Tuesday, December 30, 2008


i'm sad when i read the stars online..

Israel hit the Gaza Strip with more air strikes on Tuesday and said its military action could last weeks, while rockets fired by Islamist Hamas struck deep inside the Jewish state.
Medical officials put Palestinian casualties since Saturday at 383 dead and more than 800 wounded. A United Nations agency said at least 62 of the dead were civilians. In all, four Israelis have been killed since the operation began.

"We are living in horror, we and our children. The situation is not just bad, it is tragic," said Gaza resident Abu Fares, standing outside his home, near the rubble of a building that was bombed and destroyed overnight.
The United Nations and the European Union's executive arm have called for an immediate truce. But Israeli Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit said "there is no room for a ceasefire" with Hamas until the threat of rocket fire had been removed.

The Israeli military "has made preparations for long weeks of action," added Matan Vilnai, a deputy defence minister, in broadcast remarks

save the innocent, stop the war! whole world are against it! let them live in peace..

1 lgk case psl blog hina Nabi Muhammad SAW. sakit hati baca. bfr this pnh issue kt newsppr hina our beloved Prophet .. we as Muslim should do something to save our religious..cpt2 tangkat org2 jahat tu! hidup xtenteram btol! i love Islam~

Monday, December 29, 2008


2 weeks i'm stucked in surabaya. while most of my classmate went back to homeland. even he went back to msia fr US. i'm not. i'm stronger then yesterday :)

i have nothing much to do. plan to go to jogja. visit loot+izni since both r my soulmates since TKC. but unfortunately all tren tickets soldout coz of xmas n new year.

arituh. nad ajak g swimming at atlas sports center. so we went there on 25dec. bad luck. it was closed coz of xmas n bapak beca charged us 15k! so damn expensive. so d next day, we went again..acap was so nice picked me up at home. arina, acap, nad n me hv such a great swimming lesson..eheh.. played d extremly lajunyeh slide n si ugly ducking si acap! quek..quek..
odw back home..acap, nad n me naik 1 motor! 3 ppl in 1 capcai motor! haha.. but suddenly we were in wrong way.. flood! acap's motor stucked in d middle of flood..paras betis! air masuk exos! so acap tolakla his motor! sory gell acap!.. nad said "ptt kiter pkai je swimming suit..trus terjun swimming dlm banjir plak.haha..xpyh mandi lgk td!" haha.. den 1 of my slipper tercopot ..mcm cinderella la plak. nad takut pacat, me takut katak, acap cool gamble je dorong his motor!

arituh amar ajak g TP. so we went out for shopping since zara n MNG up to 70% sales. even i was so damn broke! leh lgk tu shopping! we nak beli slipper roxy..tp kidsnyeh..size plg besa is 5! xmuat so beli tumble la..bestla kt TP1 got tempat for massage! best2! ahaha.. so amar nk tdo my hs that nite! taxi pun antala infront of my hs! bukak2 pintu! oh goshhhhh!! flood in my lovely house! kami berjalan2 ngn suka hati! ahahah.. amar "patut kiter beli je bikini roxy..pkai trus..den masuk ur house trus terjun!" haahha.. finally, that nite i carried amar wif my pinky ferrari (bike) to her house! dlm ujan2.. i pkai plastic bag cover my head! sume org tengok sbb weird kot!hahaha.. tq amar tmpngkn umah..kak yana n kak aminah too (sye mangsa banjir)

salam maal hijrah to all muslim over d world! smlm bwt sembahyang berjemaah, baca doa awal n akhir tahun, baca yasin n ceramah. nice..new year, new evolution, new spirits~

nihla kehidupan ku di shinny city of surabaya. if panas, too hot. if musim hujan, too floody.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

bali trip ~

kintamani- kabus tebal at mount + danau yg cun

8 of us in nusa dua, bali

nothing can describe it.. only wif one word >> HEAVEN <<
munchers = stupa in tanah lot, bali

pic sume dh upload kt facebook ..check it out

bali trip wif loot, izni, fracess, chikune, jae, azmi, alan n me. 8 of us

solo-jogja-surabaya-bali (thanks to alan bali and abg nas helped us lots in bali)..
roadtrip yg sgt advanture.. fren loot usha wisata+map bali bkk internet..sesat2 tnye org2 bali.. mkn sardin kt restaurant mewah kt kintamani n ns goreng (izni jae chef berjaya)

kt bali g uluwatu, dreamland, sanur (g ke?), kuta, denpasar, kintamani, tanah lot, nusa dua..shopping best gell..view sgt2 cun.. jom g lagek !!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

living cabin~

stranded in Surabaya..

blackout.. -pen off- no study- no activities- walking like a zombie in d dark-

banjir - in my own house- stuck- (wif aimi, anis munirah, mirul )- cancel discussion pharmaco at my house- cant go out coz banjir kt luar gak- my hs dah jadi sawah- dinner wif McD delivery- pray on bed-

mosquito -HITS n baygon 24hrs- cant sleep tide-dont lets d bugs bite u- dengue-

'winter' -cold- cool- comforter - ini Surabaya or Bandung? -sweater- mane sunshine?-

