Wednesday, June 17, 2009

HoT GurLz DaTinG oUTz~

pic time dinner at Bandung ~

sorry aliya...u're not in d pic..but u still in my heart !

bestnyeh kuar dinner "hot gurlz dating out" wif ArEEnA and CyiKiN LanG..naek beca ber3 ~

had such a western style...spegaty, tonderloin blackpaper, beef blackppr, fried, chicken blckppr hotplate and juicy float orange ~ den shopping fruits, and icecream at Daily Fresh but cyikin said Fresh Market ! ahha...i pun beriye mengakui tu..slmt arina je yg cpt pick-up ~

i love my gurlfrenz.. they always there for me... i loveeeee so much cyikin n areena !! muaxxxxxxxx!!!!!!

*nad xikut sbb jaga tonite..sian nad ...*

lastweek we went for "hot gurLz DatIng OuT wif d theme of Cyikin niTe OuT" at TP.. bukannyeh weekend joly mcm rak gell tu.. ate at Euton restro (ok baru tau xhalal ..thanks to amar who figured it out).. JcO liciouS and PhotO BoX mampat gell tu ber7 !!! NaD, CyiKin, ArEEna, AniS, EZy, AliYa and mE ~


Anonymous said...
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:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

i love u to0o fren! luv yah so0o much!

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