Wednesday, October 29, 2008


yesterday, 28oct

i'm having fever+bad flu+sore throat+cough wif thick green mucous (sometimes bleeding) for 5days. so, ysterdy i went to campus A clinic ..zu accompanied me.

the doctor diagnosed i was infected by virus/bacteria at lower respiratory tract or TB = tuberculosis.. ohh goshhh.. if itz rite... i'll be isolated from society.. i cant continue my class..frenz must be stay away fr me.. (thatz cross in my mind 1st) .. aimi (hsmate) sure wanna moveout. hahaha.. but deep in my heart, i prayed that i'll be fine. indonesia is d 2nd highest rate of TB in d world. thatz y BCG vaccine is important. suddenly, i almost wanna cry. i didnt tell my frenz.. only certains knw about it at 1st bfr it will be comfirm.

so, doctor asked me to further checkup at lab. photothorax and Zeihl Neilsen staining (to identify the mycobacterium tuberculosa).. thanks God, the result was -ve and photothorax was normal.

den, i called my dad n mom.. :)

TB can occur in lungs n other parts of body wif low immunity..the bacteria can be anywhere esp in crowded people... by inhale-respiration..tx wif 6months of antibiotic..but the bacteria can recurrent attack bcs it has own protection from phagositosis and can hide fr Ab... thatz y vaccine is important for us to prevent it..

in pathology, in microscopic of tuberculosis are soft tubercle-necrotic, Langerhans Darthia cells..

alhamdulilah.. i'm ok ! thanks to my close frenz who really care about me..worried about me meaning that u guys really love me ! muaxxx


daju said...

glad to know you're fine?
so..infection biase2 je ke..
take care dear..

freNNy said...

thanks daju'

i'm getting better...jst batuk2 n dh maken sembuh...

nk xam midterm this monday..stress kot!! tp mls gk nk study...ahakszz!!

kiss daju' !

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

fren!!! thank god u tak kene! time u gtau awal2 dulu yang suspect tb tu i cam uh? terkejut gak..kok bisa?huhu

i'm glad it wassa false alarm.

freNNy said...


kok bisa sih?? iya bisa2 la..

tq syg.. i knw u love me lots!!! (ckp manje2 ngn lang... )