Saturday, July 12, 2008

brfDy paRty

3 stages of icha's cake. so if wedding cake?

chox n me

love shaped ballons

Happy bUrfDay iCha~ 20th.. stay cute,chubby,and brat.. hahahha...

anyway last nite we went to attend my frenz brfdy party at RM bidiyuno,, (rite spelling?) wif dayah and aniz..since this was d 1st time i joint my indo frenz brfdy party. wow..grand..yeah, she's loaded since d only child in her family..she confessed that she's brat cz she's the only 1.. ahahah.. nice .. icha used to be my groupmate for PK n microb practicum. hikss... " ayoo..udah siap belum ?? aq udah mau pulang kok" :) but she's really nice to me..

i met chox there (my bali frenz).. we'r i followed her back home wif her jazz..

i jst love my indo frenz..anyway thanks to diky coz accompanied me to galaxy~ i think d rabbit really suit as her bfrdy present.. cool taste huh... n sorry 4 d unforgeable scene at food court..hhaha... annoying (eh diky, i hate kodok in branch market! make me wanna puke!disgusting)


nadhirah mohd shakri said... nye!..dlu nad pergi bday party dak indon,diorg wat open table kt pizza..haha..nad ape lg,order byk2 =p

freNNy said...

hehe.. tuhla psl... dl kt wapo celebrated bfrdy kwn..bdk indo boy... order je ape nk..ape lgk bestla fun2.... anyway nad..i'm going bck to msia ths saturday.19 heheheh yahooo