Thursday, November 19, 2009

OpIniOn ~


she's an exchange medical student from Ireland in Universitas Brawijaya, Malang..

i love to share opinion with her..when she said that in her country.. education is free for all citizen..

she told me that she disagreed of private university in a country..for her only government university exist..this is to avoid the rich but uneducated students who want to further studies in higher level using their power, money and back door to get the placing.. but the poor students who cant afford the fees in private uni cannot take the risk. if only government university.. all students no matter rich or poor hv to struggle hard to enter the reality of world ;)
besides, private uni can gv any courses that the rich parents wants their child to be as what (either doctor, businessman, accountant or others) .. not for local uni bcs it based on ur highest marks in entrance examination ..
>> i like her points !

she said different culture btwn Asians n Europeans ..
she was wondering why most of us (i mean Asians) shocked when she said that she traveled alone fr Ireland to Indonesia... (transit a few hrs in Hong Kong)
for Europeans.. there's no different btwn men and women.. a woman can do anything just like a man.
i answered her.. in Asia especially Muslim countries.. a father cares about their daughter's safety.. maybe if i travel alone in Indonesia or at Kuala Lumpur.. it might not be safe for me.. maybe in her country, safety can be secure (exp: lots policeman at the alley to chase the bad ppl ..hehe..)..*now we're hoping for badman, superman, spiderman to help the world of criminal*
furthermore, criminal and sexual abuse towards woman is the main point why we "tie" our ladies esp teenagers or young woman to walk alone esp at night. we watched in TV, a girl 10yrs old died n raped by the guards.. omg... this case really touched our heart and we learn fr it to avoid the same incident happen again..
for Muslim, it is forbidden for a woman to go out from her house without accompany by any of her relative..

she came here to learn about tropical diseases like Malaria, Dengue fever, parasites n others.. (yela kt Europe xde kot cases nih)
in her country, common cases like diabetic, hypertension,obesity (just same like here)
:) :)

she said itz cheap for food and shopping here (Euro---- Rupiah??) bigggg diff !!
i gv her cookies as advance Christmas present :)

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