Tuesday, September 9, 2008

hari2 puasa~

hari2 puasa di bulan puasa..

well i love ramadhan because we can built relationship bwtn muslim. when we go to trawikh prayers, we as muslim united as one.. when ppl said bersedekah di bln ramadhan ... yeah d rich help d poor esp d orphans.. itz really meaningfull as human we stay together n peaceful in this world. no war, green planet!

hari tu bkk puasa wif syikin lang at Izzi, TP.. we ate 2meals each coz buy 1 free 1.. so windows shpping jejln,, g GM mkn kt penang vill (batch 2006).. tp tersesat aki 07 n nad 05 (nvm,, u guys r welcome).. g wapo (sugen..thila's bf spend my geng) - fren,nou,zu,kak niza,wahida n aimi.. tq sugen-thila sweet couple

tp... what eva pn... those cnt delete my memories at bazar ramadhan in malaysia!!! there's no bazar here.. wanna taufufa (ida!!! blanje), ayam percik, laksa penang, kue2, soya cincau,,,,

today, 9sept.. i wake up late coz i cnt sleep well d nite bfr..my maid came to do her duty as usuall.. then wake me up..so 1st class skip-ikm... d next class PA.. i was late for 40mins.. i jst brought my files ... (so xobvious sgt telat if bwk beg)... class as usuall...blk2 clean my room~tdo~bagun bkk puasa~solat trawikh~study(yeke??)

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