Friday, August 22, 2008


shopping+late nite movie~pyramid

mon petite amie..


i knew her since we were in form 1 in TKC. ( so like since our age around 12-13 yrs old).. we used to be bedmate in blue house.(alamak lupe nama dorm)

she was crazy in everything.. trouble maker.. (including to seniors+teachers).. sian pn. nora kene jage time 1C ..(d most 'crime scene' that we cant forget were when we escaped evening prep- kene marah ngn seniors, and time late comer for dinner-hahah.. f1 tuh!!kene annouced whole dinning hall) ... ppl said fren time f1 nk lari fr tkc psl panjat lori ayam, panjat paga laa.. (ish2..fitnah2) ..lalalla

i love her so much.. since we r neighbor in Subang (mine usj11, she's in ss14).. so like everytime blk msia..wajib meet her (our family r closed too-scandel beron ngn qis laa..widad laa..)hahha

she's brilliant.. JPA scholar to US.. (d 1st gurl in my batch -muncher9903) fly to overc.. fuh gempaq..
oh yahhh ,,teringat time temankn izni saket kt SJMC.. we shared d bed together..

bestla maen futsal sme2.. bergosip+mengilai wif loot n u(yeah2 till u patahkn my bed) damn..

sye syg kamu~

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