Thursday, January 1, 2009

au revoir 2008~

champions ~ gurls futsal at malang, jogjakarta

tkcians nite out~ besties gurlfrenz + sys

22nd burfday party~ great time

3 cowboi.. yeehaaa...anggere..anggere

lovely family vacation at mount bromo

those r randoms pics of mine wif fmily n frenz around 2008 events.. au revoir 2008.. bonjour 2009 !! may prosperity, luxurious, and heaven are waiting for us in new journey of life.. may the past had taught us the experiences and we become more stronger~ i love myself


missy suzi said...

meriah ey 2008 ko???
instead of ilang ride..haha

freNNy said...


patut masukkan skalik laa ilang my pinky bike !! luper2 !!! sbb dh ader pengganti dier ferrari !! hahahhahaha...