Tuesday, October 21, 2008

pregnant woman~

future young, intelligent and beautiful doctors~ giler PEDE..

yesterday, 20.10.2008

skills lab kt grabik 3rd floor.. that time we thought at 4th floor.. so dgn kepenatan we climbed d stairs still 4th floor ( nih gegaye lift rosak sje suh students exercises) .... tercungap2 .... sklaik wrong!!! at 3rd floor plak..turun blk.... (surabaya dhla panas mcm kne panggang dlm oven) ...lucky today ujan even kjap..tp lebat..alhamdulilah..

klakar when i wanna know which is back of fetus or placenta.. so i g tumbuk2 kt patung yg tgh pregnant kn baby tu.. ahahaha... den dayah, nouz n d others said fren doctor ganas xleh jd specialist OnG! ahahaha.... *time tu nk rasa yg mane,,,bkn btol2 lgk..lgpn br 1st time! ... (teringat time msk labor room jaga ngn dr.muazah time attachment kt hsptl kk dl )

dr.emi yg aja time tu.. ader mas batch 2002 aja gak..den baru specialist or PPDS obgyen dtg aja! he's so kind n bestt sgt! about leopold 1,2,3,4 and auscultation to hear heart rate of fetus.. *leopold is a palpation technique using our palm n fingers to feel d position of fetus

leopold 1- to measure the fundal height. raba using 1 finger of left hand bwh processus xyphoideus n jari2 tgn kanan as penyangga kt atas simphysis.. measure by cm or inch

leopold 2- to knw where to auscultate . the position of fetus either transverse lie, bridge presentation or olique. fetus either dorso superior or dorso inferior ke.. leh rasa backbone yg keras n unsymmetrical n his extremitas

leopold 3- use right hand on upper of symphysis to feel d head yg hard, homogen and round

leopold 4- nk tau if kpale fetus dh msk lom..leh check if nk dkt labor dh. if our fingers convergent or divergent..

itz relly interesting to learn about obstetric n gynae ... time blk raya arituh xsempat nk check makteh time pregnantkn 4th child.. sbb xblaja lgk time tu.. makteh dh dpt new baby gurl!! i hv new cousin!

p/s: being a specialist in OnG is my dream in future. insyaAllah. amin.


nadhirah mohd shakri said...

hhahahaha....gile la fren..explain satu2..mcm kuliah.
gudluck fren!nad mmg xnk amek ong..xkn..nad x tahan tgk org branak..nk pengsan

freNNy said...


rajen explain sbb minat!!! xder keje nk explain psl IKM.. !!! ader spe2 nk jd pakar dlm public health?? ahahha... sje pecut lari dl.... (tp xm IKM ssh..) sbb xpnh blaja..

tq nad.nad sll aja fren..mentor yg sgt2 cemerlang! kiter berjoli2 je... maen2 futsal..maen je.. tp results kne gempaq (wlpn xgempaq sye nih) aahahhaha..

nad..nnt nk bersalin... jmpe fren! ahahhaa fren smbut

safwanisa said...

bahasa apakah itu? font sy x dpt translate T_T

freNNy said...

bahasa rojak


xpayah translate.. hahaha... xder dlm dictionary pn..