Friday, July 11, 2008

y students should seat 4 exam?

exam weeks.. waaarghhh.. nightmare jwb soklan2..ish2.. PK-patho klinik, microbiology , parasite, tramed (osce), filsafat..

i love study wif diky (my indo study partner) .. he's really good n helped me alot.. yeah thila said i should get A if not she will kick me.. my dream.. should built that spirit in my heart.. n gossip in campus.. i jst ignored it..hikss..

ohh no.. tramed.. NG tube, check abdomen-hepar,lien and ascites, surgical suture, perawatan luka, anamnesis.. alhamdulilah ...sume stations ok..gegaye practice wif apan, thila,k.niza, diky,nouz,wahida,aimi,and bunbin till lwt mlm at my hs.. ahaha... apan byk songeh..(nou nk tendang apan)... i saw my marks time tramed..sume fullmarks except 4 anamnesis (ohhh tidakkkk dr onny)... u know what i mean rite?? ahahah.... mirul, randy, andhika (d boys in my group sume byk je dpt marks 2..gurls 1) hiksss.......

sye cuak microb!!! nad help me...

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