Thursday, February 26, 2009

frogs are anywhere~

26 feb 09,

i went to carrefour with aimi, my housemate. i listed a few things that we need to buy for our house..


so, we make a deal~ i buy the fish and aimi gonna buy the chicken ..

pilih2 laa ikan kembong (even i'm not so sure about how to identify the fresh fish. what i know that mom said from the eyes.. hmpp.. 'kne mate merah or xmerah?')

while waiting for orang yg jaga tu nak siang 2ekor ikan kembong.. i walked around to see the other seafood.. wow..prawns, crabs.. (sedap nih if masak..) ...... till my eyes catch something.. huh? what the hackkk??

frog legs?? >>>> kaki katak 100gram Rp 4,000 (ehehe memandai je bwt harga). i've read a nice novel (Chinese Cinderella) mentioned that frog legs sgt2 enak bangat! yummy then chicken wings.. wanna try??

ieuuww.... grosssss!!

1st thing in my head! damn.. i'm sure he gonna use the same chopping board and knife for my fishes! (xlalu nk makan laaa)

--galaxy mall, in ranch market..i was shocked and menjerit mcm org gile sbb terkejut+geli ..beribu2 lemon KODOK dlm 1 aquarium!! --

p/s: i love msia !! carrefour msia asingkan frogs ngn seafood! they r not the same ok! frogs are not seafood..they are amphibia. tlg la..geli ok si lompat melompat merata2 warna hijau.. plz jangan mkn katak sebab nk pupus dah (hehehe..sesuka hati je)


*SailorMira* said...

i hate frogssss~~~
frogs are tak halal, jgn try...jgn3..please...haha...
i've seen the frog kat carre4 since first sem but i've never imagine them using the same knife to potong2 the ikan to cut it....wekkkk~

~BluEBerRy~ said...

zu suke katak...hehehe
but only karopi je lar yg die suke.. cina mkn 4 healty..
org kt sini plak mkn jer sume benda yg ada n bley dmkn..

freNNy said...


amar jom g ranch market kt GM ! fren blanje kodok 1 porsi !! mau mau mau?? hahaahhaha...enak lohhh

freNNy said...

zu suke karopi.. muke dier pn dh sebijik mcm katak pisang.. esp time pkai bj n tudung hijau !! *jahatneyh* hahahahha...

org snih makan je sume yg ader.. sbb economy kan.. prot lapar..ngap je la ape2 melompat kt dlm longkang

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

hrm..yummy frog legs...!

freNNy said...

come i spend u lang ! nice

mektoq said...

eeuuwww..potong katak dgn ikan guna pisau yg sama?? owhhh..tidakkk!! geli geleman teman..ish..

freNNy said...

hikss..hye mektoq

biasa la tu .. dh katak same tmpt ngn seafood.. hihhihih..

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

i duduk siam dulu and mmg kat pasar malam deorunk jual frogs, they say it's so0 yummy. it's commercial..if frogs halal. i might try one myself. ahahha.. wecko!

hahaha.. and may be kentucky friend frogs might exists.hahaha..!