Sunday, December 14, 2008

living cabin~

stranded in Surabaya..

blackout.. -pen off- no study- no activities- walking like a zombie in d dark-

banjir - in my own house- stuck- (wif aimi, anis munirah, mirul )- cancel discussion pharmaco at my house- cant go out coz banjir kt luar gak- my hs dah jadi sawah- dinner wif McD delivery- pray on bed-

mosquito -HITS n baygon 24hrs- cant sleep tide-dont lets d bugs bite u- dengue-

'winter' -cold- cool- comforter - ini Surabaya or Bandung? -sweater- mane sunshine?-

-flu- cough- sore throat- diarrhea- high body temperature- homesick sbb if kat umah family can tc of me n bermanja2-

p/s: hidup susah di Indonesia doesnt mean that i'm weak.. itz weather changes n we as human.. jst accept it fr God.. ppl said susah dahulu senang kemudian.. xper2.. cabaran hidup as student ... nnt dah keje sure nih sume nice memories..but not nice to face it again kottt..hahahaha

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