Saturday, August 16, 2008

i'm bored~

there's nothing much i can describe this 1 word ~ boring ~

i jst came bck to my 2nd country on monday, 11th aug. purposely to finish my proposal things. yeah.. finally i managed to give myself award.. -insidensi kanker payudara berdasarkn umur di RS. umum dR. soetomo thn 2006. i'm so excited when i get both signatures from my dr pebimbing - dr. tulus (sp in PA) n dr. iwan (surgeon)..

dr iwan told me.. dont take surgeon when i want to continue my specialist.. hehee.. no time for ourself..(that my ambition since i was kid)

i'm so bored...nothing much to do in surabaya.. i hate mall !!! wait..i love shpng.. but that doesnt mean shpng complex is d place for me to spend my whole day! warghhh..

what should i do????? surfing internet??

dating a guy??? no bf no money no talk.. (damn)

sleeping?? i can be sleeping beauty for 100yrs..

reading?? yeah thatz i love too.. (novel, mag )

gossips?? hahhaha... thila is d source...

sports?? zu bunbin..come on!!!!


nadhirah mohd shakri said...

i can be a sleepng beauty 4 100years..<---klaka gler!!

tp itu lah kenyataan nye bile berada d surabaya!

freNNy said...


tahap kebuhsanan tahap dewa..

waaa...olympic lee chong wei kalah!!