Tuesday, August 12, 2008


maRry anD YuMMy Mia

dAnnY, MarrY, babY yuMMy

my lovely small little cousins.. i just love playing wif them. they came over fr kuantan n overnite at my house, usj11. so itz pretty fun to hv children in house. noni (my lil cousin fr usj16) joint them to fetch me at jl duta on saturday nite.

seems i've promise them about 'animal riding' so we went to pyramid on sunday,10th aug. i spent them per pride RM3 for 5mins.. danny wif elephant, marry wif (duhno what it is..pink color), and babby yummy wif (lupe name dier..dlm cite cartoon).. 2times each. after that maen kude2... n kereta.. (mksu blanje).. i owned marry cd barbie. (wait k marry)

makteh (their mom), she tc 3 of us - my siblings since we were small. she stayed wif us when she was teenager. so like everything she had done for us to help mama. it means that, when we grow up being matured person, we have to remember those people who always around us during our childhood. her kindness cant be reward wif everything. itz really luxurious wif love. my parents always remind us about makteh when we hv built our own carreer and life. thanks makteh. u r my untie that i love most in my life (time kecik2..makteh anggap us as her children and suh kami pgl her mama too)

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