Monday, September 15, 2008

i lost my PinKKy bicycle~

my pink bicycle lost in campus today, 15sept
i just cycled to campus as usual every in d morning,, den parked it at dpn IKM.. yet LOCK it!

so after tramed wanna go back home.. nothing, vanished, disappeared.. it wasnt there!!.. where's my piNNky bike..waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... i cried, speechless,,, dohno what else to do.. when kak niza, thila, nou, zu, aiman, aimi tried to comfort me.. cried in campus n galaxy mall.. but even i cried till whole surabaya flood.. nothing much i can do.. i only can pray to Allah, hoping the thief get d lesson.. i'll halal it if u wanna my bike to feed ur children or in good ways.. (tp bln ramadhan pn nk mencuri gk ke).. or i wont pray u will tabrak wif lorry or others..i believe it just not my rezeki.. i'm sure Allah still loves me n lots more waiting me in front..insyaAllah.

so sweet when i told to my sister and brother...they really understand my situation.. they shocked too.. coz that bicycle was a gift from dad+along during my family vacation to surabaya. (i really appreciate what eva ppl gv it to me) ... yeah even itz not a car,,only a bike! i really love it.. coz itz PINK

thanks along. he's d greatest bro i've ever had... i told him tonite.. he trus bank in rm150 (online maybank2u) for me to buy a new bike..i'm sure no other brother so kindhearted jst like what u did.. " dah intan, kamu jangan nangis" .. so terharu! love u n adik chik!


nadhirah mohd shakri said...

fren~~...ur abg sgt sweet tau! how i wish i have a bro like him =)

budus la org yg curi tu..ala fren,xyah jd baek sgt..biar je die kne langgar lori ke ape..haha..

-nad yg kejam-

freNNy said...

hhahahahahah... nad mmg kejam...nmpk je muke sweet2... (maen pillow fight ngn nad..fren or nad will win?) hahahaha..... nad.... sye beli new pinky after raya...coz nw bln puasa...xkuar rumah sgt... byk nk settle kn beli brg2 for family pesan! nad xsbr blk raya!