Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mama, how a baby get out fr ur belly?

my little cute cousin >> baby Mia

when i was young, aged around 7-9 years old..
i asked my mother.. how did she delivered me?
i was wondering how a baby can labor ... from where ?
i know the baby stayed in the mother's belly .. since pregnant woman always with fat n big belly..
the curiosity of a girl ..

my mother answered me..
" ohh.. mama muntahkan ...keluar lah adik intan...uwek2..nangis"

i trusted what mama said till i learned sciences in high school, TKC

last holiday, i went back to Malaysia..
i asked my beloved mother either she still remember what she 'lied' to me..
she explained that, she don't like a small kid knows about "vagina n woman things" wait till u grow up and learn about it..

now, i am a woman, aged 23..
will having a baby.... pregnant n labor sooner..
i learn obgyen n i love it.. lots of "vagina n woman things"
and i knew that there's no connection between GIT (gastrointestinal track) and uterus
i plan to further specialist in O&G 1 day..insyaAllah..

to Mama,
i love ur trick n lied to me when i was a small kid..
...n i trust u..

what if my future child will ask me the same question?
should i answer the same like what my mother answered ?

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