Friday, October 31, 2008

miss mama~

i miss mama. hjh. norihan bt jaafar.

she's everything in my life..

time kecik2.. mama sll backing me if ader bwt slh ape2... mama lukiskn for my homework music.. (she loves to draw 3 of us -along,adik chik n me.. wif angsa-sbb dl bele angsa n kuceng).. so, sir akan puji that i've done well in my hmwork..get lots of stars!mama lukiskn for me time i was 8yrs old..ader competition cerita kisah2 intan lupe nk angkat lukisan kalah n i cried..

i love helping mama in kitchen or sediakan food for my family (nk harapkn nw cicak maken rajen)..time kecik2..bln ramadhan.. tlg mama bwt kue cara... nice..bwt kue raya.. den akan show off kt dad.. dad memuji2 me said "nih la anak abah yg bagus, anak perempuan rajen kt dapur".. now i love bwtkn hot cereals drink for mama

dl time sek ren. mama is my hero! mama akan dtg ke sek.. met my principle n teachers.. updated wif our studies, academic n co-curiculum. that's y we r active since young. plg best if mama nk jemput kami blk umah.. mama akan hon kete kuat ..then we will run cpt2 msk kete sbb malu mama hon kuat2.. (mama kater sng sket) tp if abah.. abah tgg je baek2 dlm kete.. hikss

since we're young, our burfday mesti akan dicelebrate every yr. mama suke bwt open hs.. since along n mine 29march, adik chik 14march.

mama suke if we active n berani in public. so kecik2 sll msk drawing, coloring contest. (intan sll won), pertandingan cerita2 nabi.. tp plg best.when i was 9yrs old..msk fancy-dress i get 1st place (msk dlm nwsppr the stars)..dress tu mama yg jahitkn! then when i msk decorate cake comp.. i get 5th place (membanggakn since xpnh bwt pn bfr this) .. my parents sll ckp i was creative n good in art..

mama suke menjahit. time kecik2.. almost every bj kurung sekolah.. mama jahitkn for adik chik n me. baju raya every yr..dress... bj tido..she's good in evertyhing! mama suke bwt crosstish (cmne nk eje?).. byk kt umah..

intan suke temankn mama g pasar..beli2 brg. mama suke melayan intan.. i still rmmbr, when i want 1handbeg bentuk lamb kt Avon(cute sgt).. mama said xpayahla..byk dh softtoys kt rumah.. skalik 1week after that..mama bwt suprised..taadaaaa..handbeg lamb for intan! time tu sgt sweet.. mama akan fullfill kn everything i want..thanks ma abah

mama suke ambil gambar.. if pegi mane2..mostly mama nyeh pic je bykkkkk.... :)

mama said "adik intan pkaila tudung jgn bukak2 k? dh besar now.. bkn budak2 lgk.. kn nmpk manis n ayu.." insyaAllah ma.. syg mama!

mom, everything u hv done to grows us from baby till nw..we really appreciate it.. nothing we can pay u ..only loves n prays that u will bcm strong to face ur next day. we always pray for ur healthy.

ma, we nvr let u cry bcs of our failure.. u will c us achieve success wif flying colors, become some1 important in our life 1day..insyaAllah

thanks mama..mama anta n ambek me kt hospital kk time i bwt attachment for 2weeks dl. i knw u cried 1st time n last day of my work.. i knw u proud of me.. seeing me 1step further to bcm a doctor.. i knw that is ur dream since i was a kid..insyaAllah ma.. wif ur prayers..

i always miss u.. i always love u. u r my hero in my heart. be strong ma.. we'll take care of u n abah.. we nvr stop praying for ma and abah..muahs!!


midterm is coming..arrrkkkkkk!!!

this monday! help2...

4papers. pathofisio, patho anat,pharmaco + IKM

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


yesterday, 28oct

i'm having fever+bad flu+sore throat+cough wif thick green mucous (sometimes bleeding) for 5days. so, ysterdy i went to campus A clinic ..zu accompanied me.

the doctor diagnosed i was infected by virus/bacteria at lower respiratory tract or TB = tuberculosis.. ohh goshhh.. if itz rite... i'll be isolated from society.. i cant continue my class..frenz must be stay away fr me.. (thatz cross in my mind 1st) .. aimi (hsmate) sure wanna moveout. hahaha.. but deep in my heart, i prayed that i'll be fine. indonesia is d 2nd highest rate of TB in d world. thatz y BCG vaccine is important. suddenly, i almost wanna cry. i didnt tell my frenz.. only certains knw about it at 1st bfr it will be comfirm.

