Wednesday, June 24, 2009

EppY burfDay DanIeLLa~

dinner at Jogja Karnival Sukan

she's my bestfren forever ..(at Jatoz, Malang)

alia daniella ...
1st time i met u when i was in Bandung 2005..
u came earlier wif the, nani, ustadz, syed
i was alone without no one..
then u intro me how to eat the lumpiah basah at gerbang unpad..
and milk shake strawberry..
u enter my world wif colorfull of rainbow
u cherish me up when i was down..
u give me spirit to survive in d middle of disaster

i still remember when u had trouble..
u were crying hard on my shoulder..
seriously i cant stand to c ur tears..
i hate ppl who treat u badly..
dont worry honey...
i'm always beside u no matter what happen..

b tough..
b smart..
b intelligent..
b sexy..
b a beautiful doctor..

i always pray for ur health, studies n happier life..
how our long and hard journey that we had face to enter the reality of life
to become a doctor..
how our "responsible" agents QAS treated the customers..
how our bad n good memories in Bandung with our geng..

i really miss those moment..
i miss u guys..u, nani, co, syaz, syed, kak haya, acap..esp on my 20th burfday..
when u guys splashed d "wangi perfume" water on me..n tepung, telur..

i love u so much..hug u till u cant breath..
thanks for ur concern and good listener..
thanks for ur shoulder..
thanks for being such a good n loyal frenz for me..

happy 22nd burfday ! :) bestfrenz 4eva

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