Thursday, May 13, 2010


The best part when i saw "private number" appeared in my Hp screen while it was ringing..
and the happiest part when i heard my father's voice over the phone.."Assalamualaikum adik Intan.."

everything seems perfect to me..
when i told my dad & mom about my doctors, patients, studies, exams and others..

my dad was listening carefully just like he's a doctor and i'm the patient..
telling everything about my pain deep inside my heart..

it just like when a girl over excited when her boyfriend was calling her..
and everything seems like a rainbow in cloudy skies...
that's what i'm feeling because i don't have a boyfriend to share the real things...

a father can be the best listener, the best solution over mountain of problems...
the best shoulder to cry over like a baby, the strongest and protective bodyguard...

when we wanna hang over our conversation,
the sweetest words came over from his mouth was...
" love you "

mom & dad,
i love both of u over and over again..
everyday my loves ++ and become higher ..
it just like i'm addicted to my own heroine ..
" Ya Allah, please forgive my parents for every wrong doings they had done, healthy and happy life, and may Along, adik Chik and me always give the best results in everything to make our parents proud of us..kuatkan lah iman kami semua semoga kami sentiasa berjalan lurus.. jauhkan lah kami dari hasutan dan godaan syaitan" amin !

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