so, doctor asked me to further checkup at lab. photothorax and Zeihl Neilsen staining (to identify the mycobacterium tuberculosa).. thanks God, the result was -ve and photothorax was normal.

den, i called my dad n mom.. :)

TB can occur in lungs n other parts of body wif low immunity..the bacteria can be anywhere esp in crowded people... by inhale-respiration..tx wif 6months of antibiotic..but the bacteria can recurrent attack bcs it has own protection from phagositosis and can hide fr Ab... thatz y vaccine is important for us to prevent it..

in pathology, in microscopic of tuberculosis are soft tubercle-necrotic, Langerhans Darthia cells..

alhamdulilah.. i'm ok ! thanks to my close frenz who really care about me..worried about me meaning that u guys really love me ! muaxxx

Friday, October 24, 2008

lazy day~

today, 25 oct

rasa mcm nk demam, nausea sbb mkn soto kt fkg.i duhno..

smlm kuar ngn chox,rama n bdk bali my classmate.. g usha buku pharmacology UI kt blauran..unfortunately stock dh abes. so trus lpk g galaxy.. ptt dh janji wif some1 nk tgk movie laskar pelangi.. dier yg sye lak bwt hal.. sorry2 sgt2.. mlm tu pn xjd dinner together.. adoiii..

smlm clled loot around 12something ..bergosip*bergosip*bergosip ( routine topic ) ... she said that she cnt wait to see me on carnival sukan at jogja this nov.. (yippii naek scoot wif loot)

i'm too lazy to learn n read books..since my midterm nxtweek..what hppen to me?? (frenny slaps herself)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

pregnant woman~

future young, intelligent and beautiful doctors~ giler PEDE..

yesterday, 20.10.2008

skills lab kt grabik 3rd floor.. that time we thought at 4th floor.. so dgn kepenatan we climbed d stairs still 4th floor ( nih gegaye lift rosak sje suh students exercises) .... tercungap2 .... sklaik wrong!!! at 3rd floor plak..turun blk.... (surabaya dhla panas mcm kne panggang dlm oven) ...lucky today ujan even lebat..alhamdulilah..

klakar when i wanna know which is back of fetus or placenta.. so i g tumbuk2 kt patung yg tgh pregnant kn baby tu.. ahahaha... den dayah, nouz n d others said fren doctor ganas xleh jd specialist OnG! ahahaha.... *time tu nk rasa yg mane,,,bkn btol2 lgk..lgpn br 1st time! ... (teringat time msk labor room jaga ngn dr.muazah time attachment kt hsptl kk dl )

dr.emi yg aja time tu.. ader mas batch 2002 aja gak..den baru specialist or PPDS obgyen dtg aja! he's so kind n bestt sgt! about leopold 1,2,3,4 and auscultation to hear heart rate of fetus.. *leopold is a palpation technique using our palm n fingers to feel d position of fetus

leopold 1- to measure the fundal height. raba using 1 finger of left hand bwh processus xyphoideus n jari2 tgn kanan as penyangga kt atas simphysis.. measure by cm or inch

leopold 2- to knw where to auscultate . the position of fetus either transverse lie, bridge presentation or olique. fetus either dorso superior or dorso inferior ke.. leh rasa backbone yg keras n unsymmetrical n his extremitas

leopold 3- use right hand on upper of symphysis to feel d head yg hard, homogen and round

leopold 4- nk tau if kpale fetus dh msk lom..leh check if nk dkt labor dh. if our fingers convergent or divergent..

itz relly interesting to learn about obstetric n gynae ... time blk raya arituh xsempat nk check makteh time pregnantkn 4th child.. sbb xblaja lgk time tu.. makteh dh dpt new baby gurl!! i hv new cousin!

p/s: being a specialist in OnG is my dream in future. insyaAllah. amin.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


bestnyeh match futsal.. lg2 best sbb surabaya won! hahaha... next ader karnival sukan kt jogja! nk pegiiii... hikss.. best sbb konvoi rmai2 g malang .... best dpt jmpe my frenz there.. thanks kak nuzul, bill, zana n d others for tumpang kn us... sukenyeh dpt jmpe alia! (my bestfren).. jmpe lala,dayah, kushalini, zarep n lots more esp kwn2 time premed dl... yippiiiee... around 3pm.. after abes soccer.. trus gerak g coban rondo.. (waterfall) .. trus terjun mandi ! gilerr sejuk hell.. i think less then 10C .. bekuuuuu!! but freshhhh... (surabaya is too damn hot mcm kne panggang dlm oven).. blk g mkn rmai2 kt area coban rondo! sukeeee...(hahah..jadian ngn amer).. funny

p/s : maen2 gak... study kne gempaq.. midterm is around d corner... early nov! diky help me... aahhahha

