Tuesday, December 30, 2008


i'm sad when i read the stars online..

Israel hit the Gaza Strip with more air strikes on Tuesday and said its military action could last weeks, while rockets fired by Islamist Hamas struck deep inside the Jewish state.
Medical officials put Palestinian casualties since Saturday at 383 dead and more than 800 wounded. A United Nations agency said at least 62 of the dead were civilians. In all, four Israelis have been killed since the operation began.

"We are living in horror, we and our children. The situation is not just bad, it is tragic," said Gaza resident Abu Fares, standing outside his home, near the rubble of a building that was bombed and destroyed overnight.
The United Nations and the European Union's executive arm have called for an immediate truce. But Israeli Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit said "there is no room for a ceasefire" with Hamas until the threat of rocket fire had been removed.

The Israeli military "has made preparations for long weeks of action," added Matan Vilnai, a deputy defence minister, in broadcast remarks

save the innocent, stop the war! whole world are against it! let them live in peace..

1 lgk case psl blog hina Nabi Muhammad SAW. sakit hati baca. bfr this pnh issue kt newsppr hina our beloved Prophet .. we as Muslim should do something to save our religious..cpt2 tangkat org2 jahat tu! hidup xtenteram btol! i love Islam~


Suraya said...

Blog terbaru hina Nabi....



Lepas Adibah Ahmad, keluar lah pula blog Adibah Ahmed! Aduhai...

Short Talk

freNNy said...

hate it !!

i believe "it" deserves to die peacefully in hell !!

njoy ur days in neraka jahanam!!