-flu- cough- sore throat- diarrhea- high body temperature- homesick sbb if kat umah family can tc of me n bermanja2-

p/s: hidup susah di Indonesia doesnt mean that i'm weak.. itz weather changes n we as human.. jst accept it fr God.. ppl said susah dahulu senang kemudian.. xper2.. cabaran hidup as student ... nnt dah keje sure nih sume nice memories..but not nice to face it again kottt..hahahaha

Thursday, December 11, 2008

si putih~

rabbit yg dh lalok kne anestesi

last pharmacology practicum on thursday 11dec08

bestnyeh this time nye lab..gune hewan coba kelinci (rabbit)...

comell..we named her si putih.. (si putih is a gurl)

dlm experiment .. we gv her ether.. as general anesthetic..
kindy dgr heart beat si putih gune stetoscope, zu bg ether kt si putih, amer n d others hold tgn n kaki si putih, icha catat timing n results while me tgk ocular sign, reflect cahaya n pupil, n muscle tone si putih ...
klakar time nk bg respond to pain kt si putih.. i jepit telinga ngn Clem (no respond).. so jepit kt kaki si putih.. dier berontak2..menjerit kami! ahahah.. (si putih cakar tgn fren..) ouchh sakitt..yoga pn kne..smpai bleeding tgn yoga

interesting team work..

stage 1- analgesia, consciousness, respiration normal
stage 2- pupil dilatation, tachycardia
stage 3 plane 3- respiration regular,pupil dilation,tachycardia,unconsciousness (dh bley bwt operation kt si putih)
stage 4- respiration slower, pupil midriasis, low BP, depression of medula oblongata >>fatal

biler dh sampai stage 3 plane 3.. we stop gave her ether.. (nnt mati si putih)..baringkan si putih dkt aircond..usap2 dier..(doctor said kne belai animals yg kiter gune tu..bg kasih syg)hehehehe..

p/s: amer ckp sate kelinci sdp! nyum2..si putih


mlm raya i clled mak's hs.. (i clld my opah=mak since she tc of my siblings when my parents out to office..since we were small) *syg mak*

berborak2 wif maksu, abah n mama.. as usual.. meminta maaf if anything i've done wrong ke ape2 slh la..maaf zhr btn..

abah: adik intan raya mcmne? ok x? kwn tkc tu kt indon lagi la (ad)
me: raya sok g mkn2 ...students msia bwt jamuan..ad join skalik..baik ad bg intan rt canai n rt prata instant bwk dr msia..
abah: oh.. bgs2..eh adik intan bf ape khabar?
me: huh? bf? hahahahaa (laughing)
abah: yela bf mane? nnt intro kt abah occay..
mama: adik intan.. bf mane? (mama sanggup bgn fr tmpt tido nk berckp wif me)
me: mane de bf ma,, mama cari kn la..
mama: ok nk mama carikn? nk doctor gak??
me: hahahaha...

along such a "good brother".. mengintro kn him to my family..

xder ape2 pn laa mama abah..but 1 thing that i'm really2 glad to hear fr my mom.. that she's doing very well...just like bfr..dh sembuh..alhamdulilah..mama dh suke menyakat2 kami.. mcm dulu..oh i really miss u ma.. thanks Allah coz hear my prayers.

p/s: b strong ma, coz we always support u fr behind.. we love u so much, no 1 can replace ur place as our beloved mother..u r such a beautiful wife, sporting mother and loving woman..

lepak2 wif ad~

di petang raya..

br anta ad n dida g stsn gubeng..they r odw to jogja..jmpe loot kt sne plak. sdy xdpt ikut:(

gonna miss them so much..lepak2 wif them..mkn yg sdp2..bergosip non-stop smpai fren bgn lmbt xg class!!

hahahha... ad bdk medic yg sempoi+kecoh+gila2 otak...muke xmalu..sume dier laa...hahahahaha...what so eva pun ad.. fren loves u so much.. u r such a great frenz...frenship 4eva~

hug u till u cant breath.. muax!! sisterhood 4va~ (bdk2 tkc 9903 mmg spirit)

thanks for d rt canai+rt prata!! such an understanding frenz... sbb kt snih xder maple..

they shopping horror gell.. grab everything!! perday spent 1juta+ ahahhaha...tercabut kaki aku ikut ko shopping...abes 1 surabaya nyeh mall dieorang dh tawaf...

next time dtg ngn dida lgk ok!! g bromo plak.. hehhee...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

sayu takbir raya~

homesick nyeh..

when i heard takbir raya..

10zulhijrah..slmt hari raya aidiladha..

homesick.. miss family. 4 of them (mom,dad,along,adik chik) went back to grik..mom's side..

ym wif my cousin, syafiq at langgar, alor star.. tok bwt rendang, ketupat (ktpt jagung sgt2 best), rendang, ns impit, laksam.. oh betapa meriah nya!

homesick.. 4yrs i've nvr been in msia to celebrate raya haji wif my family. i always pray for them... pink of health n diampunkn suma dosa2.. n also arwah2 keluarga yg telah meniggal dunia.. umat islam yg masih hidup atau pn telah meninggal dunia.

sayu nyeh dgr takbir raya~ mama, abah forgive me in any sins i've done bfr. i tried to be ur perfect daughter... n also my family.. n any1 who i've done mistakes bfr forgive me..maaf zhr btn~