Friday, February 27, 2009

save money~

what should i do when the world was pressure with issue of recession?
when i watched Oprah Show, they said that we need to save our money, less budjet, control and limit the flow of money, saving for future..

our country, Malaysia in 1997 (that time i was in standard 5). i still remember when our government intro 'inflasi sifar'. do u still remember that? but in that year, only Asian country was in economy crisis manipulated by George Soros.

today, it's spread all over the world. most of the world face the impact of the 'disease' esp when US dollar drop..

1)dad always said, use pocket money and spend it wisely. (ok dad!)

2)no more shopping. no more new clothes and new shoes. (window shopping is still allowed)

3)use my prepaid cell phone only for calling if emergency. sms is better. thanks to XL for the free messages and free call up to midnight.

4)no movies on weekends Rp 30k. weekdays only Rp25k but monday Rp20k! (try not to watch movies if the movies are not listed in top 5 movies or not receive any awards or oscar.. hehehe)

5)do not eat at 'too grand restaurant' because the prices are 'too shinny'. homemade cook is better perhaps will help me to improve my skills in kitchen. (dad said daughter has to learn how to cook. cook for future husband and kids)

6)no more honeymoon and traveling all over Indonesia. at 1st plan to go to Bandung. budjet minimum confirm Rp2juta (around rm400). 2nd place plan to go to Lombok (in dream). since i love travel. last places i went was Bali after Jogja.

7)i think Beca is one of the expensive public transport here. cycle to campus
with my pink ferrari is good for my health and save the planet from air pollution,save money to buy gas. try to pick Angkot rather then Cab

8)stay inside house. dont go out unless if really necessary.prevent ur skin from UV lights.hehehhe

9)dont buy any pet. 1st the price of the pet and 2nd food for them to eat. if they die, we will see how our money burn and die together with the animals. rabbit can easily die in hot weather of Surabaya. fish can die easily and always have to clean the aquarium and change the water (not my taste). i think get any stray cat as my pet is good. give them bones they will love it

10)thanks to JPA for allowance. hug n kiss


aleng said...

jimat cermat sungguh kamu..gud2 well manage plan. make sure u follow k.=)

freNNy said...

hahah.. xjadi pun follow.. dh abes byk duet dh g beronggeng kt bandung n bogor! hahahah

:+:+:+:ayenaucyuk:+:+:+: said...

fren, dh dpt ke allowance tu?? dh apply eh?

freNNy said...


i dh bgtau kan kt u before?
bagi name and IC kt ketua each angkatan.. if mine mirul.. i dont know urs who.. sbb ikut angkatan n course gk..if i FK 06 under mirul..

i dh tnyer JPA ..they said bagi name ramai2 mcm tu..nnt they anta ke Jakarta.. abg Daus pun ader ckp gak arituh..
or u can ask abg daus how.. cepat2.. nnt tutup application ..hehhee