Saturday, March 14, 2009

HappY biRtHdaY ADiQ ku~

bottom of my heart

dear adik chik,

you already grow up as a beautiful lady..
it's really fast right? even we didn't realized it..
do you still remember our childhood?
how we were fighting like cat and dog ? >>> mama said
when we get fight, you always want to win..
end up, i will cried as a loser..
when you want something (toys), you will grab it from me..
but i'm not giving it to you..
we were shouting and quarrel in Rumah Oyoki (our place-kind of Japanese house- to play in house)..
Mama was really mad with us.. 'rotan' to scare us..
but Mama such a loving mother..she never beat us..

since we were small.. people always thought us as twins..
we can't have different kind of skirt.. if not,one of us will jealous..
Abah said we have different of personalities..
family said that you are out spoken, talkative, daring, playful..
family said that i'm a quiet person, study hard, soft spoken..

do you still remember when i get 5A's in UPSR?
then you felt that it was a pressure for you to achieve it same like me..
you cried a few weeks before UPSR..
Dad told me.. he talked to you..walked across the river to comfort you..
even 12 years old girl will get stressed over UPSR?
we had lot of memories as Kurshians (TKC) members..orchestra comp..
teachers always haunting you..then they will refer it to me since i'm your sister..
you love to break rules..i love it too but never terkantoi..
do you still remember when your name were announced during assembly?
Mama said, parents came to TKC when i get awards of my achievement..
but when your turns.. it was contrast..hahaha..
do you still remember when you cried because of PMR and SPM and matrix?
then i always give you support 100%, spirits and comfort you just like a baby..
when i finished my studies in TKC.. you seems like losing someone to guide you..

dear my little the only sister i have in this world..
i'm glad to have a sister like you..such a smart, lovely, brilliant, non stop talking, stylish and nothing else can describe you more..
what ever you want it.. even my soul.. i will give it to you..
i wont get fighting or argue anything you want from me..
when you felt down or stress..remember that i'm always besides shoulders only for ears ready to hear your problem..i'm always supportive and give advise to you..

dear my flawless sister,
remember that when you feel the wind blow over your silky long hair, and you feel the softness over your face.. it was me whispering to you that i'm always besides you to help you in any situation.. don't worry honey.. no one can separate us even we are far away..

take care of our parents, study hard and score with flying colors to prove it to our family..make parents proud of you..jgn tinggal solat (pesan mama selalu)..finally, if you have a bf, intro him to me 1st coz i hate any loser guy who can't tc of my sister.. i love you million times then you never can imagine one can replace your position.. i love to see you talk even i just shut-up and listen to what you say..happy birthday adiq ku ~ sweet 22 ~


:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

heppi bday!!!!

u girls mmg look a like! i cant believe it lagi i percaye u tpu i, u hafva twin. 1 tahun tu i caye... sampai daniella cakap.. "eh, she kencing u la.."deym!

freNNy said...


patut daniella tu jgn bgtau u... so seumur idop u ingat i twins.. cun gak tu! hahahaha...

okla lain tahun lahir.. alallalalala

ramai kot percaya i twins. i tpo rmai org.. (jahat gell)