Saturday, October 18, 2008

crab crossing road~


9pm gathered at gazteng campus A.. nk prepare g malang. convoi 5 kete avanza+APV n boys naek motorcycle.. bestnyeh convoi rmai2..(3hrs journey)

my car - nad, arina, amar, thila, nou,zu n me.. n dolah as driver (tq dolah)

nk update psl nk pics dl fr mirul, amer.. ehhee.. (i cried that morning sbb my stuff terlock dlm k.nuzul's room) mcm xde mood at 1st.. but i think i played well ( ader yg puji) ahha.. bdk2 malang ader ckp i sepak bola kuat.. ( i terdengar ok..they talked to each other).. pura2 xdgrla. haha

nk cite psl crab.. time dh smpai kt bank niaga, malang ..while waiting for d bdk2 malang nk claim us.. tbe2 time nk turun kete..ade 1 big crab.. (menjerit2 tgk..sbb tkt kne sepit) ahahha.. name it as Mr.Crabby.. so mr.crabby nk cross jln..sbb takut dgr d gurls menjerit2 kot..shock! ahahha.. so kami takut dier terlenyek ngn kete tgh laju.. fun+fatehah dgn gagah perkasa.. sepak je that mr.crabby.. ahahhahahaa.... mejerit2 kami tgk!! (gegaye ezy nk sepit gune car key tp xlepas sbb takut) hahha...i suh masukkn mr.crabby dlm air2 lecak for dier nk hidup mkn lumpur (mcm ketam2 kt dlm longkang cmpus A ..esp kt bhgian lab anatomy tu)

itz really funny moment ... mr. crabby brings us luck to malang. when we won futsal gurls 1-0, handball gurls 10-4, soccer boys 8-0! tq .. nnt sye updated blog psl futsal !

Friday, October 17, 2008


time english class, pre-medic kt bandung dl..teringat time public speaking about my topic ~ crush

crush ..meaning jst minat or admire wif someone.. even he/she doesnt knw about it.. (kire mcm everytime he/she lalu dpn kite...or bertembung ke...eyes to eyes ke. we'll rasa excited yg teramat sgt) .. rasa mcm jantung berdebar2 (bkn arithmia ok.. tachycardi plak kang)

when u feel on crush wif some1, it will increase our adrenaline, so itz good for our health bcz ader kajian said it will bcm awet muda for us.. besides, we'll bcm fresh, spirit, smile all d way back home (heheh..mcm org gile plak)..

compare to couple, crush doesnt need any pengorbanan jiwa n raga (meaning no tear drops of blood) .. hiks... more important in crush there's no CLASH/BrEAk OFF/BuRn or what eva mcm happy2 je kn.. no complicated, no worries, studies gempaq je ,,,lgpn no maksiat (xdela merepek2..)

conclusion..bykkn la laa crush on people.. hahaha.. (sbb sye suke this boy tp suke jela..ahahhaahah..)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

mkn rmai2~

alamak sorry lambat post psl blog nih!

arituh burfdy min! so celebrate kt American's grills kt TP. bestttttt.. sbb meriah rmai org! syg kamu minnnnnn!! muahzz.. sye suke adam (pronounce it in english way,,jgn bhs indon nyeh) sbb he's kind..hehehe

p/s: spe2 nk pics meh la ambek kt umah..


today, 15th oct ...

burfdy izni! happy burfdy syg!! .... lambat nyeh izni 22thn!

last practice futsal..(penatnyeh my gastrocnomeus) match on 18th.. oh!! lwn ngn bdk2 uni brawijaya, malang (3hrs journey fr surabaya)

1 team boys (maen soccer), 2 futsal teamsl -gurlz n 2 handball teams-gurlz..

gerak ngn 4 kete.. hope menang! muahz

Monday, October 13, 2008

a woman without a breast~

my frenz, J (he is a boy) .. when he suddenly asked me about what is breast cancer, lumps n others.. i jst wonder y.. (adakah dier ader symptoms? hehhe)

so i jst answered him what i knew fr d notes (mcm student gempaq plak) ..finally he said that he knw this woman, age 26 n hving those symptoms. from our conversation, that woman, S is hving a few fibroadenoma ( mixed tumor that usually at reproductive years) on her breast. when i figured out that S really wants to lose her weight till she drinks jamu (i dont knw d composition of d jamu but she said she hd leucorrhea after consumed it). i advised her to stop n meet any OnG specialist.

