Wednesday, September 9, 2009

fake smile ~

i'm touched after get sms from my brother..

hmppp..kadang2 idop mmg susah..xsume selalu kt atas..

kdg2 aper yg kiter harapkan tu xmenjadi..

kdg2 org yg kiter trust.. betray at back

sometimes i tried to smile in fake.. just to cover up everything but actually really deep in heart.. i was crying emotionally..

Saturday, September 5, 2009

when big brother starts to talk ~

along " kamu xtakut ke dah umur 23 xder bf lagek? atleast perempuan 25 dh kne kawin tu okla"
me "errkkkkk...." speechless..

maybe it is necessary for a brother to advise his sister about future in marriage.. or maybe i should move on to find d perfect "kumbang"

anyway along...thanks for ur support bro ! love u as always.. u'r rock bebeh!!!

*between my brother n sister.. we always have open conversation about anything..also wif my parents* ... good communication can create long lasting bonding of relationship either in family members, friends or partner.