on 11th-15th i had my Psychiatry -1st posting
we learnt how to take history taking, diagnose the patients, ward round, Methadone Clinic (drugs abuse who wanna stop their bad habit.. example from morphine to methadone),n Day Care for children (hyperactive, ausitsme)
it was really fun when we deal wif Schizofrenia patient.. from history taking, the way they seat, the way they talk-audiatory or visual hallucination.. we can concluded that either organic or non organic Schizofrenia.

1 of the patient get mad when he saw us. he yelled and said wanna rest coz tired.maybe he was bored wif d questions. den pura2 tidur kt kerusi..ahakz..from there, i can see how our Psychiatrists hv to calm down their patient, pujuk baek2 wif soft n gentle..finally they took him back to his room (mcm jail je)..he was diagnosed as non-organic Schizofrenia after he had an accident ~ trauma capitis and coma for a few months

we were divided into a small group wif 1 patient to take history taking.. since i was infront of d circle..i volunteered to be d dokter muda to ask him questions.he came wif his mom. he was brought to the hsptl coz he get mad and tried to hit his own mom n neighbours. he felt anxiety. i asked him to knw his intelligence, i'm supposed to ask him 100-9 and -9 and -9 but i asked him "mas, 10-7 berapa?"..he replied and hint me back "kok soalan gampang ditanya". whole class laughed. "mas, sering gak bermain sama adik nya" he said "kan udah besar (he's 30+)..ngapain mau main?" hahah..dusshhhh!!! kene balik kt hidung ku ~ d best part was when he sang a song -ST12 ..randy and apan as backup singers

a 17 years old boy said he is a pilot n can fly thousand of aeroplanes..he can see ghost enter his body
a mother who had heavy depression and committed to suicide after Caesarean operation
a 7 yrs old kid wif austime who cannot concentrate in 1 thing (mudah teralih), no eyes to eyes contact

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