Tuesday, March 17, 2009


i'm sick.. and i need mom and dad :(
even i'm going back this 24th ..

at 1st i just had a fever-headache, nausea, sore throat-
so i went to IDI-Ikatan Dokter Indonesia- clinic.. a few questions i asked the doctor because i'm afraid of infection.. maybe it's virus or bacteria

it getting worse when i vomited in morning class 3x.. last time i vomited at 12midnight..overall 5x in a day..diarrhea too.tired.dehydration.

it happen again just like when i was in Bandung in 2005-2006.. suspected typhoid..i think that time more horror when i vomited 9x in a day..i cant sleep coz toilet was my 2nd place to go.. hahahaah..

i hope i'm getting better so i can go to class tomorrow. if not, i have to catch up lots...anyway thanks Mom,Dad,Along and friends keep on calling and sms me asking about my condition. thanks to all~

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