Thursday, July 3, 2008

pingU neeDs 911

pinGu Needs an eMergencY heLp- 911

surgical suture equipments

3 stitches on PingU's neck

pingu.. my pingu in pain!! help her... oh no..her neck was bitten by a croc... alalala..cian2 ,, come to mama darling.. *pingu=penguin was given as 22nd brfdy present by iqbal n zainal~syg korang*

so i hv to do something ... since she was d 1st patient 4 treatment.. i've stitched her wif my medical stuff that i've bought wif diky (indo frenz) ~ needle holder, stitch scissor, anatomy forcep, surgical forcep, jarum cutting (4 skin), benang (sterile).. gloves -no need laa gegaye she's not bloody pn-

tadaaaaa...... done!!! even itz diff sket coz her furry tercabut2.. *yeah cool.. tramed-ketrampilan medic or osce on this 10july,thurs.. i'm practicing.. hoping 4 A ~ amin.. pingu dh sehat dh..leh jln2 mandi kt bathtub ..muahzzz!!


:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

mr. croC might still be inside there lagi.. alive!!!
u kne pggl pest control..
serious ly...
gle la fren wt surgey...

freNNy said...

hhahaha.... mr croc tuh bwh katil i..u dtg dier ngap ur leg!! ahaha... alhamdulilah tramed surgical suture fullmarks..ahahha berkat pingu jd bhn experiment!!!

:+:+: Ashikyn :+:+: said...

i apologize 4 d kecoa...
i'm sure he x bermaksud nk ggt
it's jus that yo pingu so tempting