Friday, March 20, 2009

i've never been in..~

pejam celik pejam celik..dh 3thn dh tgl kt Surabaya ni. mcm rasa kejap je..

tp even dh 3yrs pun..byk je tempat2 sye xpnh jejak kaki lgk

1. SUTOS -Surabaya Town Square. I know ppl will laugh at me and said 'damn fren nerdy gell study kt room je xkuar umah'..y? not because i hate just that malls terlalu byk in like xbernafsu. even they said Sutos mcm The Curve, best for nogkrong n tgk movie. dh byk kali plan n bdk Indon ajak g Sutos tp last2 cancel~

2. IRBA-Irian Barat. nih lgk 1 masalah. dh byk kali plan. even dl Abg Pun, Abg One, Amenk, DIky n Cikin Lang nk bwk me.mesti last2 cancel. plzz..nk g sangat2! nk usha pet..cats,dogs,monkey,rabbit,snakes,owl, squirrel ape2 laa exotic animals! *cikin take note plz*~

3. URANUS-toko buku. sye mmg pemalas baca buku. lots of medical books can get at there. tadi pun baru je g Toko Buku Togomas ngn Mirul for d 1st time. beli buku medic.suke!! ok xpnh g Uranus sbb bfr this Aiman n Diky yg tolong belikan books for me.merci boys~

4. XX1 movie-ok dh pecah sejarah la arituh 1st time tgk movie ngn TP ngn Iqbal cite Pink Panther sbb buhsan time tu~ sekali tu jela.

5. Ciputra Water Park-hahaha.nih byk kali plan, mesti xjadi.tadi Albert my indo frenz ajak g Ciputra this friday.i dh excited sbb leh tumpang his car coz water park nih jauh..skalik baru teringat i blk msia this Tues! melepas lgk~

6. Tanggul Angin-ok time jadi pengiring for VVIP for acara ape tah dulu ader bwt g Tanggul Angin for free..but i xg!sebab kne ikut VVIP g Rumah Anak Yatim.time parents dtg, xsempat nk xbernafsu pun~

7. Bunbin-Kebun Binatang/Zoo-ehhehe..Diky byk kali ajak nk bwk tp fren bwk hal la time tu.xder laa kempunan sgt pun

8. aper lgk nyerkkk?? Giant dh pnh g dl Abg One, Abg Faried bwk time junior.tq. oh Carrefour ade byk kt snih.. 1 je pnh g kt BG junction.others xpnh

9. HANAMASA!- ye sye xpnh makan for buffet all u can eat kt HANAMASA even skrang dh mahal dekat 80k kot perperson mmg nak g laaa once! OMG tu mmg rugi btol

10. club ? ye la mmg laa xpnh n xhingin pun sbb scary ngn org2 tue gatal

p/s: adakah sye bdk kampung yg xpnh pegi ke mana2? tapi sye dh penah g MEDAN-SUMATERA,JAKARTA, BANDUNG, BOGOR, JOGJAKARTA, PULAU MADURA, MAKASSAR- SULAWESI, MALANG, BALI ~ ahahahah
*suke adventure luar kota je*

Thursday, March 19, 2009

bye2 campus~

i just started my 6th semester for 2weeks.. Alhamdulilah i past Yudisium (Grad) and now i'm in Clerkship at our teaching hospital- RS. Dr. Soetomo (yeay bley jumpe Nad, Ezy, Min, Moon, Uni-sume la bdk2 batch 05 and others DM-dokter mude)

everything doing well. friends, life in Surabaya, and studies. class at 7.30am till 1.40pm .. just it really fast so i have to catch up more.(wake up Fren!! less then 1 year i'll be DM (Dokter Muda) or Koas/clinical) amin.InsyaAllah..i have to prepare myself if i want a step higher then the others. i have to be competitive if i want doctors and students to look at me during discussion. today is better but tomorrow is more excellent!!

