Friday, February 27, 2009

save money~

what should i do when the world was pressure with issue of recession?
when i watched Oprah Show, they said that we need to save our money, less budjet, control and limit the flow of money, saving for future..

our country, Malaysia in 1997 (that time i was in standard 5). i still remember when our government intro 'inflasi sifar'. do u still remember that? but in that year, only Asian country was in economy crisis manipulated by George Soros.

today, it's spread all over the world. most of the world face the impact of the 'disease' esp when US dollar drop..

1)dad always said, use pocket money and spend it wisely. (ok dad!)

2)no more shopping. no more new clothes and new shoes. (window shopping is still allowed)

3)use my prepaid cell phone only for calling if emergency. sms is better. thanks to XL for the free messages and free call up to midnight.

4)no movies on weekends Rp 30k. weekdays only Rp25k but monday Rp20k! (try not to watch movies if the movies are not listed in top 5 movies or not receive any awards or oscar.. hehehe)

5)do not eat at 'too grand restaurant' because the prices are 'too shinny'. homemade cook is better perhaps will help me to improve my skills in kitchen. (dad said daughter has to learn how to cook. cook for future husband and kids)

6)no more honeymoon and traveling all over Indonesia. at 1st plan to go to Bandung. budjet minimum confirm Rp2juta (around rm400). 2nd place plan to go to Lombok (in dream). since i love travel. last places i went was Bali after Jogja.

7)i think Beca is one of the expensive public transport here. cycle to campus
with my pink ferrari is good for my health and save the planet from air pollution,save money to buy gas. try to pick Angkot rather then Cab

8)stay inside house. dont go out unless if really necessary.prevent ur skin from UV lights.hehehhe

9)dont buy any pet. 1st the price of the pet and 2nd food for them to eat. if they die, we will see how our money burn and die together with the animals. rabbit can easily die in hot weather of Surabaya. fish can die easily and always have to clean the aquarium and change the water (not my taste). i think get any stray cat as my pet is good. give them bones they will love it

10)thanks to JPA for allowance. hug n kiss

Thursday, February 26, 2009

frogs are anywhere~

26 feb 09,

i went to carrefour with aimi, my housemate. i listed a few things that we need to buy for our house..


so, we make a deal~ i buy the fish and aimi gonna buy the chicken ..

pilih2 laa ikan kembong (even i'm not so sure about how to identify the fresh fish. what i know that mom said from the eyes.. hmpp.. 'kne mate merah or xmerah?')

while waiting for orang yg jaga tu nak siang 2ekor ikan kembong.. i walked around to see the other seafood.. wow..prawns, crabs.. (sedap nih if masak..) ...... till my eyes catch something.. huh? what the hackkk??

frog legs?? >>>> kaki katak 100gram Rp 4,000 (ehehe memandai je bwt harga). i've read a nice novel (Chinese Cinderella) mentioned that frog legs sgt2 enak bangat! yummy then chicken wings.. wanna try??

ieuuww.... grosssss!!

1st thing in my head! damn.. i'm sure he gonna use the same chopping board and knife for my fishes! (xlalu nk makan laaa)

--galaxy mall, in ranch market..i was shocked and menjerit mcm org gile sbb terkejut+geli ..beribu2 lemon KODOK dlm 1 aquarium!! --

p/s: i love msia !! carrefour msia asingkan frogs ngn seafood! they r not the same ok! frogs are not seafood..they are amphibia. tlg la..geli ok si lompat melompat merata2 warna hijau.. plz jangan mkn katak sebab nk pupus dah (hehehe..sesuka hati je)

Friday, February 20, 2009

bapak n ibu yg baik hati ~

tadi g TP-tunjungan plaza ngn nouz n apan. nk kuar kan duet Rp50.000 tp terkeluar Rp500.000 .. waa..magic btol !

i just wanna share my life in Surabaya since i was here in 2006 till now..those kind-hearted Indonesians ~

1) smlm jalan2 balik fr dinner ngn kawan. plan nk makan sate (bkn sate babi) kt karmen tp xder. so frustrated makan kt ayam penyet je. so odw nak blk tu.. lewat sungai busuk belakang rumah thila ..(sg yg xberjalan air, busuk, jijik, tikus kucing anjing mati, color hijau, penuh flora fauna, sampah sarap yg 'wangi',pencemaran alam yg 'indah dinikmati')..-seniors2 dulu time dieroang freshie kne rendam dlm sg tu time orientation.kejam kan?-
odw lewat sg tu, i xtutup hidung,xloya,xmuntah pun bcz dah immune (i'm tough).. i met a nice old lady (i just clled her ibu)..sll tego2 ibu tu.she always seat there almost every nite wearing kain pelekat (berkemban).. dlm hati sye "xsejuk ke ibu nih sexy2 tgh2 mlm".. dl ader seekor monyet kt situ..selalu nk ngorat sye (lari xkejar tanah)..mane pegi dah monyet tu?? dh mati ke? i clled that monkey - mike-

me:hello ibu. apa khabar?
ibu: oya baik aja. gak pulang ke malaysia?
me: udah ibu. 2 minggu. ibu, ini ada gorengan (roti coklat digoreng) untuk ibu.
ibu: THANKS yaa...
me: wow!!! u're welcome (dlm hati.. caya laa ibu ckp bhse omputih)

