Monday, December 29, 2008


2 weeks i'm stucked in surabaya. while most of my classmate went back to homeland. even he went back to msia fr US. i'm not. i'm stronger then yesterday :)

i have nothing much to do. plan to go to jogja. visit loot+izni since both r my soulmates since TKC. but unfortunately all tren tickets soldout coz of xmas n new year.

arituh. nad ajak g swimming at atlas sports center. so we went there on 25dec. bad luck. it was closed coz of xmas n bapak beca charged us 15k! so damn expensive. so d next day, we went again..acap was so nice picked me up at home. arina, acap, nad n me hv such a great swimming lesson..eheh.. played d extremly lajunyeh slide n si ugly ducking si acap! quek..quek..
odw back home..acap, nad n me naik 1 motor! 3 ppl in 1 capcai motor! haha.. but suddenly we were in wrong way.. flood! acap's motor stucked in d middle of flood..paras betis! air masuk exos! so acap tolakla his motor! sory gell acap!.. nad said "ptt kiter pkai je swimming suit..trus terjun swimming dlm banjir plak.haha..xpyh mandi lgk td!" haha.. den 1 of my slipper tercopot ..mcm cinderella la plak. nad takut pacat, me takut katak, acap cool gamble je dorong his motor!

arituh amar ajak g TP. so we went out for shopping since zara n MNG up to 70% sales. even i was so damn broke! leh lgk tu shopping! we nak beli slipper kidsnyeh..size plg besa is 5! xmuat so beli tumble la..bestla kt TP1 got tempat for massage! best2! ahaha.. so amar nk tdo my hs that nite! taxi pun antala infront of my hs! bukak2 pintu! oh goshhhhh!! flood in my lovely house! kami berjalan2 ngn suka hati! ahahah.. amar "patut kiter beli je bikini roxy..pkai trus..den masuk ur house trus terjun!" haahha.. finally, that nite i carried amar wif my pinky ferrari (bike) to her house! dlm ujan2.. i pkai plastic bag cover my head! sume org tengok sbb weird kot!hahaha.. tq amar tmpngkn umah..kak yana n kak aminah too (sye mangsa banjir)

salam maal hijrah to all muslim over d world! smlm bwt sembahyang berjemaah, baca doa awal n akhir tahun, baca yasin n ceramah. year, new evolution, new spirits~

nihla kehidupan ku di shinny city of surabaya. if panas, too hot. if musim hujan, too floody.

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