bye2 to campus..bye2 to bakso n kebab yg lazat..bye2 to canteen FKG yg dh renovated..(chewah mcm xkan pegi campus slame2 dah)..hahaha.. occay now i'm trying to forget about my jeans. (waa cool if g hospital leh pkai jeans) i think UNAIR only students can wear jeans during classes in campus. keren~

well, here some advises to my little juniors yg comel2~
1. sem 1 -lepak2 jela ..biomed studyla..pegi la karoeke,snooker ke..(haha)
2. sem 2- plz blaja rajen2..sem plg stress!! sbb anatomy is really sakit jiwa nk hafal gell2 tu..whole sem practicum with cadaver so hafal btol2 (dulu i masuk lab anat awal2 sorang je..den kuar plg last mcm tgl 2-3 budak je)-tq dr.Suzy,dr.Bambang,dr.Wirono,dr.Subadjio,dr.Ched (btol ke eje?) n sumela department anatomy-..mmg excited n happy if exam practicum leh scored! ambek tenteran (tuition) wif Mas Bambang. Superb best gell. dulu my batch sewa cadaver kt other Uni lgk - UWK - Anat n Histo (dr. Chairul) best dosen2 die
3. sem 3- Oh i hate Biochem n lab dier.. TIDAK!! physiology best gak la lab (main ngn katak n kura2) menjerit lebih time katak tu terlepas melompat2 kt dlm lab
4. sem4- i love PK-Patho Klinik sbb exam lab dier kne hafal byk gell tu experiment hematology and urine test..den kne bwt sorang2 lab test dpn 1 dosen. (mmg menggeletar laa time nk tuang darah dlm tabung uji..blom lgk dosen tanyer soklan maut)-i scored lab PK.alhamdulilah..i love Microbiology! exam lab best..dosen cool (dr.Eddy)..i love Parasite too!every lab i bersemangat!dosen best n suke puji i! yeayy! bwt proposal dpt Dr.Tulus Panuwun (specialist Patho) and dr.Iwan Kristian (surgeon GIT)..they really helped me.thanks~
5. sem 5-OMG! sem plg stress dtg again.. i stress sgt2 mcm nk suicide (hahaha..over).. Pharmaco sgt2 susah!i mmg lari xmau jd pharmacologist..even dlm discussion pharmaco i sll take part n present p-drugs smpai leh argue ngn group lain.!hahaha..(results hampeh laa before SP),den Pahto Anat best!!! suke2..tgk2 gross/macros and micros from real patients and we can diagnose. Oncology cool~ den pathophysio ok! sem 5 bz sbb sambung Penelitian (i was the 1st in my batch submit my Penelitian to PBL) hahaha..bukan nak bangge..alaa sbb data i get from sem4 lagek..others baru nak carik..i dh siap ..tu jela extra nyeh sebab dapatkan data siap2 (duet pun xpyh kluar..hehhe)

everytime tutorial.. do take part..discuss with others and give ur opinion if u think that is valid. dont just sit in 1 corner and shutup. esp in PBL and others discussion like Physiology, Pharmaco and others discussion in Lab. ask the doctors if u dont understand hyperactive! yeay! hahaha..

berbaek la ngn bdk2 indonesia classmate..coz they will help us alot in studies. thanks to Diky, and Thomas (scandel) both of u! sgt2 membantu!!

p/s: if malas nk blaja..tdo je la..tutup buku..xpayah loba2 sgt..ilex2

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


i'm sick.. and i need mom and dad :(
even i'm going back this 24th ..

at 1st i just had a fever-headache, nausea, sore throat-
so i went to IDI-Ikatan Dokter Indonesia- clinic.. a few questions i asked the doctor because i'm afraid of infection.. maybe it's virus or bacteria

it getting worse when i vomited in morning class 3x.. last time i vomited at 12midnight..overall 5x in a day..diarrhea too.tired.dehydration.

