Wednesday, September 17, 2008



last sunday, mirul's mom clled him.. said that my pic that i sent to salam perantauan released in utusan newspaper 14/9..! i'm so happy of it ... (since every yr i sent,,non keluar nwsppr...only online utusan)..

i was jumping*jumping*jumping jst like a little frog.. i was wonder y non of my family text to me.. they dont knw about it yet?

clled along.. ngn suara mamai2 dier.."ye along dh tau"

"tgk utusan today, pic family keluar utusan nwzppr!" text to all my relatives

replied by adik chik " tau dh.. along kecoh 1KK msg dier ckp die kuar paper..famous hell.xlarat~"

replied by kak yong "a'ah mama already keep that piece in album. along said he's famous like top artist"

replied by makteh "makteh xsmpt nk tgk,along ader ckp. sok nk pinjam paper kwn"

replied by maksu"kecoh sedara mama bgtau kt mama kuar utusan whole family"

mom n dad clled me petropam ckp -"uncle msk utusan nyerk?"- sedara mama "che an msk utusan whole fmly"

woowwww.... itz only salam perantauan.. yet hello i'm going back to malaysia pun..wont celebrate at here.. 1st yr dl yes..cried nonstop! but it shows that how happy my family when they knw their pic in utusan slm perantauan. i'm excited when they really happy even itz only jst a piece of cake.. jst like pooodaahhh ... nothing much! gampang2 amat! ...

no matter what, i jst cnt wait to go back home this 26th,, cant wait to smell the bazar ramadhan,, cant wait to hug my family n kiss them,, cant wait to berjoli2 shppng wif stylo sista+izni+phya+loot n others,, yeah cant wait to meet him.. pakai bj kebaya melaram2 wif sporting cousins n unties...dpt duet berlimpah2..


daju said...

i wonder if our group (penn state) photo kuar newspaper..but today..ade lg my pic on the website though ;)

ala bestnye raya kt malaysia..but i think raya kt sini pn ok je..except that i'd probably have exam or..kna pg class..and takde duit raya..

one more yr lagi...yeayy~

freNNy said...


daju' xfamous..xleh kuar newzppr..including ur penn state group.. haahhaa... *sje2 gedik*
unless pic daju' wif ur scandel or bf.. br leh released.. hahahahah.. daju' cpt cr bf! nnt kiter leh bergosip2.. sye syg kamu.. selalu meniru addmath daju' coz i'm so poor in lazy?? ahahah

raya kt US bestlaa...jgn ckp raya kt indon!!!!! sangap gell !!!! sye pun xma..2days after blk indon ..pathology..aaaa....noooo..