Sunday, January 11, 2009

medical degree~

last wed, 7th jan 09

dekan FK pgl sume anak2 malaysia.. they wanna f2f wif us..

quality of medical degree in Indonesia University was basically the topic

issue psl ~

1. holiday xtetap.. mmg issue lame n sgt2 menyusahkan us nk book ticket back to msia
2. kitas, ERP those visa things ..expensive if gune org tgh under uni..patut if gune under uni,,considerla kami students yg sll pokai.
3. quality of students fr a-levels,matric, or stpm who actually did not qualified to seat the entrance exam pun.. they didnt past 3pointer yet can be a medical student.bengang dl time premed study mcm nk rak nk lepas FK.. skalik ader je my frenz below 2.5 (hello tu rendah gell ok) lepas je FK..i dont know if they suap-menyuap..results spm ader je D pn leh come? y x ambek course suri rumah tangge je?
4. langguage...bhse indonesia.. hmpp..we should learn more the english medical term.easy for us to enter the world of housemanship in our country.but i think thatz not a big deal.
5. 2years of DM (dokter muda) is not enoff? so learn more, be aggresive, be productive and be independent. dont too depends on dosen (lecturers)..
6. basic of theory must be concrete and strong enoff. ala senang je.. time theory years jgnla learn n do ur exam papers by urself.nnt DM sng. (petua mas bambang)
7. agents makan duet. issue yg lame dh bising. tlgla ketatkan agents n ambek tindakan undang2 to any agents yg sedap2 je nk anta mane2 students yg xlayak pn ambek medic n corruption nih.
8. tuition fees too expensive? like mine per year USD 5k.. juniors 08 USD 8k ! aarrkkkk... tlg la blaja rajen2..if x dh lame dh bley gune duet tu bwt europe tour..hhheheheh
9. yudisium tarikh xtentu. yeah2.. tlgla fix kan date..
10. aper lagek nyerk?

overall, our university mmg xde problem.. about issue! mmg seriously xder. alhamdulilah. mostly sume students kt unair yg btol2 quality (chewah puji diri snd).. theory n practicle both bagus. since 2nd sem we r expose to hospital life..(pre-clinical)..sbb mmg ader uni lain ader yg xpnh langsung g hsptl (theory semate2..n DM mmg dipuji bagus practicle.. (clinical years)..

dean said "pulang ke malaysia, bawa nama baik universitas airlangga. tunjukkan contoh kalian dokter yg bagus praktek nya"

so students unair.. jom sambut sahutan our beloved dekan!! amin


asyraf elmiza ahmad said...

hidup frennn!!!!!!!!!!!!

freNNy said...


over acap !!

waaaaaaaaaa..acap ....exam finals this monday! byk lgk blom khatam!!

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

ahahhaha! fren u can blab bout Unair smpai 4ever but it still gonna b d same gak. duh..indo...huhu.. luv u fren! cpat blik fren!

freNNy said...


xperla..i syg UNAIR !! hahahahaa....

hug n kiss tugu burung garuda kt dpn fk tu.. eh garuda ke? aper tah tugu dewa tu...

ok2 i blk cepat2 nih!! nxtweek blk! i nk mati dh jawab pprs finals nih... helllpppppp!!