it happen again just like when i was in Bandung in 2005-2006.. suspected typhoid..i think that time more horror when i vomited 9x in a day..i cant sleep coz toilet was my 2nd place to go.. hahahaah..

i hope i'm getting better so i can go to class tomorrow. if not, i have to catch up lots...anyway thanks Mom,Dad,Along and friends keep on calling and sms me asking about my condition. thanks to all~

Saturday, March 14, 2009

HappY biRtHdaY ADiQ ku~

bottom of my heart

dear adik chik,

you already grow up as a beautiful lady..
it's really fast right? even we didn't realized it..
do you still remember our childhood?
how we were fighting like cat and dog ? >>> mama said
when we get fight, you always want to win..
end up, i will cried as a loser..
when you want something (toys), you will grab it from me..
but i'm not giving it to you..
we were shouting and quarrel in Rumah Oyoki (our place-kind of Japanese house- to play in house)..
Mama was really mad with us.. 'rotan' to scare us..
but Mama such a loving mother..she never beat us..

since we were small.. people always thought us as twins..
we can't have different kind of skirt.. if not,one of us will jealous..
Abah said we have different of personalities..
family said that you are out spoken, talkative, daring, playful..
family said that i'm a quiet person, study hard, soft spoken..

do you still remember when i get 5A's in UPSR?
then you felt that it was a pressure for you to achieve it same like me..
you cried a few weeks before UPSR..
Dad told me.. he talked to you..walked across the river to comfort you..
even 12 years old girl will get stressed over UPSR?
we had lot of memories as Kurshians (TKC) members..orchestra comp..
teachers always haunting you..then they will refer it to me since i'm your sister..
you love to break rules..i love it too but never terkantoi..
do you still remember when your name were announced during assembly?
Mama said, parents came to TKC when i get awards of my achievement..
but when your turns.. it was contrast..hahaha..
do you still remember when you cried because of PMR and SPM and matrix?
then i always give you support 100%, spirits and comfort you just like a baby..
when i finished my studies in TKC.. you seems like losing someone to guide you..

dear my little the only sister i have in this world..
i'm glad to have a sister like you..such a smart, lovely, brilliant, non stop talking, stylish and nothing else can describe you more..
what ever you want it.. even my soul.. i will give it to you..
i wont get fighting or argue anything you want from me..
when you felt down or stress..remember that i'm always besides shoulders only for ears ready to hear your problem..i'm always supportive and give advise to you..

dear my flawless sister,
remember that when you feel the wind blow over your silky long hair, and you feel the softness over your face.. it was me whispering to you that i'm always besides you to help you in any situation.. don't worry honey.. no one can separate us even we are far away..

take care of our parents, study hard and score with flying colors to prove it to our family..make parents proud of you..jgn tinggal solat (pesan mama selalu)..finally, if you have a bf, intro him to me 1st coz i hate any loser guy who can't tc of my sister.. i love you million times then you never can imagine one can replace your position.. i love to see you talk even i just shut-up and listen to what you say..happy birthday adiq ku ~ sweet 22 ~

Friday, March 13, 2009


lovely Koala Kalimantan, jual kt dpn BIP,Bandung.,price Rp600k! comellll sgt2..nak beli gell !

arkk..sakit tekak! baru balik karoks ngn Chun n gell mcm dh lme xg karoks. sume lagu bedal nyanyi even my voice mcm suara katak~
tadi g usha wedding card for maksu kat area Blauran, dkt2 TP..cun it..

so tired today. my maid dh lame xdtg. i hv to wash my clothes by my hands :( sidai, lipat and iron by myself..i hv to sweep and mop whole house.

zaki said that's good for me incase i married and dont hv a washing machine. (kedekut punye Doremon.. dah la bagi makan air + sardin je)

izy said .. practice nak jadi ibu mithali kelak.. jaga anak2 8org..

p/s: tangan sye sakit.. ader spe2 nk volunteer jd my maid?? hahah.. fren=maid in Manhattan??

