Saturday, January 31, 2009

bf or bestfriend?

17 years ago..

"wake up my dear little princess.. its time for u to go to school, honey" mom said. i still closed my eyes and freezing in the panda bear blanket."but mom, i hate school.."i said."you will get lots of friends will learn ABC and become a smart princess in future,dear" mom whispered.

Krinngg..the bell was ringing.i hugged my mom and ran to the class.i was confused when i saw lots of children at my age staring at me like i'm a little ugly ducking in a lion's cage.finally, i just sat at the corner. the empty seat. i looked at a petite girl who was sitting beside me. She looked messy with her hair. i saw her nametag, Lisa Montego.

That was the starting when i knew my bestfriend, Lisa. She was one of the top student if our school. She helped me lots since she always scored in her papers with flying colors. Finally we went in the same high school. She's everything for me. We shared our secret together, cried together and laughed together. Teachers and classmates thought that we were twins because we went anywhere and everywhere together holding hands. we cant be separated anymore."Fleur, what if i die one day? what u gonna do if i cant hold your hands anymore?" Lisa asked me. i was shocked. i can felt warm tears on my pinky cheek.

>>>to be continue<<<

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