Wednesday, February 18, 2009

angan2 mat jenin~

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when i was a child. my parents already set in my mind .. "when u grow up, what do u want to be?" .. automatically, "a doctor!"
(sampai sekarang, all of my little cousin answer d same.. but i aja baby yummy,4yrs old "AN ARTIST!".. but she cant pronounce it well so jadi "a teeth"

when i was a child 5-8 years old. my doll n beruang selalu jd mangse as my patient.. (i still syg my bear yg xder mate tu..bear tu buruk gell)

my dream since i was 17,

after i finished my pre-medical, then i continue my degree in medic..

den, i set in my mind, i'm looking forward to further my studies in obstetric& gynecology (O&G) - time osce, leopord pn, tersilap position baby n fetus heart rate (i said normal pdhl songsang n FHR i said normal too pdhl bradycardi ..hehehe sbb nervous gell). plan nk sambung kt overc (plzz negara yg ader snow! since indonesia xder!).. tapi if dpt local.. i'm happy too..

so, i want my husband a doctor too.. it's not because i'm too choosy (certain time of period).. it's easy for me to spend our time together.. n further our studies in same university for specialist.. (nih angan2 when i was a teenager) .. sekarang cool je..

when i was in TKC (aged around 15-17), timun a good frenz of me.. real name fatimah azman.. kami mmg plan nk bangunkan TKMC - tunku kurshiah medical center. now she's in 4th yr medic in russia.. doakan our dreams come true ..

p/s: when a child is dreaming about his/her future, dont under estimate it.. give them chance to speak up for themselves


:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

heheh gud luk .i hope TKMC is a reality! and husband doctor also ! waw...hawt! now kite semua dah tau la ciretasa fren sebenar nye. hahaha...

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

good luck!insyaAllah boleh..
nnty klau jd bukak TKMC,ajak nad keje kt situ..hahaha

freNNy said...

chikine !

auuww. malunyeh i bercerita psl my dream husband plak..tu dulu laa.. skrang xkesah dah... bpk beca pn alrite je..hahaha (oppsss..)

yee doakan TKMC!!

freNNy said...



dl kteoang angan2.. timun jd pengarah TKMC.. i jd timbalan pengarah la...

ok!! nad.. since u r lovely doctor.. i accept u keje!! muaxx,,,

shAiNe.aLi said...

bagusnya fren,,
hohoho...things are quite different for me.xpernah terfikir nk jadi doc walopon 5T my classmates dulu tu bleh bilang brape org xnak jadi doc.igt dulu nak jadi journalist jln2 satu dunia,but god knows better.xpernah terfikir pon nak kawen doc,alih2 bercenta bagai dgn bakal doc.sungguh ke jadi doc[hahahahaha]?!!

i am doing this for my father,but started liking this job.maybe a pediatrician one day;)

freNNy said...


syazerq.. jom join TKMC !! those doctors ex-TKCians... sounds cool huh !!

pediatric ??? bley gakla.. tp mcm lemas kot ngn children..ahahhaha

good2.. nnt intro ur bf.. ala.. sye je xder bf dr.. syazerq dh ader... lalalal.. ahahha..miss yah

daju said...

i remember about some of us discussing about the tkmc..the place was in the canteen..and not only doctors can work there, tp mcm those engineers help to design and built..etc..

hey..nk keje kt tkmc..hmm..probably in the admin/mgmt side..eheh..

do u know the late randy pausch..go and watch his last lecture..kt youtube byk..inspiring..about his childhood dreams~

freNNy said...

daju' !! haahha serious ke?? about yg kt canteen we talked about it.. xbpe ingat..

oo..yea... engineers n architect also we need.. n u also !! bley keje kt admin or management.. yup..u r welcome..

randy pausch?? oo..later i'll watch it.. thanks darling