Saturday, January 31, 2009

bf or bestfriend? part II

continue fr bf or bestfriend?

...I stared at Lisa for a moment."Dont said it again. I cant survive without you beside me. u are the only my bestfriend"

We grew up together. I still remember when first time i saw Lisa in Kindergarten when we were 5 years old. I laughed alone. Now, Lisa was no more a messy girl. She was a beautiful girl with a pair of hazel eyes and long blonde hair.

Finally, we managed to finish our high school with flying colors. Both of us get offered to further our studies in same University but in different courses. Life in campus wasn't the same in high school. Lisa was busy with her project while me was busy with my tutorial. We seldom spent time together even on weekends. "Fleur, do u know Andrian? i think i'm in crush with him" Lisa messaged me. 5 months later, i get news from my roommate that Andrian coupled with Lisa.

No more news from Lisa since she coupled with Andrian. Sometimes, i text her but frustrated. no reply. I miss Lisa and our childhood memories. wished that we could turn back our memory. One day,i saw Lisa and Andrian in shopping mall. I walked close to them and hugged Lisa from behind. She was shocked and we had a chat for a while. In deep of my heart, i wished that they would offer me to join them together. But, Lisa didnt said anything. She explained to me that she didn't replied my msg because she was lack of credit.

For me, Lisa was totally different. She was no more my Lisa in my childhood. Maybe, Andrian was more important then me. i cried alone in my room. i cant believe that Lisa can forget her bestfriend since she had a bf. People can easily erase the memory. Life was not fair..


daju said...

nih real ke or fiction??

i don't mind if my bestfriend mcm spend more time to her partner as long as they're already married or engaged..coz tuh mmg her responsibility..

tp mcm if belum..she better be fair..eheh..

fren..miss you..balek malaysia ekk..

freNNy said...

yeayyy blk msia !!miss daju' sgt2 !!! cepatlaa jumpee plzzzz.. nk spend time wif my deskmate 4C ...muaxxx

reality i guess..

rashid said...

accepting change mmg susah..
but she have 2 hati to take care of..
mbe 1st few month wif balak so (too) sweet for her. maybe.
giv her sumtime..

freNNy said...

nice of u rashid..

thanx beb..