Monday, February 16, 2009

14th feb

the curve, damansara

14th feb 09

valentine's day.. couples went out for candle light dinner.. while me? had a nice dinner wif family kt the ship, kg baru, kl.

best gak dpt jln2 g petaling street.. lame x g sne..rmai tourists..

sempat blk kg, grik. visit mok (grandma) n relatives.. maksu n

tp plg best..that nite..went out wif along..tgk movie GENG UPIN N IPIN !!! bESSSTTTTT 5 stars for 1st 3D in msia !!!!! support product msia..

thanks to mama, abah for everything n money too..along sbb bwk jln2 n adik chik sbb bwk g ikea, ikano, the curve ! my lovely family~


V said...

bagos cite dia kan..? i LIke..

freNNy said...

bestttt upin n ipin !!!! comell.... kak ros garang...