Thursday, March 12, 2009

BaNdUnG HeAvEn~

Kawah Putih, Bandung

6-9th mac 09

off to bandung.

5th mac. tgh hari called Nani after lulus yudisium (Alhamdulilah), trus Naireen tlg belikan ticket. blk umah pakcing2 barang trus 530pm dh get ready at Gubeng coz our train at 6pm. Renukha, Naireen n me ~ 13 hours of journey! damn tired n sakit gluteus maximus!

6th mac. we reached at Bandung den waited for Sukhdeep to fetch us. 2 angkots back to Jatinagor! so tired~ sampai Kost Taruna went to Nani's room. cleaned up myself. Nani such a sweet friend. she wrote a note wif breakfast for me. Kak Haya sgt comel and kind-hearted. She cooked nasi beriyani special for me. So, lepak at Syed n Kak Haya's hs wif Nani till midnite. Syed hantar us back by car. Such a sweet n romantic husband n wife.

7th mac. yeayyy!! berjalan2! Aminah as the travel leader! Syahir (kwn Aminah-bdk Manipal),Aminah,Nani n me went to Kawah Puteh (cun gell),a lake yg got Batu Cinta (xtau name tempat but we had nice picnic there prepared by Nani-sandwich and Aminah-nasi goreng), Taman Bunge (suke sangat2!) n Kota Bunge at Bogor. xsempat g Tmn Safari 1 (xper Tmn Safari kat Malang dh pegi). i bought 1 strawberry pillow n 2packet of strawberry just Rp5k! murah kan?

8th mac. Nani temankan fren shopping kat Dago. i bought Kartika Sari molen n brownies. Factory outlet was heaven to shopping since all of them r branded and damn cheap! grab,grab!! n esprit fav!i never forgot the only brother n sister i hv! 2 tshirt zara n esprit for Along. and 1 beautiful esprit dress for my systa (burfday present for both of u!). buwat papan name (so comel gell!) for Along, Chik, me, Nani and Syahir!lepak kat Oh LaLa cafe kt BIP till 1130pm. ader org jual Koala Kalimantan (binatang pupus) Rp600k! sgt comel.teringin nk beli.

9th mac.awal pagi went to Paun-Pasar Unpad wif Coco n Nani.Co blanje Nasi Uduk!sedap!tgk futsal.before i came to Bandung, Hafiz promised nk cooked something for me.nice frenz u r!but xsempat coz selalu kluar we went out for breakfast at Cherry's Cafe.not really a breakfast..lunch! hhaha..berborak lame gell.den went to Jatos since Nani n Syahir blom lunch.we had photobox!hahha.den Hafiz spent me tgk movie-Kirun n Adul.suke!comedy~ Syahir sgt baek, postpone blk Jakarta coz promised me nk mkn bakso kangkung.packing barang. around 530pm, Syed n Kak Haya dtg nk tlg hantar ke train stsn Bandung.i hugged Nani den i cried (3yrs we nvr meet).sharp 7pm smpai train stsn! lompat naek atas train coz nk gerak dh! selamat sempat! fuhhh (dah plan if xsmpt, kne blk sok pagi 7am so kne la overnite kt stsn ketepi jela)!! klakar gell time borak2 wif Syed cite zmn pre-U bandung dulu. (i'm lucky to know them all, u guys bring spirits, lucky stars and memories in my life)

thanks to all of my friend. terharu coz sume melayan me like princess esp Nani! she's such a great bestfriend. thanks sbb bwk fren jln2, melayan my kerenah, bergelak ketawa sme2 wif Syahir even jst knal 3days je mcm dh 3yrs!hahah..Aminah,Hafiz,kak Haya & Syed,Co,Syaz n others. love u all~

p/s: dtgla Surabaya.ade ape? Mount Bromo, ladang apple, Tmn Safari kt Malang! leh jmpe Alia n Kish!!gathering geng Pre-U !! OH MISS GELL !!!