J : i really concern about S

Me: i know u like her.

J: i want to have a wife wif no breast ... rather then a dead wife wif a breast.

Me : wow.. future loyal husband. hahahha

J: breast is not important. it cant accompany me till death. only wife can do that.

to J, i know that u're love is too high as a mountain..i jst wish that u'll get a healthy wife in future. yet 22 is too young huh?

to S, dont afraid of any obstacle in front of u. Allah knws what best in our

p/s: dont consumed any jamu that u're not really sure d side effects ( sbb kt pathologi anatomy ader patient kne breast ca sbb ambek jamu nk dptkn baby.) 1 of my closed ppl kne benign mature cystic teratoma sbb ambek jamu kurus. dh operate n she's fine now. be healthy. maen futsal lgk bagus!!! syglah nyawa anda~

Sunday, October 12, 2008

new bicycle~


happy!!! saturday, 11oct..

i jst get my new bike bicycle !

thanks diky for accompanied me to area pasar turi.. (sian dier tanyer2 bpk beca mane toko sepeda)

thanks along for d money! u r d best brother! syggggg along!

Rp 435,000


Wednesday, October 8, 2008


after blk raya.. trus turun practice futsal at parking fkg. rmaila turun maen..interesting.
frenly match wif msian students at unibraw, malang on 18th oct. ader hand ball too but i'm on really into it. prefer futsal. hoping for winning!!!! cheer for tempe penyekkkkk!! (haha ..buruk btol name team).. since my cat named kaka was lost.. so my jersey no is 22, intan... so past nyeh 10, frenny.

p/s : sok ader pretest pharmaco ader hati lgk tu nk update blog! insaffff

hari raya08

sedara mara kt Grik


raya thn nih xmeriah sgt! but i still really njoy it! went back to subang lpk ngn munchers. tdo umah izni.

blk kk..nothing much.sume last min preparation. beli kue raya last min. went out wif alaud. tp best g bazar!

blk kg, grik, mama's side.. mmg njoy dpt jmpe rmai relatives since whole fmly blk kg! pegi solat raya, ziarah kubur arwah tok che, blk2 penat tdo...zzz...bgn2 sume slng menyalahkn coz xpergi beraya! ahahah.. mlm pedal mkn laksa ..(kak yong 4pinggan skali gus!)..mmg puas! sukenyeh baby mia (she likes to eyes nose cantik!) hahhhaha.. suke baby mia! i called her anak burung..byk berckp! cit cit cit..

mkn ketupat,lemang, sup tulang yg dh abes bfr raya lgk!, rendang n kueh mueh mmg byk xtermakan! xkisah dh bab diet2 nih! pedeeiii gii.. lantok lee. ptg 2nd raya cousins sume g mandi sg! grik ader sg yg virgin lgk! pakcu rajen bwk bdk2 g playground n mandi sg! (teringat dl pakcu aja kami memancing!bkn gune joran..gne buluh je.umpan tepung, intan dpt sekor ikan yg kecik tp melompat nk rakkkkk...happy gegaye 1st time! ikan kecik sgt xleh nk bakar pun..lepas laa blk) baby fish,,baby neemo

blk alor star jmpe tok. best dpt jmpe asu, ateh n others.. jmpe blk cousin2 yg dl2 sume dh besar2 !! ish2..mcm anak gajah dah.. dl meleleh2 air luir..lemuihhh...berlumut2 dagu tu.. hahahaha... asu baek ksk byk sgt kerepek! yahoo..tq tok ksk yasin n doa (tp tertgl kt dlm kete plak.) adehh.... 4th raya syamsul dtg umah..beraya!

plg best dpt jmpe cicak n longkang@pungguk!!!! tu mmg plggggggggggggggggggggg sporting n syok!! rindu mama and abah!

duet rya dpt dlm rm130+ je! sketttt..... tp alhamdulilah!

journey AS-kk-subang-lcct memenatkn! whole day!