Friday, January 30, 2009


You're a true friend,
that I want you to know,
Our love for each other
has helped us to grow.
We've been through some tough times,
but we've made it through,
The only one I ever trusted was you.
You helped me through anger,
you've chased away fears.
You held me through sadness,
and kissed away tears.
You stayed by my side
when the world turned away.
You helped me see joy
when the skies were all gray.
You were the rainbow
at the end of the storm.
You help me be different
when I shouldn't conform.

You held my hand
when you knew we would fall.
Every heartache,
you saw me through it all.
I'm not sure
I'm always the best friend to you,
I know I'm not perfect,
but this much is true.
When life gets you down,
And there's nowhere to turn,
I'll help you through and
I'll share your concern.
I'll try my best to return every favor,
When you're sure that you'll drown,
then I'll be your lifesaver;
Even if we both go down.
Whether we sink or swim
doesn't matter at all,
Just know that I'll be there
whenever you call.
I'll pull you out
when life pulls you under.

I'll be the sun
when there's lightning and thunder.
And when it's all over,
And we've fought every war,
There's one thing I promise,
Of this I am sure,
When the time comes
that we're put to our rest.
Be sure that you know that,
My friend, you're the best.
And if there is Heaven,
then I know you'll be there,
That if you die first
then you'll hear every prayer.
And soon I'll join you,
but just know until then.
That I'll miss you each day
'til I see you again.
At the end of the tunnel,
you'll be my guiding light,
You'll lead me to heaven,
away from the night.

We'll be there together,
and we'll never grow old.
And we'll walk hand in hand
On the streets paved of gold.

my sweetheart syasyi gave me this..she's my bestfren for whole life.. we r closed since tkc..we studied together every evening n nite.she encouraged me to stand on my own feet.she likes to call me FREN BEAR. i love her body n soul.last time met her in tkc 2003,,nk ambek results spm.dl kt tkc, dier sgt2 happy go lucky n can mixed wif anyone..sgt klakar n giler2 otak..agak gangster.state hockey player!both of us r co-op helper yg berjaya!nw she's in final year engineering at UTM.

hug n kisses~ love u till i kill u on my own hands :) muaxxxx !!


daju said...

omg..sweeet gile my deskmate zaman f3..

ehh deskmate in 4C pn sweeet juge~~~

freNNy said...

deskmate 4C !!!! pn azizah musa garang gell..checked addmath ..sorang2 kne bwt kt dpn.. u r my life saver laa daju' !! esp time homework addmath! ahahah