Monday, June 1, 2009

Survival Among The Fittest~

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fren , thila, zue n albert

"the survival in the fittest"

29th and 30th of may.. really created a history in my life...since this was the 1st time i joined debate comp.

when my brother said "i've nvr hear u speak in english?"
when my mom said " adik intan boleh cakap ?" coz in my family, i'm the only child who less talk among my brother and my lawyer sister. pot pet pot pet..
abah said "great job! bagus2..mcm ni laa anak abah"
chicak said "well done sys"
n lots more supports n congratulations from my relatives and friends.

thanks to aimi, nouz, aiman, kak niza, n mirul who came to watch d debate comp at Grabik lt. 3 and Aula Ruang Sidang A. u guys really rockz~ thanks to others to esp Nadhirah who always listen to my problem ..ahakz

thanks to Albert who came just like an angel to help us at d 1st place when Zue had basketball match - clash timing wif debate -

how our hard work to complete the research till whole day .. ( study pun xrajen mcm ni) thanks to Albert n Thila who had printed all of our data..when we burn our 3days holiday..

it just like a miracle when i was nominated as d best speaker .. i think Thila should deserved it more.. coz she helped us wif her IQ and she can catch up faster n rebut back..

Thila rajen gell download youtube about debate

1st speaker – intan
2nd speaker- zulaikha
3rd speaker- thila
Reply speech- intan

We managed to get the highest ranking.. 10 teams for English Debate Decan Cup 09

1.THBT protecting environment is more important then economic growth
06 (Gov) vs PPDS (doctors who continuing their specialist programmed) rehab medic
06 won. Margin points 1.5

2. THBT CCTV is not threaten to our privacy
07 (gov) vs 06 (opponent)
06 Won. Margin point 1

3. THBT death penalty is the best way for corruptor
06 (gov) vs PPDS mata
06 Won. Margin points 4

THBT government should continuing the BLT (Bantuan Langsung Tunai)
08 (gov) vs 06(opponent)
06 won

THBT survival in the fittest –economic- (our theme is dealing with economic crisis is the best way to develop Indonesia)
06 (gov) vs 08
06 won

Thanks to all who really help us bfr..
Thanks to my friends all around the world who hd gv ur moral support n ideas (mush-US, syahir-India, byk laa-Malaysia)

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