Monday, October 13, 2008

a woman without a breast~

my frenz, J (he is a boy) .. when he suddenly asked me about what is breast cancer, lumps n others.. i jst wonder y.. (adakah dier ader symptoms? hehhe)

so i jst answered him what i knew fr d notes (mcm student gempaq plak) ..finally he said that he knw this woman, age 26 n hving those symptoms. from our conversation, that woman, S is hving a few fibroadenoma ( mixed tumor that usually at reproductive years) on her breast. when i figured out that S really wants to lose her weight till she drinks jamu (i dont knw d composition of d jamu but she said she hd leucorrhea after consumed it). i advised her to stop n meet any OnG specialist.

J : i really concern about S

Me: i know u like her.

J: i want to have a wife wif no breast ... rather then a dead wife wif a breast.

Me : wow.. future loyal husband. hahahha

J: breast is not important. it cant accompany me till death. only wife can do that.

to J, i know that u're love is too high as a mountain..i jst wish that u'll get a healthy wife in future. yet 22 is too young huh?

to S, dont afraid of any obstacle in front of u. Allah knws what best in our

p/s: dont consumed any jamu that u're not really sure d side effects ( sbb kt pathologi anatomy ader patient kne breast ca sbb ambek jamu nk dptkn baby.) 1 of my closed ppl kne benign mature cystic teratoma sbb ambek jamu kurus. dh operate n she's fine now. be healthy. maen futsal lgk bagus!!! syglah nyawa anda~


daju said...


to both J and S..have faith ok..

freNNy said...


fren ckp kt J... meh fren je laa jd wife... (sweet sgt dier ....xkesah psl breast..) hahahaha.. tp tu maen2 jela...

nk husband baek sbb syg kiter..bkn sbb nilai aspect laen..