2) before masuk my gang rumah, there is a lady aged around 30+.. ibu tu pekak n bisu..awal2 xtau pun dier cacat.. every time lalu nak g campus or blk umah, mesti syer tegor n angkat tgn kt dier.. 2x she helped me bfr.
1st time nak cross jalan (i hate surabaya traffic jam hell).. mcm stucked berjam2 xleh nk cross (mcm anak ayam nk cross xdpt2) tibe2 dier dtg n pegang me..tlg syer melintas jln! "baeknyeh ibu nih"
2nd, odw nak blk umah fr campus, i cycled laa my 'ferrari'.. tibe2 pedal terjatuh. suddenly an angel fr heaven tlg fixed kan blk (ibu tula). i nak bayar but she refused to accept money. baek kan?

3) an old bapak beca. he's so old, kecik n sedihla tgk dier bawak beca. dier parking beca dier kt gang my house (kedong pengkol). every time nak kuar rumah, mesti tegor bapak tu. borak2.. kdg2 xphm aper dier ckp... (bwt angguk2 jela).. dier mcm xder rumah, tdo kt beca je everynite (sure sakit belakang)..mlm2 tgk die mcm kesejukan xder blanket. dier baek tlg pinjam kan hammer dl.

4) everytime lalu kt gang2 rumah (kwsn perumahan).. org2 kg esp org2 tua baek. senyum. so kiter pun tegur la "permisi bu, pak" .. they will reply "mongga mbak" (bhse Jawa)

5) barula tau, if we r driving and wanna ask for direction, itz rude if we just pgl org kat tepi jalan n trus tanyer direction without keluar fr our car. the proper way is, we hv to get out fr seat and go near to them. ask direction politely

6) they always use those words "permisi-excuse me", "makasih-tq"..bla2.. yg sopan2 la

7) i love my maid! dh 3yrs dier keje kt my house nih. ibu hollick (bukan vico or milo).. nw she's pregnant 5months.. ok bwt keje slow2 jgn berat2..dier sgt2 baek!

chup2.. eh kenapa tibe2 puji ni ? haha.. because when my family came here for family vacation, they said that Indonesians are polite n friendly..if kt KL..neighbor pn xknal each other, xsapa..(pnh dlm survey Readers Digest, Malaysians r listed as kurang mesra n rude.)

p/s: be frenly to all, someday those strangers will help u one1. itz not hard to gv a smile to ppl around u.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

an orange fr my mother~

me: hello mama. mama dh makan ke?
mama: dah, tgh tunggu abah balik..adik intan dh makan ?

............ conversation bwtn a daughter n a mother.................................

mama: ader x buah limau mama letak dlm beg adik intan?
me: ader..sebijik! hahah

both of us laugh .. hahahaha... lawak gell....

because 1day before at USJ11, mama asked me to bring those mandarin oranges back to surabaya. but i refused .. sebab berat beg..buku harrison pn dh berat!!

so mama senyap2 letak kan sebiji in my hand luggage.. (suppose mama nk letak 3biji) ..

p/s: mama, u're so kind.. i love u body n soul.. doakan intan success in studies .. i always pray for ur health.. dad too.. n ampunkan dosa2 kiter sume..amin :)

angan2 mat jenin~

pmr .. munchers 9903

when i was a child. my parents already set in my mind .. "when u grow up, what do u want to be?" .. automatically, "a doctor!"
(sampai sekarang, all of my little cousin answer d same.. but i aja baby yummy,4yrs old "AN ARTIST!".. but she cant pronounce it well so jadi "a teeth"

when i was a child 5-8 years old. my doll n beruang selalu jd mangse as my patient.. (i still syg my bear yg xder mate tu..bear tu buruk gell)

my dream since i was 17,

after i finished my pre-medical, then i continue my degree in medic..

den, i set in my mind, i'm looking forward to further my studies in obstetric& gynecology (O&G) - time osce, leopord pn, tersilap position baby n fetus heart rate (i said normal pdhl songsang n FHR i said normal too pdhl bradycardi ..hehehe sbb nervous gell). plan nk sambung kt overc (plzz negara yg ader snow! since indonesia xder!).. tapi if dpt local.. i'm happy too..

so, i want my husband a doctor too.. it's not because i'm too choosy (certain time of period).. it's easy for me to spend our time together.. n further our studies in same university for specialist.. (nih angan2 when i was a teenager) .. sekarang cool je..

when i was in TKC (aged around 15-17), timun a good frenz of me.. real name fatimah azman.. kami mmg plan nk bangunkan TKMC - tunku kurshiah medical center. now she's in 4th yr medic in russia.. doakan our dreams come true ..

p/s: when a child is dreaming about his/her future, dont under estimate it.. give them chance to speak up for themselves

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

lovely systa


lovely systa~

my systa show 2 me 1 sms fr unknown num ..

