Thursday, March 19, 2009

bye2 campus~

i just started my 6th semester for 2weeks.. Alhamdulilah i past Yudisium (Grad) and now i'm in Clerkship at our teaching hospital- RS. Dr. Soetomo (yeay bley jumpe Nad, Ezy, Min, Moon, Uni-sume la bdk2 batch 05 and others DM-dokter mude)

everything doing well. friends, life in Surabaya, and studies. class at 7.30am till 1.40pm .. just it really fast so i have to catch up more.(wake up Fren!! less then 1 year i'll be DM (Dokter Muda) or Koas/clinical) amin.InsyaAllah..i have to prepare myself if i want a step higher then the others. i have to be competitive if i want doctors and students to look at me during discussion. today is better but tomorrow is more excellent!!

bye2 to campus..bye2 to bakso n kebab yg lazat..bye2 to canteen FKG yg dh renovated..(chewah mcm xkan pegi campus slame2 dah)..hahaha.. occay now i'm trying to forget about my jeans. (waa cool if g hospital leh pkai jeans) i think UNAIR only students can wear jeans during classes in campus. keren~

well, here some advises to my little juniors yg comel2~
1. sem 1 -lepak2 jela ..biomed studyla..pegi la karoeke,snooker ke..(haha)
2. sem 2- plz blaja rajen2..sem plg stress!! sbb anatomy is really sakit jiwa nk hafal gell2 tu..whole sem practicum with cadaver so hafal btol2 (dulu i masuk lab anat awal2 sorang je..den kuar plg last mcm tgl 2-3 budak je)-tq dr.Suzy,dr.Bambang,dr.Wirono,dr.Subadjio,dr.Ched (btol ke eje?) n sumela department anatomy-..mmg excited n happy if exam practicum leh scored! ambek tenteran (tuition) wif Mas Bambang. Superb best gell. dulu my batch sewa cadaver kt other Uni lgk - UWK - Anat n Histo (dr. Chairul) best dosen2 die
3. sem 3- Oh i hate Biochem n lab dier.. TIDAK!! physiology best gak la lab (main ngn katak n kura2) menjerit lebih time katak tu terlepas melompat2 kt dlm lab
4. sem4- i love PK-Patho Klinik sbb exam lab dier kne hafal byk gell tu experiment hematology and urine test..den kne bwt sorang2 lab test dpn 1 dosen. (mmg menggeletar laa time nk tuang darah dlm tabung uji..blom lgk dosen tanyer soklan maut)-i scored lab PK.alhamdulilah..i love Microbiology! exam lab best..dosen cool (dr.Eddy)..i love Parasite too!every lab i bersemangat!dosen best n suke puji i! yeayy! bwt proposal dpt Dr.Tulus Panuwun (specialist Patho) and dr.Iwan Kristian (surgeon GIT)..they really helped me.thanks~
5. sem 5-OMG! sem plg stress dtg again.. i stress sgt2 mcm nk suicide (hahaha..over).. Pharmaco sgt2 susah!i mmg lari xmau jd pharmacologist..even dlm discussion pharmaco i sll take part n present p-drugs smpai leh argue ngn group lain.!hahaha..(results hampeh laa before SP),den Pahto Anat best!!! suke2..tgk2 gross/macros and micros from real patients and we can diagnose. Oncology cool~ den pathophysio ok! sem 5 bz sbb sambung Penelitian (i was the 1st in my batch submit my Penelitian to PBL) hahaha..bukan nak bangge..alaa sbb data i get from sem4 lagek..others baru nak carik..i dh siap ..tu jela extra nyeh sebab dapatkan data siap2 (duet pun xpyh kluar..hehhe)

everytime tutorial.. do take part..discuss with others and give ur opinion if u think that is valid. dont just sit in 1 corner and shutup. esp in PBL and others discussion like Physiology, Pharmaco and others discussion in Lab. ask the doctors if u dont understand hyperactive! yeay! hahaha..

berbaek la ngn bdk2 indonesia classmate..coz they will help us alot in studies. thanks to Diky, and Thomas (scandel) both of u! sgt2 membantu!!

p/s: if malas nk blaja..tdo je la..tutup buku..xpayah loba2 sgt..ilex2

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