Friday, October 31, 2008

miss mama~

i miss mama. hjh. norihan bt jaafar.

she's everything in my life..

time kecik2.. mama sll backing me if ader bwt slh ape2... mama lukiskn for my homework music.. (she loves to draw 3 of us -along,adik chik n me.. wif angsa-sbb dl bele angsa n kuceng).. so, sir akan puji that i've done well in my hmwork..get lots of stars!mama lukiskn for me time i was 8yrs old..ader competition cerita kisah2 intan lupe nk angkat lukisan kalah n i cried..

i love helping mama in kitchen or sediakan food for my family (nk harapkn nw cicak maken rajen)..time kecik2..bln ramadhan.. tlg mama bwt kue cara... nice..bwt kue raya.. den akan show off kt dad.. dad memuji2 me said "nih la anak abah yg bagus, anak perempuan rajen kt dapur".. now i love bwtkn hot cereals drink for mama

dl time sek ren. mama is my hero! mama akan dtg ke sek.. met my principle n teachers.. updated wif our studies, academic n co-curiculum. that's y we r active since young. plg best if mama nk jemput kami blk umah.. mama akan hon kete kuat ..then we will run cpt2 msk kete sbb malu mama hon kuat2.. (mama kater sng sket) tp if abah.. abah tgg je baek2 dlm kete.. hikss

since we're young, our burfday mesti akan dicelebrate every yr. mama suke bwt open hs.. since along n mine 29march, adik chik 14march.

mama suke if we active n berani in public. so kecik2 sll msk drawing, coloring contest. (intan sll won), pertandingan cerita2 nabi.. tp plg best.when i was 9yrs old..msk fancy-dress i get 1st place (msk dlm nwsppr the stars)..dress tu mama yg jahitkn! then when i msk decorate cake comp.. i get 5th place (membanggakn since xpnh bwt pn bfr this) .. my parents sll ckp i was creative n good in art..

mama suke menjahit. time kecik2.. almost every bj kurung sekolah.. mama jahitkn for adik chik n me. baju raya every yr..dress... bj tido..she's good in evertyhing! mama suke bwt crosstish (cmne nk eje?).. byk kt umah..

intan suke temankn mama g pasar..beli2 brg. mama suke melayan intan.. i still rmmbr, when i want 1handbeg bentuk lamb kt Avon(cute sgt).. mama said xpayahla..byk dh softtoys kt rumah.. skalik 1week after that..mama bwt suprised..taadaaaa..handbeg lamb for intan! time tu sgt sweet.. mama akan fullfill kn everything i want..thanks ma abah

mama suke ambil gambar.. if pegi mane2..mostly mama nyeh pic je bykkkkk.... :)

mama said "adik intan pkaila tudung jgn bukak2 k? dh besar now.. bkn budak2 lgk.. kn nmpk manis n ayu.." insyaAllah ma.. syg mama!

mom, everything u hv done to grows us from baby till nw..we really appreciate it.. nothing we can pay u ..only loves n prays that u will bcm strong to face ur next day. we always pray for ur healthy.

ma, we nvr let u cry bcs of our failure.. u will c us achieve success wif flying colors, become some1 important in our life 1day..insyaAllah

thanks mama..mama anta n ambek me kt hospital kk time i bwt attachment for 2weeks dl. i knw u cried 1st time n last day of my work.. i knw u proud of me.. seeing me 1step further to bcm a doctor.. i knw that is ur dream since i was a kid..insyaAllah ma.. wif ur prayers..

i always miss u.. i always love u. u r my hero in my heart. be strong ma.. we'll take care of u n abah.. we nvr stop praying for ma and abah..muahs!!

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