unknown : hye, name sye ^%&#@ .. sye nak berkenalan ngn awk. sye ader kete honda jazz, tanah kt damansara, sye ader apartment kt cheras, sye kerje tetap.. boleh sye nk berkenalan rapat ngn awk?

systa : oh, saya miskin. ayah petani, mak toreh getah.. sye ader 10 adik beradik..hidup melarat. sanggup ke awk nak tanggung sye?

we jst laugh ,, ahahahha.. kalau ye pun.. xpyh nk bangge ngn asset awk tu!!pembohong. jo-bo je lebih !! budjet gell.. selamat adikku bijak! like her systa~

p/s : dont trust any1 esp man in sms.. (PANGKAH SIAP2)

Monday, February 16, 2009

detik2 terakhir~

15th feb..

"last call flight AK917 to Surabaya"..

alamak !! i'm having my lunch wif family kt foodcourt LCCT.. trus stop mkn (food byk lgk xabes)..salam2 ngn mama, abah n noni (cousin).. along anta smpai dpn nk msk international flight tu ..smpt lgk posing ambek pic..hehe..

carik2 boarding pass.. gate T5 ! terlari2 ..abg yg jaga gate tu..
"cik, cepat sket nih.. flight dh nk berlepas"

dlm cabin "calling for miss intan farhana"
uishh famoussss ~

selamat sempat.. smpai2 surabaya.. blk umah.aimi xblk lgk..alone ..

16th feb

630am.. ringgg... alarm clock.. "ala..awal lgk class 8am"

830am.. sms fr thila -" fren, dr. endang ambek absensi for pharmaco"

rush2,, tukar baju.. xmandi xbrush my teeth.. trus naek beca.. alamak! xder duet kecik..sume rp50k .. "pak, ntar siang saya bayar yaa rp5k sama bapak..gak ada receh".. slmt bapak beca sporting..

845am .. masuk lecture hall mcm tikus.. terlari2 naik tangge.. fuhhhh selamat !! dr xperasan aku !!! (dlm otak dh ligat pikir reasons nk bg kt dr if terkantoi)

'intan farhana' dr endang clled me.. sye pn angkat tgn.. jawap soklan.. dlm hati LEGE .. fuhhhh..

14th feb

the curve, damansara

14th feb 09

valentine's day.. couples went out for candle light dinner.. while me? had a nice dinner wif family kt the ship, kg baru, kl.

best gak dpt jln2 g petaling street.. lame x g sne..rmai tourists..

sempat blk kg, grik. visit mok (grandma) n relatives.. maksu n

tp plg best..that nite..went out wif along..tgk movie GENG UPIN N IPIN !!! bESSSTTTTT 5 stars for 1st 3D in msia !!!!! support product msia..

thanks to mama, abah for everything n money too..along sbb bwk jln2 n adik chik sbb bwk g ikea, ikano, the curve ! my lovely family~

Thursday, February 5, 2009

blk kampung~

2nd feb !

kak niza, fren, amenk n mirul naek kaha off to juanda about 1hour fr our place.. mirul d superb lembap kalah perempuan make-up ...tgg berjam2 baru siap.. ahahha.. (nvw my lovely agentmate.. kami xmembebel).. den said bye2 to aiman, mail, apan yg sgt2 sengal..

that morning on d same day.. we jst had our finals papers.. pathophysio n ikm (public health)... klakar gell time nk seat ppr ikm.. i was behind mirul n beside apan.. time tgh2 bwt exam tu.. duk pandang2 apan.. both tergelak2.. u know what?? bknnyeh sbb menyontek (meniru).. sbb both xtau aper jawapan..n soklan maut nyeh blanko..hahahah..apan looked at me.. tergelak2.. "aku xtutup pn jawapan aku, bukak je.. bagi org meniru.. tapi xder sorang pn nak meniru aku" -apan. hahhhaha...spe nak meniru if soklan ikm maut nyeh susah..

smapi juanda. checked in.. alamak!! delayed almost 2hrs.. nk g mkn2 dl..xder duet.amenk n me totally pokai.. beli roti boy pn tong-tong duet..haahha.. anyway thanks to kak niza..dh spent us minum2..

smpai msia 11pm.. i waited for my brother n sista.. 1am baru smpai.. buhsan2 tgg kt kfc..slmt ader ringgit.. if rupiah mane nk laku.. belila 1set kfc.. "aik..kenapa rm11+??? kfc dh naek harge ke?" gegaye dh lame xblk msia n xmkn kfc.. rupenyeh bru teringat food kt airport mhl sket..

blk usj11.. mama abah ader gak.. yeayy!! gathering whole family.. pegi d curve, ikano,ikea.. i pointed at anything .. sume dpt beli !! yeayyy!! adik n me beli byk2 food since both of us study jauh2 (chewah..cicak jst kt sarawak je n me indon je pun)

g kamal bookstore.. nk beli pediatric nellson n internal medicine harrison.. for 3books dh rm500+ !! parah!! dhla tebal hell n berat..abesla flite blk over 15kg comfirm! last2 bl harrison dl !

my superb holiday in msia~